PS4 And Xbox One Performance Is Nearly Identical, Cloud Can Help Xbox One In Certain Ways: Dev

“Cloud computing is coming, one way or another,” says Jakub Mikyska.

Posted By | On 28th, Apr. 2015 Under News

Tower of Guns

It’s been more than a year since the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, and we’ve been seeing some interesting variations in performance. While the PS4 was more capable of native 1080p resolution in third party titles, the Xbox One was always favoured with its anisotropic filtering. Be that as it may, Grip Games’ Jakub Mikyska – who recently brought indie shooter Tower of Guns to the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One – believes that there are still plenty of similarities in terms of GPU performance.

“Yes, they certainly are really similar. There weren’t any performance issues that would only appear on one platform, while the other one handled them better. Both machines have some things they like and things they dislike and you have respect that and work around that, but in general, the performance of both is nearly identical.”

As for the benefits of Xbox One’s cloud computing, which we’re really yet to see given how much Microsoft hyped it up prior to the console’s release, Mikyska believes it can help in various ways. “It can, in certain ways. We have already seen some cool examples of that in some Microsoft games. Any calculation that does not have to be made in real-time can be sent to server to allow more power for real-time processing. This is of course heavily case-by-case scenario and not every game offers an opportunity for something like that.

“But cloud computing is coming, one way or another. Both Sony and Microsoft are testing the waters, so let’s see where this goes.”

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Mark

    Whooaa! No fanboys fighting!? Aahhh, fresh like Poland Springs. For me, alot of this cloud talk rests on Crackdown 3’s shoulders…….show n prove.

    • andy

      What, so they will use that extra Cloud power to get the game from 792p or whatever it will be to 900p? That is going to be the case if the game is going to look even the tiniest bit like a next gen title on that console i.e. NOT running on an ancient engine like Unreal engine 3.
      Oh and what if its Christmas and Xbox Live goes down again? Does the game downgrade when the internet connection fails?

    • Mark

      Andy, I hope ur joking about them bumping up the resolution with the cloud……..ok u were being sarcastic. Anyway, we’ll see come E3.

  • andy

    Yep, plenty of games already on Xbone that can compete graphically AND resolution wise with the likes of Infamous Second Son or Killzone Shadowfall, 2 early PS4 games made on the highly unoptimized PS4 SDKs. OR did I mean to say we will more than likely NEVER see a game on Xbone that can come close to the graphics, resolution, and framerate too, of these 2 basic titles?
    It is already a plain fact that PS4 out performs Xbone from what we have seen so far, with examples as stated above. If Xbone is the same, then please tell me, why did Mortal Kombat X, on the Unreal 3 engine, run a 900p on Xbone? How is that the same performance as PS4???

    • kma99

      Fanboy alert.

    • andy

      You damn right 🙂

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      More like Shill

    • Hellfire

      It’s the same when comparing to games on PC, where there actually is a diffference. Don’t you remember the advertising – “next-gen 1080p/60fps”, where’s the 60fps now? You’re delighted with super duper 1080p 30fps cus it runs better than the Xbone 900p 30fps… if you understood how pathetic that is, objectively, you would change that opinion quick.

    • Psionicinversion

      Or the fact that a £120 GPU (270x) can run gta5 on high with better settings than ps4 at 60fps.

      Your console is pathetic, may as throw it away and come join the best platform if your so bothered about graphics

    • Xbot#69

      PC is not a console.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      And yet you missed his point completely, lol!

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      PC is the best platform for gaming, John Derp.

      Calling it a console might be constituted as an insult considering how garbage consoles are.

    • nyah

      I have a PC that far outperforms the current gen consoles but I just adore my PS4. It’s just fun to play whereas my PC is… not.

      Besides, my rig is for 3D rendering. Consoles are just easier, at the price of a few frames. Your argument is laughable 😀

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah a console is easier but those 60fps you just cant beat. even watching some of the gaming related youtube channels there saying gta5 on pc at max settings and 60fps is like a completely different experience

      Each to there own

    • nyah

      I’ve played GTAV to death, more frames wouldn’t make me return to Los Santos, although I can see the appeal.

      And I absolutely agree, it all comes down to preference.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah fair enough I wouldn’t play a game again at least so soon just for better graphics and frame rate. It’s the reason I held off and bought it on pc and tbh it’s the best game I’ve played in a long time. Rockstar definately delivered gold with this

    • theduckofdeath

      That just sounds…incredulous. “Adore”? I’ve never “adored” any console or PC that I’ve owned.

      If playing games on your PC isn’t fun, then you’re doing something drastically wrong. Most likely that is lying. Lying for the sake of a videogame console argument. PC’s and consoles have overwhelmingly the same library of ” most popular” games.

    • nyah

      If you have never adored a gaming system, YOU’RE doing something wrong 😀

      PC gaming just isn’t all its cracked up to be, in my opinion. But then again, I’m probably lying for the sake of an argument about resolution and framerate differences between gaming platforms with random people on the internet for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

      It’s the little things in life.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      But the point Psion is making is why then talk resolution and frame rates if You can get a PC at about the price of a console and play at better graphics settings with the same resolution but at 60+ frame rates.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Pretty sure they write these articles to make you jump through hoops to defend your console of choice. Looks like it got under your skin.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Why do you have to defend Ps4, it’s selling well. This is about Xbox One and it’s potential with a brand new API. So if you’re really interested then let’s talk about the technology not this faboy bullcrap that you fanboys are so desperate to defend a console that’s already succeeding and have great games already.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong


      There’s that word again. MisterTiduxMedia worshippers are hilarious.

      But then 960×1080 and 30FPS being something to boast about shows how utterly pathetic both consoles are.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong


      You really think that garbage is good? Peasantstation gamers are blind, confirmed.

