PS4 Share Button Facing Problems?

Users have been facing problems recording the exact clips they want on the PS4.

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Dualshock 4_01

There have been virtually millions of shares since the PlayStation 4 has launched, matching the immense success of the next generation console. However, the Share button may be far from perfect according to some users.

A user on Reddit complained that there was initially no problem with the Share button at launch but, “Now it’s not even capturing what I wanted. Its like it captures a couple minutes before what I wanted. I won’t ever be able to see my first heli pilot kill again:( Thanks, Sony.”

Other users have been facing similar issues. “There’s a bit in Killzone where if you melee a guard he falls onto a ramp to an elevator. When you start the elevator the ramp flips up and so does the guard. Silly really, but it was a moment I wanted to share, yet the system had only stored the very end of the last chapter. Disappointing.” And yes, several others have tried capturing the same moment to not avail.

There are other complaints regarding the Sharing system. As of now, you can only share via Facebook and unless you make your posts public, only your friends will be able to see it. Even if you have friends on PSN, they’ll only be able to see it if they’re on your Friends list. As one user puts it, “This is a cumbersome system. I know a majority of my Facebook friends don’t care about what I share on PS4. Facebook is the last place I’d want to share my clips. I rather have YouTube, or someway to share only to my PSN friends. Or even better yet, allow us to download the raw file of footage. I know Sony intends to do these things. I just hope it comes sooner than later.”

What are your thoughts on the same? Is the DualShock 4’s Share button causing trouble for you as well or is it running silky smooth? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Placebo

    It’s a little annoying that it’s so limited right now but there’s a few ways around it, for one if you have an active FB with people who won’t want to see all your gaming footage just create a new FB account solely for your PS4 uploads.

    Secondly if you want to upload to Youtube or elsewhere there’s a million different browser plugins that will let you download the Mp4 from Facebook which can be uploaded straight away to Youtube, I use “Internet Download Manager” for Firefox but a simple free addon is Flashgot downloader:

    Downloaded this one from FB and uploaded to Youtube in seconds:

    • That’s a whole lot of effort that shouldn’t be needed… it was supposed to be a simple click of a button, then again… I have yet to receive my PS4 due to storms slowing down the delivery, so I can’t say for sure if it works or doesn’t work… just saying… one shouldn’t have to go thru all of that.

    • Placebo

      Hence why my comment started with “it’s a little annoying”…

      We shouldn’t have to do such things to upload to youtube but it’s better to be able to do it via a 1 min workaround than not be able to do it at all, hopefully YT direct upload will come in soon.

    • Good point,,, regardless hope you’re enjoying the system… I should get mine today, or Monday..sitting here with PS4 games but no

  • Gurnoor

    Yes,I faced a problem.It worked fine earlier for me too but I had a great multiplayer moment and I captured it but it wasn’t there in the recording.

  • Clarence Thompkins II

    of course a fix for this until Sony fixes the problem is just double tapping the share button…works for me every time.

    • djorjan

      The battery hunger DS4 needs to be shoved up in Cerny’s a-$$, that’s the real fix.

    • Clarence Thompkins II

      The battery life has nothing to do with the recording feature.

    • justerthought

      I think he knows that. He’s just changing the subject saying the battery life problem is worse. But it’s no problem if you have two controllers and hot swop when needed, with one always one charge.

    • Jason Mounce

      Oh hey look, a 12 year old who has no idea how technology works!

    • Gamer1231

      Lasts about 6-8 hours for me. If I really need a gaming session that long, I just switch it out for my second controller, and start charging the first from the system.
      Another easy solution is to play while charging.

    • justerthought

      A true playstation hardcore gamer buys 2 controllers and hot swops them with one always charging on the cable. Battery life is never an issue then. The controllers also wear out half as quickly. Try doing that with an xbox controller. You can’t because you have to use bulky plugin batteries. The playstation controller usage is totally transparent allowing you to play sessions as long as you want, swopping controllers in a few seconds at a convenient point after you get the warning.

  • marc

    The record hardly ever works on battlefield 4. It needs an update. Just seems sony has bigged up the ps4 but it dont function properl. There is no game demos and only lile 6 games you can buy! Ive had it from 29th November and its like they aint bothering with it and just wanted to beat the xbone on release. No bluetooth headsets. No mp3 uploads. Please update and fix things sony.

    • Guest

      $0N¥ PauperStation Foul = lies, overhype and underdeliver.

    • Mike Osborn

      Here let me fix that for you: Every Console Ever in existance = Companies lie, overhype them, and underdeliver.

