PS4 New Details: Library Mode, Fast and Fluid Interface, Game Menus and More

New details for Sony’s PS4 interface revealed.

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A new video showcasing the PS4’s UI has been posted on YouTube but more importantly, former Bigbig Studios employee – which was a part of Sony UK until it was closed down – and developer for an unannounced PlayStation 4 game Kenny Linder has offered up some new details on the console’s interface.

The interface revealed in the video has been described as “old firmware” by Linder. Since then, there have been changes as seen with the new Library option, added in version 1.5. As of now, Linder isn’t sure if this for games or images and videos, since the videos recorder don’t appear in the library folder. It has been described as being a dev kit occurrence where they possibly appear elsewhere, but regardless, Linder believes games will be in the Library menu due to the left-to-right list option shown in the video becoming hard to use after a while.

Linder also confirmed that the dev kit firmware is different from the retail version and that more info would be available in the coming weeks about what the Library has (and how you’ll be able to access multimedia and video recordings). At this point, it’s just unknown.

On the interface being described as light, Linder pointed out that firmware 1.5 is light but also very fast to use. You’ll be able to leave and re-enter your current game fluidly and apparently, in an instant.

When a user mentioned a screen like the above, which showcases an option rich interface, it was revealed that this information comes up when you select one of the games from the left-to-right navigation menu. By pressing X or down, you’ll go to a lower level of the dynamic menu which showcases info about the game, its background and game music along with trophies, trailers and more. You can start the game from this menu. All the Options are located in the top row according to Linder.

The interface is divided into three levels: the top section is apparently the PS3 XMB where you can choose between Friends, Profile and Settings along with other options; the middle one has icons of different games, What’s New, the Library and Store; the bottom-most level is brought up when you select a game, which showcases the above information.

Jumping between is done via button presses and described as light and quick. Interestingly, it’s a lag-free experience when you’re in-between gameplay and runs at 60 FPS. The “relaxing music” has already been confirmed and as mentioned previously, can be turned off if you wish.

As for why there hasn’t been an official UI walkthrough video, with only 11 days till the PS4’s launch in North America, and requests for Linder to make his own with certain details blacked out, he responded that, “If I worked at Sony still I’d be pushing the crap out of them for SOMEONE to do a full tour of the OS but sadly that’s not the case. I think if I did that at work myself I would be in a shit storm from where I work now and Sony. Has anyone asked Holly at Access about an OS tour? Those guys seem pretty decent and would at least give an indication of when it might happen!”

The PlayStation 4 will be launching on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe. What are your thoughts on the current UI showcased in the dev kit and what the commercial retail release will contain? Let us know below.

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  • ruffneck

    I like what I see here. I think it will be a joy to use, so long as it’s easily accessible while playing a game. Allow you to jump back and forth as shown in the first UI reveal with the actors.

    I hope they allow you to customize and place your favourite apps/games in that right-left scroll menu as well.

  • Guest

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  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    I’m glad they didnt show us! Lets leave something new for us to discover on release day!

  • Mark

    Yeah, an OS tour is a good idea. more hype!

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Like the sound of Library Mode 🙂

  • I would like the ability to organize the 2000 friends. Like folders with sub-folders. I would have “Main friends” “Clan” “Randoms” Or maybe ones for different games also.

  • Truth

    Typical of $0N¥ Pauperstation Foul. It attracts cockroaches like Ana Helusic.and Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3.


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