  • John Nemesh

    Yes, NEARLY identical. As in..PS4 gets 1080p, Xbone gets 900p. Or both get 1080p, but PS4 gets 60fps, Xbone gets 30fps. Other than the fact that one constantly has worse performance or resolution, you can’t tell the difference, right?

    • ak33715

      Which 1080p title on both consoles was 60fps on ps4 and 30fps on xbox one? Only one I can remember is Tomb Raider and even then the ps4 version wasn’t locked 60. Just curious as I honestly don’t recall any other examples.

    • John Nemesh

      Tomb Raider was what I was speaking to. Doesn’t matter though, when developers aren’t aiming for parity (**cough** Assassins Creed, **cough**), the PS4 looks better or has higher frame rates. Get over it, its an established fact that the PS4 has more horsepower.

    • Zarbor

      They said the same thing about the PS3. People love to hate what they don’t own. These machines are more similar than any generation ever. Developers who know the systems better than idiots on boards have stated numerous times they are very similar but that means nothing.

      The fact is the PS4 like the 360 in which games looked and ran better was due to the easier development. Many called out developers last gen for being lazy because their favorite console had negligible differences. The PS3 caught up eventually and most should expect the same with the XB1.

      Well, those that are not haters, and there is a lot of them.

    • Psionicinversion

      How was Assassins Creed Unity parity with xbox one when it ran at 23fps??? if they jacked it up to 1080p youd be running at 10 fps

    • ak33715

      Not sure what there is to get over. I asked you a simple question because I was unsure myself. Not sure why you have such a stick up your a$$. They are just gaming consoles. Calm down.

    • jnemesh

      You know…you are right. I let others wind me up, and unfairly took it out on you. Sorry about that

    • ak33715

      No worries. I own both systems by the way.

    • Don Karam

      You spoke to Angelina Jolie? That’s awesome. May I have her phone number plz kthnxbai. By the way, it’s not nice to refer to women as things.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      And still looks like garbage running under 30FPS :^)

    • Triton

      Tell us how many AAA exclusives run 1080p 60fps on PS4…
      Thats right, your point is invalid if even their own devs can sort out the so called “power” in their system.

      We’re 1½ years in to this gen and they still struggle to make a game look as good as Ryse which was a launch game.

    • John Nemesh

      Ryse was an 18fps slideshow. FAIL.

    • Triton

      Talking about slideshows…The Order 1886, the 4 hour QT event.

    • John Nemesh

      That ran at a solid 30fps throughout…and looked better than Ryse.

    • Triton

      Yeah…it was just as awesome as a 3D still photo.

      It looked good when it wasnt a grey misty mess.

    • nyah

      A grey misty *beautiful mess.

      Edit: Ryse was gorgeous when it came to PC,

    • Demetrius Radford

      ryse dropped to 28fps and that was its lowest

    • John Nemesh

      From : “While we were undoubtedly impressed with the visuals on display in Ryse, performance is one area where Crytek has fallen a bit short. Originally touted as a solid 30fps experience, Ryse misses the mark more often than we’d like with frame-rates often fluctuating between 26-28fps. The most challenging situations even see the frame-rate drop into the teens, “

    • Tim Dog

      there is only one game thats 60fps to 30fps and thats tomb raider and ps4 was a diaster running at 48 and fans wanted a locked 30 fps option. Ryse to this day is the best looking game on consoles. Xbox also has the only AAA 1080p 60fps in Forza 5. Ps4 is more powerful than Xbox one, granted, but its not that big of a deal, sorry you arm chair devs are the cesspool of the gaming community right now. Get your facts straight John,

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      Xbox One is a joke.

    • PillPopNaNimaL

      All in all, PS4 is winning and will continue to win this generation until the next generation enters the fold. People in love with their microsoft built consoles are in as much denial as N64 users were when it was head to head with PS1 and in even more denial than what Gamecube owners were when that generation was out. Xbone is obselete in this generation….period.

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      Xbox fan boys are still clinging to Ryse. Ryse had no AI no physics, no dynamic effects, and horrible animations. Driveclub, Killzone, The Order 1886, and infamous take a dump on Ryse.

      Whenever the Xbox One gets smashed, they hide behind Ryse as a savior. Delusional and pathetic.

    • Graeme Willy

      You hit it right on the nose. That is exactly the difference between both consoles. One is capable of pushing more pixels and/ or trading some of that off for more FPS. No matter how you slice it, PS4 comes out ahead in terms of either FPS or resolution.

      I think the point your failing to realize, is that both consoles use the same generation GCN technology, meaning, they are capable of the same shader models and graphical effects. They are more alike than they are different. Now, if either Sony or Microsoft would have opted Nvidia and the other remained AMD, then obviously we would have wound up with qualities worth arguing over, but instead we’re essentially pitting AMD against itself, which is retarded…and even more so because they are not even within the same budget line of GPU’s. We don’t see PC gamers saying that their R9 270x completely smashes the R7 260x because firstly, it’s a given and also because they are within the same family of GPU’s and lastly because they aren’t even in the same market. A 7790/ 260X would be used for someone who maybe plays lighter games, such as MMO’s…while’ someone who buys the 270x would have the option to play some heavier games, but not necessarily cranked up to Ultra. The PS4’s GPU is a midrange graphics card, while the Xbox One’s is a lower end card.

      In a PC world, all these differences are a given and the real competition is between Nvidia and AMD and their varying product lines that can actually compete with one another, like comparing a 270x to a GTX 750 TI or something.

