PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne New Details: Combat, Enemies, Graphics, And Gameplay Mechanics

Possible new details about the upcoming RPG leak out.

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Bloodborne, previously known as Project Beast is an upcoming action role playing game which is under development at From Software exclusively for the PlayStation 4. A journalist who apparently saw live gameplay footage of the title has revealed new details about the upcoming game that is due in 2015.

Marty Hess tweeted this: “Just saw Bloodborne gameplay. Believe that hype — more combat variety, crazy enemy design, and looks INCREDIBLE.” which was followed by another tweet. But this time it was related to the Blunderbuss. “Blunderbuss used heavily for stunning enemies, promise of needing to rely less on a shield, promise of more enemies on screen,” reads the tweet.

It also seems that information about the game has leaked out from the latest issue of Famitsu. “From what people who read the leaked Famitsu have said it’s going to be kind of a side game to the Souls series and more low fantasy compared to high fantasy. They are replacing magic with gadgets, guns and such. Main mechanic seems to be related to blood and blood is also used to regain your HP and gain various other benefits. You get blood sucking it from corpses or items. Sucking too much blood will turn you into a beast which I suppose is this game’s Soul/Hollow form. The game will apparently become a lot harder to play/control when in beast mode. To become a human again you need human blood and is where the online component comes into play,” reads one Neogaf post.

As usual this kind of information should be taken with a massive grain of salt. But what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Guest

    No “Souls” in the title. This might change the gameplay too much though. I already dislike the guns.

  • Forever_Flat_Out_Peasant

    Ugh. 30FPS. Thanks consoles. You did it again.

    • twinspectre

      what’s the point ? of the statement
      30Fps is Perfect for this kind of games
      well , maybe you’re mad because you sucks with this kind of games oh you want 60fps then play Call of Duty

    • MrSec84 .

      No frame rate has been given for this game.
      ND said that they’re targeting 1080p 60FPS for Uncharted 4, that game looks even better than Bloodborne graphically, so Bloodborne could be 60FPS too.
      Seems like the rumors of the huge performance update from the ICE team to SDK were true, as both of those demos were in-engine running on PS4.

    • MrSec84 .

      To your post that got moderated.
      Thuway & Tidux were both right about the performance improvements that have come to the PS4, just look at how the games look now compared to other titles that got gimped in the resolution & frame rate departments.
      Naughty Dog targeting that level of image quality at 1080p 60FPS is proof of a boost to PS4’s SDK, which is engineered by the ICE team.
      Nothing looks as good as Uncharted 4.

      Talking about insiders, Shinobi602 has been proven right yet again by The Order 1886 releasing in February next year.

      As far as EA making an exclusive for Xbox One, I’m pretty sure that was MIsterXMedia’s insider, who ever that person is knows nothing.
      I mean he made out like Forza Horizon 2 was going to be an Xbox One exclusive, it’s not, plus he said it would look better than Driveclub, which is wrong.

      I never said insiders were my gods, LMAO, they’re not always right because they’re Human, the people they get their information from are human, they probably hear things from people & make judgements based on who they’re talking to.
      Sometimes people make mistakes or maybe the companies making these games change their plans at the last minute.

      FYI E3 still isn’t over, it’s got another 2 days, more information can be announced at any time.

    • Guest

      Can the moderators please ban this PC mustard troll. It’s been banned here before, and on cinemablend, dualshockers, onlysp, and pretty much everywhere on disqus.


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