PS4 Expected To Gain 66-70% Market Share Once The Dust Settles, PS4 JRPG In Works

The PS4 is seemingly emerging as an early winner in the next gen console race.

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Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed (better known as thuway on popular gaming forum NeoGaf) believes that the PlayStation 4 will gain 66 to 70 percent of market share when all is said and done, occupying two-thirds of the market over its competitor, the Xbox One.

However, it’s not all good news at Sony according to the man. “I’ve heard folks at Sony are both excited and afraid of the PS4’s momentum. Things are being read carefully, and lids are being sealed.” He continued, “It’s scary how much momentum Sony has going forward. I expect PS4 to gain 66-70% market share once the dust settles.”

But that’s not all. Sony is apparently working on a Japanese RPG for the PlayStation 4. Details are vague though. “I heard something about Sony’s internal JRPG on PS4, but it’s vague, and I’ll leave it up to the original source to break it. He’s around.”

What are your thoughts on these developments? As of now, Sony is expanding its influence around the globe with the PS4 set to launch in India and Japan in January and February respectively. It’s also sold more than 2.1 million units worldwide as of December, first week. How much further could it go? We’ll need to wait and find out but the Xbox One certainly has its work cut out for it.

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  • Guest

    Never going to happen. Poor $0N¥ paupers, how idle hope you must have with your overhype that doesn’t deliver.

    • TristanPR77

      Wow, denying reality won’t do you any good.


    • MyBodyIsReady

      Awww you fed the troll. Dude doesn’t even have an account lol

    • datdude

      He has an account. He’s just one of those losers who post the same thing multiple times in many forums. A complete and utter toolbag to be stepped over like a piece of trash while going about your business.

    • Dakan45

      actually i believe he is multiple people who hate sony.

      But anyway, its fun to see that post under every artilcle and thumbs up it, as i see you as well and thumb down you.

    • logic_criticalthinking

      he’s basically a troll made to incite a furious comment

    • cozomel

      Whats the matter fanboy, you mad? you gonna cry?

    • s3ltzer

      It’s already happening…for the amount of money MS has invested on marketing and media, the XBone is already a failure.

  • Upgradable

    Everyone is glorifying Sony as if they will dominate for years though MS could release a faster console in the next 1-3 years since they can now maintain backwards compatibility and upgrade XBox similar to how PCs are upgraded every year.

    • johnjairo68

      So can Sony…

    • Upgradable

      Chances are that Sony won’t have the features or app ecosystem of the XBox, especially as MS unifies Windows on PC, phone, tablet, and XBox. In other words, I wouldn’t count MS out of the game.

    • chrisredfield31

      None of what you said has anything to do with games. They’re already out as far as I’m concerned.

    • Rhys

      M$ doesn’t have an app ecosystem other than desktop. For M$, the mobile app ecosystem is a wasteland.

      M$ have tried to combine Desktop and Mobile with Windows 8. The vast majority HATED it, so the mobile market is dead in the water and will never catch up with android or IOS. The desktop market is haemorrhaging market share as much less people are buying (windows) desktops now. M$ is circling the plug hole. The only thing they have going for them is a mountain of cash.

    • chava

      They can but they wont. Simply because sony has said they expect the ps4 lifetime to be 5 years and it would be a really bad marketing move by MS, and honestly i don’t think their customers will be to happy about it.

    • s3ltzer

      “What ifs” don’t work in the real world…

  • kamyR

    well i think its soon to predict cause we had these kind of predictions for PS3 in 2007

  • Anders

    Many awesome games are coming to PS4 in the first half of 2014.
    Driveclub, inFamous, Watch_Dogs and the Free-To-Play (F2P) games Deep Down and PlanetSide 2.

    • Guest

      More overhype that won’t deliver, but you $0N¥ sheep are desperate because you know the company is failing on all fronts.

    • cozomel

      you M$ sheep are desperate because you know the company is failing on all fronts.

    • Manjo

      As the article says when all is said and done….we’ll see who is failing and which fronts.