      So going back to Sony and Microsoft, yes, you get identical graphics, but at resolutions that scale proportionately to the amount of CU’s they have. FYI, resolution and frame rate isn’t graphics, it’s picture quality. Graphics are things like parallax mapping, HDR, tessellation, SSAO etc. both cards have the same Graphics Support. On a PC, running an R7 260x at 1600×900 resolution should net you similar results as an R9 270X running that same title at 1920×1080, assuming you selected the same graphics effects levels for both…with maybe a little more overhead left in favor of the 270x for things like filtering or maybe slightly higher texture detail…depending on what you decide to do with those additional resources…or you could just cash in on more FPS.

    • Ricoh123

      Don’t forget the situation where xb1 has better frsmerates

      GTA v, assassins creed unity, call of duty.

      All had better frame rates on xb1.

    • Xbot#69

      GTA V and Call of Duty has better framerates on the PS4. Xbox One is weaker. Stop damage controlling.

    • Ricoh123

      Fact –

      Digital foundry discovered the ps4 has frame rate problems in high speed chases on the ps4, the xb1 doesn’t.

      Fact –

      Digital foundry discovered Call of duty single player campaign has significant fps drops on the ps4 and not on the xb1

      I only deal in facts, not damage control.

    • nyah

      Those games were poorly optimized at launch but currently perform similar to the VCR, ahem, Xbone. Blame the devs not the machine, or nobody at all and enjoy the games. No need to defend an all-in-one always on VCR. It’s not a terrible machine.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Why isn’t GTA V 60FPS on the PS4 then?

      By the way, you can’t blame xbone since the PC version exists now. So why isn’t it 60FPS?

    • Tha Truth

      Why wasn’t GTA V on the PC in September 2013 when it was on consoles? PS3 gets better development support than your dead, worthless, non – gaming, vermin platform. PEASANT!

    • John Nemesh

      GTA V – lower graphic detail, shorter draw distance, AC:U crappy game developer + priority on Xbox development, COD? Not sure about that one.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      GTA V has garbage draw distance on both consoles.

      Can’t you accept the PS4 hardware is also garbage?

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      If PS4 gets 60FPS where’s GTA V in 60FPS?

      Oh wait. Exclusively on PC.

      But you can’t tell the difference, right?

    • Tha Truth

      GTA V? You mean the game that the no – life peasant garbage on the PC had to wait 1.5 years for even though REAL gamers were playing it in September 2013? HAHAHAHA, what a stupid, ignorant, uneducated little peasant shill you are. Bragging about a game because your dead, vermin platform finally recieved it 18 months after the human beings got it. This just proves why PC scum are the lowest losers of society and will never be anything more.

      PC vermin peasant happy to wait 18 months for an inferior version of a game when REAL gamers have been enjoying it since 2013. PC gamers must really have low levels of self – respect. PEASANT.

  • Masyer

    Wow I own both consoles and when your talking 900p and 1080 I cant see a difference the upscaling on the Xbox is great and it only has 180p to scale give me a break. Dx12 will close gap just watch what happens.

    • John Nemesh

      the scaling itself is the problem. When you scale a 900p image to 1080p, it crushes the blacks, softens detail, and introduces a whole host of other image problems. Maybe you aren’t that picky…or maybe your set is a small one…but I CAN AND DO notice these things on my 64″ plasma.

    • Ricoh123

      And yet I correctly set my color system up for TV viewing and I don’t have a single game with crushed blacks on my xb1.

    • John Nemesh

      You must not have a very good set or a poor calibration then.

    • Ricoh123

      I don’t have crushed black’s, my picture is great.

      Your reply – “your calibration is bad, or your set is bad”

      Haha what?

    • jnemesh

      The crushed blacks are a known issue and its been verified. I see it on my friend’s xb1 on a 50 in Panasonic st50. If you dont notice, great…but its there all the same.

    • Ricoh123

      I have a Sony Bravia and my set up doesn’t display crushed blacks.

      Guess why.

      Because I’ve selected the correct options.

      I bet your friend has it set up to display extended colours. I bet any money. I did the same thinking that state of the art TV’s acted like monitors. They don’t. You need to set the colour to limited.

      Even journalists get it wrong.

      Your friend can thank me later.

      The xb1 only has crushed blacks when you tell it to.

    • Masyer

      I have a 73inch tv is im not being picky or not whining about such minor crap its stupid

  • Xbot#69

    Cloud computing won’t help because games have to be compatible with multiple platforms. The consoles are not anywhere “near” identical. Once again Gamingbolt is feeding people missleading “click-bait” articles and this developer is blowing smoke. Not sure how someone can lie to everyone’s face when we all know the truth.

    If you’re only using the garbage API known as Direct X or coding your games a certain way of course they would “seem” identical because you’re developing for the weakest link which is Xbox One. Both consoles are similar X86 which is why both systems share similar performance issues and bottlenecks such as the cpu. You’re not taking advantage of the PS4 system’s strengths. Only then will you see the difference. That is why PS4 exclusives like Bloodborne, Driveclub, infamous Second Son, and Killzone Shadowfall kick Xbox One out of the park. These games use Asynchronous Compute, the PS4’s stronger GPU, and faster RAM.

    Direct X holds everyone back which is why new games don’t look much better than last generation. PC is also to blame for this because it has a fractured architecture and only a handful of graphics cards fully support Asynchronous Compute. Mantel, Vulcan, and Direct X12 are being created to allow “Asynchronous Compute” which is what gives the massive performance boosts in benchmarks. But the PS3 and PS4 have been doing this for years in house while Xbox and PC still haven’t received it. 3rd party games are held back because of Xbox and PC.

    Once developers start utilizing Direct X12, Vulcan, and the PS4’s low level API, the PS4 will speed ahead of Xbox One even more. The PS4 has 64 asynchronous compute sources while Xbox One only has 4.

    • Psionicinversion

      You got a fair bit of info wrong.

