PS4 Console Exclusive SOMA May Come To Xbox One, Reason Behind Current Console Exclusivity Explained

Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip on SOMA’s PS4 exclusivity and a potential Xbox One version.

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Frictional Games’ upcoming survival horror game SOMA is a console exclusive for the PlayStation 4. However it seems like that it may turn out into a timed console exclusive as Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip revealed to GamingBolt the reasons behind the current PS4 exclusivity and the lack of Xbox One version.

“The reason is rather simple: we simply do not have the resources to develop for both. We have never done a game for console before, so it felt like a too big of a risk to support both. Why Sony? Because we reached out to them first and they were really quick to respond and easy to deal with, so we decided to go with them,” Thomas said to GamingBolt.

However the game may come to the Xbox One after the initial launch. “An Xbox One version after release is very much a possibility though.” SOMA is currently due for the PlayStation 4, Windows and Linux platforms in 2015.

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  • Anders

    The xbox parity clause may prevent it from coming to that console.

    • The parity clause wont affect it just like with warframe.

    • Anders

      Warframe is different, the parity clause don’t affect games where the studio signed a deal with Sony or Nintendo before a certain date. That’s why some PS4 launch window games can be on xbox.

    • So what makes you think that SOMA is any different from Warframe/etc.?

    • Anders

      This: They are releasing the game first on PlayStation and it’s not a launch window game so they probably signed a deal SCE after id(@)xbox was created in 2013 and therefore shouldn’t be able to avoid the restrictions from the ms (launch) parity clause.

    • Just like Warframe? Just like Outlast? Just like many other titles?

      You’re grasping at straws. It takes several years for a small team to build a [good] game. It’s entirely possible this project was started 2012 – 2013… Their contract with Sony can easily pre-date ID@Xbox.

      If you can’t understand this…

    • Anders

      “At the time of the indie parity announcement, MS allowed games that were already announced for PS4 to be released at a later date on XB1. Those games included Contrast, Warframe, and many other PS4 launch window titles. There are now no more titles that fall under this loophole. “

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Are you blind or just stupid? He already mentioned the fact that the clause doesn’t apply to launch window games because the clause hadn’t been created yet.

      FYI, Outlast and Warframe were launch window games.

    • Are you late to the party? Or just vying for someone to talk to? Because this conversation was over 9 months ago.

      I suggest you get back to Soccer Cars while you wait on another remaster to release.

    • Andrew Clear

      Yeah, I see the parity clause having an effect here. Also, why would Microsoft bend their own rule on a game that isn’t even going to be close to a system seller? They sure don’t want to set a precedent, with an obscure title.

    • GotNews4Ya

      Yes.. Because everything that Microsoft does, always makes perfect sense!

    • Michael Bagley

      From an interview about the clause:
      The parity clause has been a contentious issue, with some developers speaking out against it and even Sony taking a shot at it. But Spencer insists it isn’t a blanket, uncompromising policy that will negatively affect indie developers if it’s simply a matter of them not having the resources to develop on multiple platforms at the same time.

  • Mark

    Pretty much the same thing with HellBlade, as with other studios too. Sony supports indies well, so it’s a no brainer. But most of these indie studios will be going multiplat……they aren’t fanboys of consoles lol.

    • Anders

      again, Hellblade is console exclusive to Playtation unless ms decide to remove that parity clause.

    • Mark

      I want some of that good stuff ur smoking lol. What gave u the impression HellBlade’s a PS4 exclusive? Also, in their own words, “We’re a small developement team. And Sony supported us since Heavenly Sword”. Boom. There u go. They couldn’t produce the game on 3 different systems, simultaneously, even if they wanted. Has little to do with the Xbox parity clause because it isn’t even dropping on PC till a later date. This will be the case with No Man’s Sky too.

    • Anders

      I’m not smoking anything. I just said that being first on PS4 may prevent it from ever coming to xbox because of that parity clause. I never mentioned PC.

    • Mark

      Hahaa. Man u r blowing on Chocolate Tie, or something lol. “again, Hellblade is console EXCLUSIVE to Playstation”.

      “Console debut on PS4” (per Sony’s GamesCom) means Ninja Theory’s intentions are clearly, to support atleast one other console right? Is it the WiiU? Haha.

      My point of mentioning PC is, why aren’t they dropping a PC version with the PS4 one? Because they’re small……13 people to be accurate. Therefore, their platforms of support is impacted by their size. That is the main limiting factor on what they can do. I can’t see where the Xbox parity clause has any, if at all, effect here.

    • Anders

      It just mean that they haven’t signed a PS4 exclusivity deal with Sony and are free to choose any platform. I’m just saying that hellblade risk being one of many games that can’t launch on xbox because Microsoft don’t want games that launch later on xbox.
      The parity clause “states that all ID@Xbox developers must launch their game at the same time as Xbox One. So if you’re one person making a game for PC and you also want to release on Xbox One, you must do so on the exact same day. “

    • Mark

      Funny how u left out them saying they choose approval on a “case by case basis”. Hence, some indie games will fall short of that clause, and STILL release on Xbox. So, Microsoft will miss a decent indie or 2, ok. I won’t lose sleep. But, they’re gonna approve the bigger ones mostly.

      Also, why doesn’t it make sense to u that, in their own darn words, NINJA THEORY’S 13 PEOPLE IN SIZE! Ur inferring deals and what not, when they clearly stated “As a small development team we have to be CAREFUL about which platform we focus on. PlayStation offers us a good opportunity to realise the game in a way that we really want to”………..they simply cannot produce 3 versions simultaneously. That’s why they displayed “Console debut” at GamesCom.

      I’m done arguing about this, it’s pointless. Regardless, respect to u. We simply both have our own opinion.

    • Anders

      I never argued against that. Many devs can’t release on multiple platforms and choose PC first.
      The future will tell where Hellblade is heading and which games are blocked by the clause.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Not true. Hellblade is full console exclusive to PS4. Not timed

    • Mark


  • Shi’a at

    Sony jumped on it because they know their games are scarce for 2015 so they need to fill their catalog..


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