  • True gamer

    They will lead but not at 60-70% that’s crazy

  • Dakan45

    That better not happen or sony is gonna pull another smugy “the console war is over, ps2 won…. now comes ps3 with a crappy architecture to make sure no one bothers with porting to other platforms, thus third party exlusives”

    Source: E3 2005 and sony admiting ps3 architecture was intentional.

    • logic_criticalthinking

      you know right now Sony doesn’t take Microsoft lightly unlike 2006 and they kinda admitted their arrogance back in 06 because of the success of ps2 before

    • Dakan45

      Wake up, ms was gonna do the same thin with xbox one, sony is NOT your friend, they ARE gonna screw you up one they take control. The only reason the play it friendly is because they got double the losses ms had and lots of troubles.

      Wanna play on any console? cool but remember THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS they will screw you when they can.

    • Guest

      $0N¥ paupers are blind lemmings beyond repair Dakan. Don’t even try and save them as they’re already F-ed.

    • cozomel

      M$ paupers are blind lemmings beyond repair Dakan just like you. Don’t even try and save them as they’re already F-ed.

    • Dakan45

      here comes the number one sony pauper.


      PS your message makes no sense. Am i a ms lemming now? Seriously wtf wast your point?

    • cozomel

      this coming from the guy that is always on here going on and on and on. Never giving it a rest. Yes you are a lemming, a bigtime lemming. Now get of the forums and go outside finally. Peace fanny

    • Dakan45

      Says the guy which is always here, why dont you give it a rest you bigtime sonytard and go outside.

    • extermin8or2

      Hmmm It is a matter of tine till sony get aerogant again-the company on top slwaus gets there eventually the trick is turning around fast enough. Dont see it being for ps5 however hopefully not even ps6-I mean I expect the current people working at sony to be there in some capacity for several years the people there should remember what happened with ps3 and hopefully will be able to avoid it repeating anytime soon.

    • Dakan45

      You give the industry too much credit. The decisions come from the top. In a world that games dont ever made unless they know they gonna sell and see the firt game as the damaging one and expect to make money out of rehashed sequels, i just cant expect ANY company to be nice to gamers.

      Its like reviewtechusa said, some people defend their brand so much, like they are their friends. Its basicly free marketing, people develop relations with people like Yoshida through twitter and they think they are their friends, they giving the corperations a face.

      In reallity they dont give a damn, when they have a established fanbase, they use tricks to make profit.

      I dont think there will be a ps6, or any console for that matter, it will be cloud or something similar, consoles and games as we know them are dying. From chaning the hardware to pc hardware because its too expensive to make their own graphics chips, to games becoming mmos with social features everywhere. Seeing what will happen in this generation will be very interesting.

    • extermin8or2

      I think on the games front if any of the big three havevproved they are willijg to finance new ips and maybe not prpfitable ones then its sony. Whilst not the same as being your friendnthe goodwillbit engenders releasing such risky titles among the core audience sometimes pays off or at least creates more fans. In many ways its totally in their interest to appear that way as after all they need their customers else they will go out of buisness and ofc you arent friends with people like yoshida, anyone hat tthinksthey are is a fool.On the note of future consoles cloud gaming etc replacing future hardware geneeations. It is a nice idea but personally I dont think the limitations will be obercome for it to replace physical hardware anytime in the forseeable future. Maybe for previous generarion games however we shall see.

    • Dakan45

      Yeah i will agree sony atleast makes new ips but they dont stop milking their current ones, say killzone, god of war, uncharted.

      Nitendo on the other hand…

      I dont know where this is going, they gotta find a way to encourage makin new ips.

      So far everyone wants to make a sure-sale and sell it to as many people as possible to cover the high development costs.

      Indie games could be the solution.