      PS4 has 8 ACE units x 8 command queue = 64
      Xbox has 2 ACE units x 8 command queue = 16

      Not 4, each ACE unit can queue 8 commands and its been like that from the start of GCN. The article probably got it wrong, PS4 has 4x the command queue as xbox. Also AMD have said 8 ACE units is probably overkill, although the PC will benefit from that far more than the PS4. We have more and faster compute units to slot stuff into.

      The PS4 only has 2 options the really really low level API, or the bit more higher level but still low level API. The really really low level one only 1st parties will use because its to time consuming for multiplatform dev.

      Regarding PC’s with asynchronous compute all GCN cards can use it and a alot of nvidia cards. Basically any cards with ACE units can do it which is actually ALOT. Just a shame weve had to wait till DX12 for the implementation. The problem with nvidia cards is that only the maxwell (900 series) are really good for compute as the compute performance on the previous generations is pathetic for there power

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Fairt bit is an understatement, hehehe ;D

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      Fairt? ;D

      Care to refute it then? hehehe

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      Welcome back Xbox fan boy. I haven’t seen you in a while.

      You’re incorrect. The PS4 will benefit more from asynchronous compute than PC because modern GCN graphics cards aren’t the same as the PS4 APU. AMD even stated this. They also stated that their future graphics cards will be based off the PS4’s APU. Mantel was based off the PS4 as well. The PS4 will be gaining boosts as developers start utilizing asynchronous compute in Vulcan and Direct X12.

      You’re the same jack*ss who was hyping up Direct X12 for Xbox One but now you’re changing your story. “Well devs won’t use the PS4’s lower level API because it takes too long.” With that logic, that means devs won’t use Direct X12 either because it takes too long.

      But you’re wrong on both accounts as usual. The lower level API in the PS4 doesn’t take long to develop for. The PS4 is X86 unlike the PS3. The reason why devs don’t use the lower level API in the PS4 is because they can’t easily port their games to Xbox or PC because Xbox and PC use sh*tty Direct X. It’s very similar to the scenario with the PS3. Devs didn’t code to the metal on the PS3 because it would take too long to port to Xbox and PC. Direct X12 is similar. Devs won’t use Direct X12 unless they can port to all platforms. Direct X12 focuses on asynchronous compute and few graphics cards can get full benefits from asynchronous compute which means Direct X12 won’t be trully utilized for a while.

      But now, APIs are becoming lower level now that everything is X86 and the leader of this is Sony. Mark Cerny knew this would happen which is what he was referring to when he stated that everyone would see the PS4’s potential in year 3 or 4 of the console’s lfe cycle. The PS4 was built for the “future” while Xbox One was buit for the “present”. The PS4 has 64 asynchronous compute sources while Xbox One only has 16. Direct X12, Vulcan, and Mantel are all focused on asynchronous compute and based off the lower level API that the PS3 had years ago and the PS4 had since the beginning.

      The PS4 was built with Direct X12 in mind, more than the Xbox One was. Funny, isn’t it?

    • Modi Rage

      Xbox fan boys really do care about resolution and performance. They’re just trying to hide how Xbox One is weaker.

      Everything that points to the PS4 having an advantage gets downplayed.

      But the moment Direct X12 gets mentioned, all of a sudden the Xbox fan boys care about performance. They think the Xbox One is the only console that will benefit from low level in the future. Such ignorance and hypocrisy.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      The funny thing is xbone and PS4 don’t have resolution or performance. They both suck :^)

    • Ricoh123


      OpenCL uses a set of tools that imports DX code enabling software to run on the ps4.

      With DX being the industry standard, the ps4 takes longer to develop for.

      On the flip side, if OpenCL was the industry standard, porting to DX would take longer.

      It’s not about the hardware. Whichever set of tools becomes industry standard is the platform which will become the winner.

    • Psionicinversion

      All future gpu’s are based of the ps4 lmao what a flat out lie. Go on what’s so special about the ps4??. Does the ps4 have delta colour compression that came in with Tonga I.e. GCN 1.2 and not available on Hawaii… Errrm nope and that isn’t something you code for its a feature of the gpu architecture. It just works. Is the ps4 gpu full dx12/vulkan (opengl 5) compatible…. Nope

      What about the 4xx series Greenland gpu’s which will be gcn 2 is that based off ps4 gpu errrm lmao not even close. Keep talking crap you might believe it at some point

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      John Derp has turned into MisterPlaystationMedia. It’s hilarious and pathetic.

      But then he thought the PS3 had async compute. So he’s not just deluded about the PS4, he’s deluded about the PS3 as well and likely still thinks “MUH POWAH OF THE CELL”.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah hes full of crap. the Xbox one is full DX12 according to MS and the amount they invested in it ($3billion) they probably came up with the solution alongside AMD and AMD are now free to put it in there 3xx series GPU’s so the PS4 is highly unlikly to support the full feature set which means they cant even add it to there own api

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      He honestly thinks Vulkan is going to help PS4 when GNMX is already hitting the full feature set of Vulkan. All it is will just be another wrapper for devs to choose. Performance wise, it will still be Silky Smooth 24FPS garbage.

      I doubt xbone will be at DX12 feature level 12.3 like future AMD/Nvidia though

    • Psionicinversion

      it might do, theyve been working with nvidia especially and AMD for years on it as they need to both support it for DX12 and come up with the technology for it. Would be stupid for MS to release a console that doesnt fully support there own API.

      AMD’s hawaii chips came out in end of 2013 and taping out probably happened start of 2013 so they wouldnt have the full feature set as not enough time, maxwell came out end of last year so they will have and 3xx series should come in july (announced at computex in June), at least the 390x should.

      Just decided to head over to misterxmedia… that guy talks an absolutely insane amount of BS. He needs to have his servers melted down

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      It’s hilarious because then you come back here and see the Sony fanboys start screaming about the same things and they expect to be taken seriously.

