PS4 Slim Announcement- Are Sony Being Smart, Or Are They Making A Mistake?

Does announcing a PS4 Slim even make sense with an impending PS4 NEO launch?

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At this point, it is abundantly clear that a PlayStation 4 Slim is coming. There was a sudden and explosive leak last night, and just hours later, The Wall Street Journal, who have a literal 100% accuracy record with video game reports and scoops, have verified that the announcement of a Slim console is indeed happening.

Which means that the PlayStation Meeting suddenly become about more than just the NEO- now there will be not one, but two new PlayStation consoles announced. In a way, this echoes Microsoft’s strategy with the Xbox One S and the Xbox One Scorpio, both of which were announced at the same E3 event- back then, when the Xbox One S was months from release, and the Scorpio was announced for next year, a lot of people questioned the intelligence of a decision that threatened to make the Xbox One S obsolete before it was even out, and which threatened to lead to Xbox One sales slowing down for a year and a half as people decided to wait for the superior product.

Obviously, such fears turned out to be entirely unfounded- the Scorpio is still over a year from release, but the launch of the Xbox One S has revitalized the Xbox One, leading to higher sales for the system around the world. If people are waiting for the Scorpio, they also seem to be more than happy to jump in on the Xbox One right now with the One S.

So of course, given the precedence and example Microsoft have set, Sony’s two pronged strategy doesn’t necessarily raise the same kinds of questions that Microsoft’s did- plus Sony also have a couple of other things that allay any doubts that observers may have in their favor. For instance, unlike with the Xbox One S and the Xbox Scorpio, which are separated by over a year in terms of their release dates, the Slim and the NEO are launching practically contemporaneously- the Slim is reportedly scheduled for September, while the NEO is allegedly coming in October. This means that if there is a slowdown in sales (which, again, going by the Xbox One S and Xbox Scorpio example, there shouldn’t be one), it’s only one month.

From Sony’s own point of view, making the Slim has other benefits from them. If past PlayStation Slim consoles are any indication (and if the leaked pictures are evidence), then the Slim is going to be cheaper to produce than the standard PS4- meaning Sony can raise their average profit per unit sold and/or drop the PS4 price again and reach a broader mass market. Positioning the Slim as a cheaper, lower end entry model also allows Sony the wiggle room to price the PS4 NEO at a higher price, with the justification that it is a premium product, and cash strapped gamers can always look at purchasing the Slim.

So the two pronged strategy of announcing and releasing a Slim and a NEO around the same time makes perfect sense to me- though I must admit a lot of my confidence in it comes from the fact that Microsoft have already demonstrated that something like this can work.

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    When Microsoft announced the XboxOne S and Xbox Scorpio at E3 the media’s criticisms was all over the internet/ social media they were saying that Microsoft’s strategy for the XboxOne S didn’t make any sense and it is confusing for gamers but now that Sony is doing the same thing there is no criticism from the media no one is saying that gamers are confused
    The media bias is real

    • chaz

      As this article you are responding to notes, the reason that people are more willing to give Sony a chance on this is PRECISELY BECAUSE MICROSOFT DEMONSTRATED THAT A STRATEGY LIKE THIS CAN WORK.
      That is the ultimate compliment to Microsoft, that people are confident of this strategy in general because of Microsoft being able to pull something like that off.
      Fanboys should really stop and a) read the articles they are responding to, and b) think about everything for a minute before they c) post.

    • Doggystyle

      Tossing all that ultimate compliment bullsh*t aside, the reason it worked so well for Microsoft is because their original Xbox One console is a disaster, and most people desperately wanted the upgrade after 3 years of dealing with the many problems they faced with the launch Xbox One. Sony doesn’t have that problem. On the other hand, we still don’t know if the strategy has paid off for Microsoft because they are still reluctant to release sales numbers. Microsoft basically released a slim refresh with many of the same software issues as the original, and some new ones, while the Scorpio will most likely be the 1080p capable console that everybody wishes they had released at the start of the generation.

    • chaz

      If people hated the Xbox One, they would not have cared if a newer version was coming. People wanting the Xbox One S indicates that they did want the Xbox One all along, but were waiting for a better variant of the console.
      So, is this an admission on your part that people DID want the Xbox One?

    • Doggystyle

      People are already invested in the original. If Microsoft was so proud of their Xbox One S sales, they would have released the sales numbers, and the numbers of “new” Xbox Live subscribers resulting from those new customer sales. The people who wanted the Xbox One S are most likely the same people who are loading up Gamestops with all these traded-in used Xbox Ones. People are invested in their launch consoles, and the street value of a used Xbox One is 10 percent of diddly squat. While you are complimenting Microsoft on releasing a lemon, and then releasing a newer refresh, I’m complimenting you on selling that line of bullsh*t to anyone that would listen to it.

    • Nintengods

      $ony so #4ThePlayers they are increasing the PSN subscription price on their lemon of a console

      Good old PR Bullsh*t amirite

    • Doggystyle

      Wait,…what is a Nintendo, and why are you still even talking about it? Are you commenting from the Senior Living Center again, Agnes? Isn’t it time for Wii bowling?

    • Virzio

      First he edits his original comment, then there’s even more bs. Smh.

    • Doggystyle

      Who are you, the play by play announcer? Did you have anything intelligent to add to the conversation or are you just here to sulk like a 3rd grader?

    • Virzio

      He edited his original comment, now it makes even less sense…

    • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

      There is a couple of issues here. This isn’t MS strategy, it’s a rushed version. MS gave a year for S, Sony is giving a month. Basically makes this whole strategy completely odd in relation to MS strategy. This could and might cost Sony a lot of money in the future. Rising PSPlus cost shows they’re expecting some sort of loss here.

    • sgt_hammertime

      very good points.
      it’s actually pretty clear that @chaz didn’t b) think about everything for a minute before he c) post.

    • Mr Xrat

      Kirk! Kirk! You’re back!

      It’s quite simple, Xgimp: slim for the cheaper end of the market and Neo for the tech enthusiast. Although I will be honest, MS made it very simple with S and Shitpio: no games, so don’t bother.

  • Virzio

    Good article. I’m curious if there’s some kind of upgrade in the slim like uhd/hdr. If not (most likely not) price must be lower than 299,- or it can’t compete with the Xbox slim, Imo.

    • Doggystyle

      Sony is not competing with MS. They are already dominating the console space globally. Get a clue. The next time you post something stupid, put a LOL in there to let people know that you arent stupid.

    • jp

      wow you sound mad, probably with Sony for letting you down over and over again.

  • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

    No, Sony just announced a price raise to PSN sub, this means they could potentially be expecting losses and considering that only half of PS users seem to be buying PSPlus, this could also be to break even. With the hit they’ll be expecting over the course of the next few months. I for one think the slim is pointless. They should’ve packed all their strength behind Neo simply because their biggest threat is Scorpio next year. Another issue, these consoles are a month apart. That means that those interested in VR will wait for the Neo, those who have half a brain will wait for the Neo. Slim would be a waste of production costs even if it had UHD and 4K bluray because they could just pack that into the neo and have people spend more money on that. This, to me, looks like flip flopping.

  • XanderZane41

    I can see most gamers waiting and flocking to the PS4 Neo. If you already own a PS4 (even if you don’t) I don’t see any reason of getting the PS4 Slim over the PS4 Neo. The only reason would be price and not caring about PSVR or the extra power.

  • Mr Xrat

    Probably end up $249/279 and hoover up what will be the low-end market at that price.


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