    • extermin8or2

      Well nintendo have a few jrpgs although now I think about it the mario and zelda rehashes probably negate that. God of war needs to be put to rest for good or fo like a whole generation, uncharted I think has another game in it but thenbit needs to be put to rest at least for ablong while maybe anpther vita game to tie golden abyss into drakes fortune because atm its not quite clear what happens to chase between the two. Killzone im not sure-I mean its been overused in recent years but I think it probably needs one more game to tie up shadow fall after its ending although in all honesty shadow fall wasnt necessary at all and its singleplayer os good and I think reviewers underrate it but its multiplayer isnt as good as it was back in killzone 2 days. Personally I think the resistance series was way better than killzone and the 3rd was an amazing game but story wise tied up very very few plot strands (burning skies doesnt count as a resistance title its more an insult) also I liked how resistance changed so much between entries, no rehashing goingnon there although 2 changed abit too much from the first. The only games that can get away with new entries to the franchises these days are gran turismo and forza so long as theres roughly one a generation its fine. (Not one every year or two… *cough* forza *cough*). Other than that we are in need of some new ips-ubisoft seem to be holding the keys to new AAA ips atm. With watch dogs and the division and the crew still to come. Ofc bungies destiny is going to be a new ip but I cant help but fear it shall end up feeling just like borderlands two already does but with a workd populated vy other players.

    • s3ltzer

      That is exactly what Microsoft has done with the Xbox One. Their cockiness was so obvious by their initial policies (DRM, required internet, etc.). And they’re still bally by forcing the Kinect down all the XBox fanboys/girls down their throats. Sony has been the opposite by listening to their fanbase and catering to gamers. All we need now is DLNA back like the PS3, Sony.

    • Dakan45

      YES thats exactly waht ms has done. Thats what sony did with ps3, these people are not your friends they gone screw you when they can.

      its important that both systems are toe to toe so both sides will benefit from cmpetition.

  • PlayStation 2 era IS BACK ! GO SONY !

    • Dakan45


  • Jonathan Crout

    sony jrpg made by sony it can be only 1 game that i can pray god of top of my head it is legend of dragoon 2 if its this im gonna roll over and weep tears of joy

    • Jpdx

      OMG! I seriously just got chills.

    • LODLover4Ever

      I would literally weep in joy too. Sony doesn’t understand the impact the game had on me. I still play Legend of Dragoon on my PC and have the original discs too!!!!! Someone get Sony’s contact info or a person that can tell Sony about this!!!! I have been waiting and still will wait in the hope that one day Legend of Dragoon will be revived!!!!

  • Jonnyscion

    So sonys console is way more popular than the xbox one. And one direction are way more popular than anyone else. People are like sheep.

    • Guest

      Especially $0N¥ paupers.

    • BobFour


    • BobFour

      make no sense man..

  • da Boss

    lol 66-70% wow. and the rest of the 30% is split between Microsoft, Nintendo and i guess steam.

  • dirkradke

    It doesn’t really matter which console is more popular as long as both are popular enough to have major developers make games for both P4 and XB1. Also the article doesn’t go into enough detail about what exactly they consider the market. If they don’t specify and/or know then they can’t be called liars. What I don’t doubt is Sony is in the lead, but that is something that was never in doubt due to early Microsoft mistakes.

  • DJ

    I believe it. I can see Xbox One units starting to pile up at retailers, while PS4 units sell immediately. The Titanfall deal is set in stone, but EA may look for a way out of that deal if the 2:1 sales ratio becomes reality. A JRPG sounds exciting. Hopefully it’s Legend of Dragoon 2.

  • Richardo

    If this is anywhere near true and the trend continues MS may decide to drop its Kinect2 and offer X1 for $399. Or continue bundling Kinect2 but start taking a loss on each console like they did for many years last generation. It is certainly something that is financially feasible.

    The problem is I see most general consumers being swayed by PS4s cheaper price.

  • Guest

    LOL, $0N¥ paupers so desperate. NeoFAG’s insides hard at work dumping all their bullshit on the a-hole collective N4G. $0N¥ Paupers are no better than toilet cleaners.

  • dave phillips

    Got Killzone Shadowfall first, but still no PS4…these suckers are hard to find…

  • dave phillips

    Don’t stop the momentum Sony, you have the ball now run with it, Hopefully this will mean more PS4 exclusives!:)

  • LODLover4Ever

    Sony has to make Legend of Dragoon. Can you imagine the graphics of that game on the PS4? I have been waiting and hoping in the past 10 years that one day someone will come along and remake this game or create a sequel because this game is by far the best RPG ever created!!!!! IT TOUCHED MY SOUL!! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL SONY TO MAKE THIS GAMEEEEEE!!!


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