      Console fanboys are the most pathetic of them all.

    • Psionicinversion

      but of course xbox is holding PS4 back…. yeah sure. I always laugh when there constantly giving the xbox crap about its graphics but then when the PC guys chime in graphics dont matter, or they say its not in competition well of course it is. Especially when i proved a £486 PC can easily beat the almighty PS4…. then they go buh buh buh async shaders… yeah and that £456 PC has alot more compute power than the ps4. There so stupid.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      An R270 has more Async compute capability than a PS4. They really are deluded that their console is being maxed out now and don’t want to believe it so they come up with all sorts of PC architecture benefits the PS4 can’t use. It’s rather pathetic, if not hilarious.

    • Psionicinversion

      well that rig has a 270x in with 20 CU’s (1280 sp’s) clocked at 1+Ghz (2.5TFLOP) and the bandwidth can be used entirely for the GPU

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      No, the PS4 doesn’t need Vulkan. Vulkan is based off the PS4’s lower level API. They are both compatible. Sony is a contributor of Khronos group. Vulkan features are all ready in the PS4.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      So the POS4 is already garbage. Thanks for the conformation John Derp :^)

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      No, the one who is full of cr*p here is you. Then why did AMD make Mantel? AMD stated they made Mantel to force Microsoft to make DX12. And as we all know, Mantel is based off the PS4. That means AMD didn’t know about DX12 until after AMD had all ready made the Xbox One GPU which means there are no special secret sauce features in the Xbox One GPU. DX12 wasn’t made behind the scenes with AMD and Microsoft. Microsoft also didn’t know how strong the PS4 would be when they were making Xbox One. AMD worked with Microsoft to make sure AMD GPUs are compatible with DX12. DX12 and Mantel are similar.

      The nail in your coffin is the fact that AMD even stated that the PS4’s GPU structure is the most powerful that they ever created. Also, the Xbox One and the PS4 are both made by AMD and they both have the same architecture which means even if there was any special features in DX12, the PS4 could also run it if the Xbox One can.

      The difference between the PS4 and Xbox One AMD GPUs is the PS4 has %50 more computes units and four times the ACE units making the PS4 much stronger. Sony thought about the future when they made the PS4. Mantel is based off the PS4, and DX12 is similar to Mantel.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah because it takes 2 years to make an entire API rebuilt virtually from scratch… They worked with nvidia alot longer than AMD so youve failed there. Also AMD did not make Xbox’s APU. MS LICENSED the tech and built there own APU which means that can add stuff into it

      This is the nail in YOUR coffin….
      Tbh even if AMD built the Xbox GPU and not the PS4 it would still be the strongest they ever built because atm the best APU from AMD is 4 core + 512SP’s using DDR3 for its unified memory so it basically means absolutely NOTHING. (also technically when Zen releases there will be 16 cores + greenland graphics with about 16GB HBM but thats for servers but technically that will be the most advanced APU ever build from them)

      Good luck with those 64 commands when the PS4’s graphics pipeline is choking the cores trying to push more than it can handle. Wonder why PS4 doesnt have much AI on screen like ryse or dead rising 3 and all you whiney idiots going lazy devs GPGPU GPGPU….. you have to make sure those compute units have enough FREE time to constantly do that stuff and its no where near guranteed… thats why your games will always remain a barren wasteland just for that 1080p which the GPU can barely process

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      Oh, are you refrring to these AI npcs?

      AMD specifically stated that the PS4’s is the most powerful that they ever created, even with the Xbox One in context. This exposes you as a liar and a fraud.

      Only a hand full of graphics cards support asynchronous compute and even the majority of the ones that do only have 2 ACE units. TheXbox One APU wouldn’t be the most powerful that AMD ever made because it’s the same as regular PCs. This is why Mark Cerny stated that the PS4 uses a “super charged PC architecture”. But PC fan boys called him a liar with out realizing that AMD’s new graphics cards and Mantel API are based off the PS4.

      You’re grasping at straws trying to defend the Xbox One. It’s time to pull the Microc*ck out of your b*tt and accept the facts.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong


      So basically all of the AMD 7000/R200 series and Nvidia as far back as the 5000 series which is most of the market

      Mark Cerny is a liar and a hack who sold underpowered hardware to morons like you. Mantle was in development well before the PS4 as well, idiot. And the 7850 the PS4 is based of was on sale back in 2012.

      Face facts loser. You have a garbage tablet APU in your garbage console.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      And AMD lied because the POS4 GPU has less CU’s and ROP’s than the 7950 which they released a year earlier

      Which is why you have a weak, garbage barely reaching 30FPS console with no secret sauce and no support for technologies like GPGPU, HSA and hUMA which will be EXCLUSIVELY on PC

    • kidd Cyr

      Put Away the lsd man you could never be any more wrong than this whole paragraph.! AMD Knew about Dx12 and DX 9,10,11, now 12 have been. Were made to get rid of mantle Opengl just recently it has made a comeback (Mantle) (OpenGl). But believe One thing 3 billion dollars Ms wouldn’t throw away for nothing. We’l see cause everyone is being really Quiet and its just the 1st year out the gate!!

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong


      John Derp you turn into Mister Playstation Media every time and it makes me laugh. Vulkan will do NOTHING for the POS4. Static garbage hardware cannot perform miracles. Meanwhile, platforms that are actually handicapped by overhead like the PC will get monumental increases and annihilate consoles

      PS4 will continue to be garbage like this screenshot of a PS4 exclusive game. Now that’s funny :^)

    • Xbot&PhilSpencer69

      The PS4 doesn’t need Vulkan. Good to see you’re still as dumb as before. LOL

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      So the POS4 is completely tapped out and will have 18FPS for the rest of the gen.

