PS4 Blu-Ray Facing Multiple Problems, Suffering From Playback Issues

Several users are reporting issues from a defective drive to bad playback.

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The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have both been facing a number of problems since releasing, especially when it comes to hardware. By its own admission, Sony knows that a small percentage of its platforms are defective and has been working to fix the same. You can now add one more problem to the list as several users are facing problems with the console’s Blu-ray drive.

Twitter user Marcus Wong has eventually run into a problem with his Blu-ray drive, stating that, “After playing around with my #PS4 for over a month, the only issue I’ve had is with it hanging when loading up some Blu-ray movies.”

Meanwhile, Eric Povish tweeted about the console’s Blu-ray playback suffering but the same discs working on the PS3. “@yosp will the Blu-ray player in PS4 get a patch soon? I’m having terrible playback on certain titles. The same discs play perfectly in PS3.”

Devonte Davis stated that he, “Managed to get a ps4 that initially had Blu-ray movie problems and a defective system. #ps4 #greatnessawaits#ornot.”

Eric Jensen also had a problem getting a specific film to play. “Has anyone out there tried playing @DespicableMe 2 Bluray on PS4? Can’t get the movie to play.”

Kevin Artiga meanwhile sees nothing but a black screen where cars and a suitably handsome Vin Diesel should be. “@AskPlayStation my fast and the furious 6 Blu-ray is not reading on ps4. And the disc is new all I c is black screen.”

Twitter is literally filled with users complaining about this issue. Perhaps these are part of the defective consoles that Sony has stated that it is working to fix. It could also be other unaccounted for consoles that are facing defects. Have you faced any problems with your PlayStation 4’s Blu-ray drive? For that matter, has your Xbox One’s Blu-ray drive been affected? Let us know below in the comments.

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  • Cosmo Bro

    oh well, I’m still getting one xD…just need to get over the raping the holidays gave to my wallet and hopefully all these errors plaguing the PS4 and X1 will be gone by the time I buy them =D

  • SimonPieman

    Mines perfect, but then nobody ever cries when something works… It’s sad that this obvious Microsoft sponsored horsecrap is apparently “news”…

    • Guest

      With a name like Benson Mutton, you must be pauper.

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  • Guest

    Of course it’s facing problems, it’s the $0N¥ PauperStation Foul. It’s a pauper’s brick riddled with ’em.

  • Deante haney

    Sony needs to hurry

  • Deante haney

    Sony needs to hurry with the software updates, a good software update could fix just about common compliant about PS4 dispite it’s problems PS4 is great and with some soft updates that I know are coming PS4 could Be the greatest console of the last 3 generations

  • GTKing

    What’s up with that table its all uneven?

  • Brian Ghattas

    Every game I have is digital. Have yet to put a disc in it.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    What do you expect from a garbage console not much really just more garbage and no innovation all their games are crap and so is the Psn networks you Sony

    • You are flat out wrong

      True innovashun is eating discs, Demetre.

    • Dakan45

      cry some more kid, its pathetic that you got no life NOR a ps4 so all you do is lick sony despite not having a ps4.

      But by all means continue ill keep playing games on my pc.

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  • fastestnascar

    Gaming consoles are built by humans telling bots what 2 do, when 2 do it, where 2 put it, how 2 weld it, so on & so on.
    No such thing as being happy with what HUMANS have developed anymore?

    If u r not a happy console user, demand all internal items under these shiny lids to be made here in the good ol’ u s of a!

    Now it seems quality instead of quantity really does matter after all!

  • Devonte Davis

    So my tweet is actually in the article, Devo717, thats me. Anyways i had a solution for the problem until about 30 minutes ago. I called psn and they had me redownload and install the system software. That worked for about a month and just now it froze again. I think the problem is with blu ray live, because when i had the problem a month ago none of the blu ray live messages would appear (then of course the system would freeze). After the software reinstall they started to appear. Im not sure why sony wont come out and say thats the issue but if i knew how to turn it off im sure that would solve the problem until sony makes an update that will.

  • Vivek Singh

    To completely sort out such issues you must use Panasonic blu ray player. This seems to be the best one.

  • Mattb151

    I’ve just ‘tried’ to watch Dredd on my PS4… It kept hanging, all I heard was the DVD drive keep loading, missing 5-10 seconds of film and audio every 10 minutes. The film plays fine on my PS3… This is on top of the s**t service trying to download bought items from the Playstation Store for COD Ghosts…
    Talk about disappointment… I’m having second thoughts about Sony… I stopped buying their televisions because they started being bad value for money… Now the gaming platforms are under scrutiny… A very sad day…

  • PhiL

    The initial load time for my blu-ray is wayyy too long and some of them just wont work at all. Avatar for example

  • VC

    Love to see such battles between SUXBOX and PS. The reality is that an error in production with less than .4% issues worldwide is good stats. You have an issue go return it, buy another piece. Beyond 30 days ask sony to change it! PC lovers are PC lovers for 2 reasons: 1. They can afford the games (Piracy)
    2. They have micro-bot eyes that can actually notice the graphic difference a human eye cant.

    Based on the first line ppl would know I am a sony fan, but I see 1 problem. Just make the joy sticks like Sux box. Everything else is perfect!

  • Matt McGuire

    My system will randomly stop transmitting to my TV and I have to turn the TV off and then on again. It plays eventually, but It takes 5 minutes or so. Also, I have constant crashes when playing BF4. I hope they work this crap out…I have always been a PS fan, since PS one…

  • Ryantheking

    My ps4 freezes immediately when trying to run blu rays

  • JZdewey

    When playing Blu rays, my TV loses signal with the ps4 but all I have to do to make it work is switch channels and switch back..other than that no problems, would like to see a fix though

  • 2MA

    I got blu-ray movies and my tv screen is splitting into two… I think it’s because of the 3D feature on the disc… has anyone had this problem ?! And if they did how do I fix it ?!


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