  • Bob

    Idk what you people are talking about. I actually saved a clip of that exact part when i was playing the campaign a while ago.

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      gonna be honest, I’m still really confused about how it works, cause I was playing killzone mp and at the end of the round I killed like 5 people with a single grenade, and I had absolutely dominated the match, I pressed the share button and it saved the last 5 seconds which was basically just the thing saying your team one and then there was nothing, it didn’t save the last 15 minutes…. :s so basically I’ll never be able to watch the awesome that was that match.

    • Goodacre

      yup, you know how it works. pressing the Share button is supposed to save the LAST 15 minutes. problem is there is a bug where it will either save just the beginning on a game session or some random footage.

      for example, an hour into my BF4 MP game I hit the share button only to find the first 13-15 minutes recorded, back when I started the game up, the initial menu screen. it’s simply not working as intended.

    • Goodacre

      maybe, just maybe, it’s working for you but not working for others?

      it never fails. people claim something is working as intended for them so by default everyone else in the world is using it wrong.

    • justerthought

      Everyone has equal right to give their experience. It’s not true that it never fails and it’s also not true that it always fails. The guy never criticised anyone about misuse, you brought that up criticising him. Your the one passing judgement on others, not him.

      People are just expressing how it works for them so we can get the big picture. Don’t censor the big picture. Knowledge is power.

    • Guest

      Psh, Books are power. We can throw them at people and they will feel pain! We can’t throw knowledge! lol

  • Guest

    The share button is a useless joke of a button and completely badly thought out. It’s $0N¥ PauperStation Foul’s finest…next to the useless touchpad and irritating screen reflecting LED that can’t be turned off.

    • pavlovic

      So, you don’t have a PS4.

      Any one complaining about the reflection:
      A. Have a PS4 and a 1990 TV set
      B. Doesn’t have a PS4.

      You fail at trolling

    • justerthought

      If you really had a PS4 you would know the reflection is only an issue if you point the controller at the TV. Most people hold the controller with the handles resting on their stomach so that the light is pointing slightly upwards towards the ceiling. Not all chairs are directly in front of the TV, so some people even sit at an angle and turn their head with the light facing away from the TV.

      It’s very rare that the light is reflected. You’re just quoting what you have read in a review. But we would still like to turn it off to save battery life.

      How can you call the touchpad useless when don’t you know what use it will be put to in future. I have a PS4 and even I don’t know. We all have to wait and see. Only trolling fanboys make a judgement without proper knowledge.

    • cozomel

      You’re obsessed eh? you troll every Sony article! You should have that condition checked out

    • Sobekflakmonkey

      I find it funny that you call the Sony Playstaion the $0N¥ PauperStation, first off, you sound like a douche just for using “pauper”, almost like an immature child, secondly, “pauper” apparently means “a very poor person”, so it’s kinda silly and somewhat ironic that you would call us poor…being that you xbox fans made fun of us before because the PS3 was more expensive than the xbox 360, but now that the tables have turned, the Xbone is for rich people and the PS4 is for poor people :s it really shows your lack of intelligence as well as your childish demeanor, grow up please. 🙂

    • i <3 you

      still better than the xbox 720p hahaha xD

  • Goodacre

    we have a big thread on this bug at the official forums. please go check it out if your having problems. make a post, i guess a 9 page thread still isn’t enough to warrant an investigation.

  • justerthought

    Sony needs to make the whole share infrastructure so that it is transparent to the user. It’s current state is useless, extremely limiting and a hassle to use. PSN should be linked to the streaming host site directly, not the users via and streaming site account. Users should share to a PSN hub, automatically validated with PSN login. The content being stored on the streaming site, managed by PSN. Your PSN friends should be able to view your content instantly via the PSN hub when they receive your prompt.

    A second option should be available to send your video to any site of your choosing instead of the PSN hub if you want non friends to view them. You would then register yourself with that site, bypassing the hub.

    But before all that. Sony need to get the thing working so that it does what it says on the tin. Right now it’s unreliable. People are clearly finding that it is not caching 15 minutes in realtime. That needs to be sorted. The problem may be in the game code where the devs have to option to deny recording and is being triggered in error. Sony is still responsible to make sure that does not happen.

  • WHAT!?

    FailStation strikes again! I think I’ll get the xbox one that starts fires instead!

    • i love you

      LOL dat xbox 720p xD

  • ZappyKins

    It’s the perfect time for Microsoft or someone else to launch a Youtube competitor. Something where we will not get in trouble for publishing things like our very own games.


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