      Good to see you are still ignorant and dumb John Derp :^)

      DX12 and Vulkan are coming to PC and will curbstomp. And every PC gamer is looking forward to both. You can’t divide the master race, vermin.

    • aaron

      F@#k buddy you need a girlfriend….pull your @#$# out of your PlayStation. F@#$#$@ nerd!! You are either a closet $#@% or someone with way to much time on your hands who best friends are cats! I feel for you…..#$shole.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      John Derp you don’t understand a thing about API’s. Vulkan will never help the POS4. Async compute was never in the PS3 and it had a weak GPU.

      And if you care about resolution and performance. PC Annhilates your pathetic POS4. Especially those awful looking “Exclusives” that Sony bullshot and lie about.

      But then the human eye can’t see past 30 Blades Of Grass can they :^)

    • Corey

      Cloud computing is and will be a thing. Whether it can happen on a legit level this generation or not. Cloud computing will make a HUGE difference. The infrastructure isn’t quite there for it yet though.

    • Clive_bixby

      Ryse may not be a good game but visually it looks just as good as any PS4 game if not better.

      Most people can’t even tell the difference they just look for it now because of people like you spewing all this crap on the internet about resolutions.

      The Witcher 3 is a perfect example, PS4-1080p, X1-900p, if Projekt RED didn’t release these numbers, no one would be able to tell the difference.

    • Nicklaus

      You seem like a huge Sony fanboy. I happen to own both the PS4 and Xbox One and see almost no performance gap at all between the two. In fact for me the Xbox One runs games slightly smoother with its better FPS in games and more vibrant colors. Also so you understand resolution is not graphics. To prove this look at Minecraft on the Xbox One, it runs at 1080p. Now look at Battlefield Hardline on the Xbox One, it runs at 720p. Which one looks better? I would have to argue that Battlefield Hardline does. It’s also funny how that %50 gain in performance the PS4 apparently has, is very insignificant and can’t be noticed unless you go up to the screen and count the individual pixels.

  • Guest

    Hey Grip Games’ Jakub Mikyska how about you fix the AF on Tower of Guns for the PS4. Instead of spewing nonsense on this nonsense site. A game like yours would never tell you the true capabilities of either system. So why don’t you just shut it, you’re not helping the situation. All you’re doing is giving this dumb fanboys more fuel to fight their stupid battles with.

    And to Gamingbolt, just because a number of games on the PS4 had worst AF than their X1 counterpart because of what is now obviously a software issue and not a hardware one. Doesn’t mean that the X1 has better AF than the PS4. There are like around a total of ten games (less) that have the AF being worst issue. DmC and Dying Light were already fixed with zero effect to the framerate.

  • GHz

    OMG why so many angry pple because of the mans opinion. Just look @ the games and you’ll find out he’s not too far off from the truth. These systems need to balance out their assets in order to give you the goods. For the simple fact that the best looking game on the PS4 is an 800p game, The Order 1886, should make you fanatics reevaluate what it takes to make a good looking game. Ya’ll get way too emotional. Look at the games and the tech involved, and use your common sense.

    • Shhhhh. No one wants to listen to reason. 😉

    • nyah

      Or nobody cares. They just have fun with their games while avoiding information that’s virtually useless to them.

    • If that were the case, they wouldn’t be in every comment section downplaying everything that they aren’t even able to play.

    • Thad Vanity

      Except The Order isn’t 800p…

      800p would be 1423×800….. And yet that is NOT the resolution.

      It’s 1920×800. There is a distinct factual and visual difference. Fact.

      The use of that resolution is absolutely a workaround for the PS4’s limitations and them calling it “cinematic” is marketing bullshit.

      But that doesn’t change the facts. 1920×800 is not 800p.


    • GHz

      How’d you get that weird res 1423×800? . I’m always willing to learn something new.

      The official word is..

      “its 2.40:1 aspect ratio which RENDERS FEWER PIXELS while maintaining 1:1 pixel mapping on native 1080p displays. With its accompanying, rather heavy post-processing pipeline, there are compelling arguments that this approach doesn’t produce results substantially better than sub-native titles like Ryse at 900p but, in motion, finer details are visible and fewer subpixel artefacts interfere with the image”

      In other words, its a work around cause they cant do it full 1080p with 4XMSAA. They can however implement 4XMSAA @ 800p.

      How do we know? Because It has also been stated by the developers, and more importantly the founder of ReadyAtDawn, that The Order was chosen to run this way to include 4xMSAA because they thought it would look better.

      “4xMSAA which looks spectacular! x800 with AA looks MUCH better than x1080 without”

      Make no mistake. They couldve went full 1080p, but then they wouldn’t had been able to implement 4XMSAA.

      So there you have it. The Order 1886, 1920X800 with black bars so they can implement 4XMSAA.

      The interesting thing here is the only game that does 4XMSAA @ 1080p lock @ 30fps all the time is FH2 on XB1 and no one bothered to ask how.

    • Thad Vanity

      Look at the Computer Display Standards and you’ll see that the only standardized (read: Acceptable) use of the XXXXp formatting is used with 16:9 resolution types.

      So to use 800p to describe 2.40:1 is factually and technically incorrect.

      800p in the correct 16:9 format is 1423×800. Which The Order is not.

      What your describing is 1920×800. You cannot reduce that resolution down to a shorthand format like you can 16:9 aspect ratio resolutions.

      It’s really that simple.

      Look up Anamorphic Formats and Cinema Standard Aspect Ratios.

      And that stuff about 4XMSAA is irrelevant when we’re discussing the incorrect use of 800p as a resolution identifier.

    • andy

      But he is right and the only one here who knows how to use “common sense” lol.

    • GHz


    • GHz

      The resolution RAD had to work with was 1920 x 800. They said it, and gave reasons why they wanted and had to. That resolution on a 16:9 display screen gives us that 2.40:1 aspect ratio. But the fact remains,The Order is rendered in 1920 x 800. That’s what I’m talking about. Not what 800p translates to pixel wise on a 16:9 screen.

      You’re in the wrong thread. Go to this website to discuss your point. Its better suited there. 😉

    • Thad Vanity

      Your not getting it.

      Your use of the term 800p is FACTUALLY INCORRECT & MISLEADING


    • GHz

      Factually incorrect as referring to 1366×768 as 720p. It’s not really but its still regarded as such, because it just sounds too strange to say 768p. What is fact is that it is ALWAYS the rule to look at the vertical line count in pixel res to determine the interlace or progressive number in regards, no matter how unfamiliar your resolution pixel count is. So there is nothing misleading about me referring to the rendered image of The Order which is 1920 x 800 as 800p. You’re making a big deal out of nothing. Its not that deep.

      If there is anything to argue would be whether its interlaced or progressive. I assume its “p” because thats what developers are throwing around these days.

      Next time before you respond, think about the situation with KZSF MP @ 960×1080. Factually it is still 1080p because of its vertical line count even though it is NOT full 1080p HD which is as we all know is 1920 x 1080p.

    • Thad Vanity

      Your a moron. Seriously.

      1366×768 is a 16:9 Aspect Ratio Resolution.
      So to call it 768p is FACTUALLY CORRECT.
      Anyone who calls 1366×768 720p is PLAIN WRONG.

      Like I said: Have a read up on COMPUTER DISPLAY STANDARDS.

      There is nothing left to say on this matter.

    • GHz

      I swear you’re a crack baby. OMG. >_<

      FACTUALLY 1366×768 ISN'T 16.9 aspect ratio but is considered as such because the horizontal width is off only about 0.05%! No one cares about that 0.05% difference so its categorized as 16:9! I clearly stated that the res in question IS NOT REALLY 720p but IS REGARDED AS SUCH! Same philosophy applies here. And aspect ratio got nothing to do with an image being progressive or not! So to say, "1366×768 is a 16:9 Aspect Ratio Resolution. So to call it 768p is FACTUALLY CORRECT," is factually incorrect! You fraud! Yup I'm finished here too. end discussion.

    • andy

      Except it isn’t 800p and you know it isn’t. But here is the thing. Compare the likes of The Order 1886 to Dead Rising 3, a game that clearly DID run at 1280 x 720 on Xbone, a game that looks like a muddy texture, 22fps last gen mess. At least The Order actually looks LIFELIKE at times even if it WAS 800p like you said, which it isn’t.
      That is EXACTLY what I am talking about the difference we have seen so far in the NOW and present.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      800P lol

      Just because the xbone is garbage doesn’t excuse the POS4 from being garbage too :^)

    • Exposure Levels

      WOW You’re a desperate Xbox fan boy and a liar.

    • bardock5151

      The only bit of misinformation there is the 800p part.
      Everything else is accurate.
      Move on desperate fanboy.

    • GHz

      Its 800p. Some sites want to compare the aspect ratio with this video game with BluRay movies to argue that its 1080p counting the black bars. Except movies do not render graphics like video game. We’re talking the science that allows you to move/interact with a polygon character onscreen vs just viewing code that dont require you to interact with it . In other words, the video game do more work, so the black bars in this case is to alleviate the heavy lifting the GPU is doing. Less image to render using 4xMSAA.

    • bardock5151

      I am aware that it is pushing less pixels, it is also under less load in the process.
      Technically the pixel output is similar to 900p’s pixel count. It’s quite sad that the game looks quite good, but only marginally better than Ryse.
      The Order built on a fully optimised set of tools, while Ryse was built on an unfinished, clunky, slow and generic set of tools. What these guy’s need to ask is why does Ryse still look so good, with a very large AI count, while the Order looks a bit better with far less activity at the same pixel count, while also taking into consideration the large discrepancy in tools maturity.

    • GHz

      Those are great questions. 🙂

      Technically pixel counting is tricky business. 1080i vs 720p, which is greater? Which puts out a superior image? You’d be surprised at the debate this brings. Being that the image rendered is “technically” 1920X800p, isnt more common to identify the “p” by vertical pixels? Then if you factor in the 30fps rate for gameplay on a 60Hz screen, you get into all kinds of math we dont need to discuss when all that matters is that the game looks great.

      In short higher pixel count(a*b) doesn’t mean a superior image. For video game, Better use of graphic drivers/engine to exploit superior pixel quality is the ticket. That being said, both Ryse & Order got their own things going? And when you play these games back to back , what set them apart is really art direction and overall presentation. Graphically I prefer The Order, not because of pixel count, but for art direction. But technically they are on par & so which looks better is subjective.

    • GHz

      I bigged up all three games, recognizing their merits, and here you come along emotional like some b*tch on her period. Take a midol & cry yourself too sleep.

    • archfiendx

      Calm down. It’s quite obvious you tried to pull a fast one and you got caught. You’re also delusional.

    • GHz

      I know you’re the same person. Take your midol and crazy pills and try to be normal.

    • freddy_uk

      Yea you just proven your self wrong. The order is a 1080p Full HD game . that why 1080 is better then 800p .

    • GHz

      The rendered image is only 1920×800. On a 16:9 screen it translates to an aspect ratio of 2.40:1. The fact that your monitor is full HD 1920×1080 doesn’t make the rendered image full x1080p. The rendered image is still x800 = 800p. That’s fact.

  • sampson3121

    anyone see the game this guy worked on? i wouldn’t look to him for guidance when it comes to performances on these consoles.

    now the dev from the witcher, he would have a better idea about witch one is more capable of handling games that demand more power. not this stupid guns game.

    • DLConspiracy//

      If frames and resolution are the most important this gen. I choose PC.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      CDPR have repeatedly said “PC is the best platform” and you stick your fingers in your ears screaming “NOOOOOO SILKY SMOOTH 30FPS”


  • Tha Truth

    What a joke. The Xbox DONE is nowhere near the level of the PS4, this is just another article where Micro$uck pay an indie dev to spread misonformation and give false hope for their desperate, delusional fanbase trying to desperately save their dying, console.

    The Xbone is 50% LESS powerful than the PS4, that’s a fact. Microsoft cut corners by building a cheap, console with obsolte hardware, an obsolete OS, and a broken, wonky controller and then further sabotaged it by releasing low – quality exclusive games.

    The Xbone is inferior to the PS4 in every single possible measurable aspect and now Microsoft are paying the price by having their last – gen console get destroyed in the sales charts. Loving that Xbone desperation as the delusional fanboys try to make up excuses for why their weak, underpowered console with no games is flopping at retail and getting outsold by a ratio of 2 – 1 worldwide. LAFF!

    • Psionicinversion

      inferior… apart from the games. PS4ail got games boring as crap, shame the only good games are multiplats

    • Tha Truth

      Is that why Bloodborne and The Last Of Us beat all of the cheap, ugly, unfinished, last – gen garbage Xbox games on Metacritic? What a truly ignorant peasant you are, desperately trying to defend your flop of a console and it’s low – quality shovelware trash games that nobody cares about.

      Halo, Forza, Ryse, Fable, Titanfall. All of them were last – gen garbage not worth a damn to any real gamer and that’s exactly why real gamers are staying away from the console and buying a PS4 instead. Nobody with any sense of self – respect is going to pay money to play peasant games like those and sales prove that.

    • Ricoh123

      Sales show that the conversion ratio of console to games is far greater ionn the xb1 than ps4 by the way.

      In other words, an individual owns more games on their xb1 than an individual does on their ps4.

      Ps4 gamers aren’t buying as many games.

      Perhaps because there isn’t very much quality to buy?

    • Rakim69

      Cute you think Worldwide sales of games aren’t better on PS4 when PS4 beats 3:1 Xbox One ?

    • Ricoh123

      I don’t think that.

      You need to learn to read better.

    • Psionicinversion

      Ori and the blind forest got over 90 hahaha. Got to suck being nearly beat by a 2D platformer. TLOU R hahaha I bet most reviewers didn’t even bother play it. It’s exactly the same game as on ps3 just with updated graphics and lots of pop in

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Shilling a remake? Hilarious.

      Shilling a game that fails to even get 30FPS? Also hilarious.

      This generation of consoles is PATHETIC. The definitive version of GTA V only exists on PC. The best games of the generation are exclusively on PC. The best multiplats are on PC.

      You are a peasant “Tha Liar”

    • Tha Truth

      Shilling a remaster of GTA V that took 18 months to finally make it to your worthless, low – IQ, scum vermin platform when REAL gamers were enjoying it back in 2013? HILARIOUS AND PATHETIC. You PC peasant garbage really do make me laugh some times.

      You must have absolutely no self – respect at all to sit by and wait patiently for 18 months while your dead, worthless platform has NO GAMES, and watch console gamers playing GTA V this whole time then finally start splurging all over town like your mom on a Saturday night when the game makes it’s way to your vermin trash platform 1.5 years later. LAFF!

      PC = no exclusive games. Extra long wait times for inferior versions of third – party titles. And low – IQ scum who defend their peasant platform that even publishers and developers have proven they could care less about. PATHETIC.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      PC = Big AAA exclusive in Dirt Rally released in last few days
      POS4 = Literally nothing

      Nogamesstation 4 confirmed :^)

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Oh look “Tha Lie” screaming about his underpowered inferior Peasant station 4 again.

      Even if it’s more powerful than the xbone. It’s still a garbage peasant box. :^)

    • Tha Truth

      The only garbage peasant box is your mom on a Saturday night, vermin loser!

      How’s it feel waiting 18 months for GTA V to finally come to your worthless, peasant, scum platform when REAL gamers have been playing it since September 2013? How’s that petition you and the other no – life peasant vermin trash made to try to get Bloodborne ported to your dying, garbage, obsolete platform???

      Keep crying over your garbage, peasant, scum platform which gets ZERO exclusive developer support. PC vermin loser.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Every game, 60FPS

      PC Gets plenty of dev support loser. They just sh*t it out on POS4 with low settings so you can eat it like a pig in a trough :^)


    “Tower of Guns dev says: PS4 And Xbox One Performance Is Nearly Identical”

    A “indie” shooter game?!


  • Dirkster_Dude

    What I find entertaining is just about everyone seems to be experts except the developers and programmers who make the games, and engineers and product specialists who actually produce and support the PS4 and XB1.

  • bardock5151

    Developers who have worked on both platforms sound off?!!!
    None here? Thought so.

  • andy

    Here is a nice article Dualshockers did for Xbox One and the new screen mirroring feature.

    See, it is possible to clearly like one platform over another but not be horribly biased like you lot are and your article titles. 🙂

    • otherZinc

      Dualshockers is a POS site, don’t quote them.

  • Rakim69

    See you next week for another multiplatform game with 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One.

  • William Perdomo

    In the meanwhile

  • William Perdomo

    Breaking xbots with this….. Lol

  • TechHog

    This is so pathetic

  • James

    This topic is complicated and should only target hardware comparisons or software comparisons. To say that the X1 = PS4 is just lazy. Somebody didn’t just forget to do their homework…they dont know how to do the homework, thats why it never got done!

  • elnino

    lol cloud


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