PS4 & Xbox One: Battlefield 4 Designer Thinks Gen4 Belongs To Sony, John Carmack Remains Neutral

Two well known game developers share their thoughts on next gen consoles.

Posted By | On 31st, May. 2013 Under News

It’s no surprise that Microsoft earned the ire of gamers everywhere for showing no gameplay footage while heavily emphasizing on Kinect and Xbox One’s multimedia and social capabilities. The only thing they did right was showing the box itself. Sony on the other hand showed off the games and the technology behind the PS4 but not the console itself.

Over the past few months, Sony have taken the lead in terms of positive media reception and several developers have showered praises upon praises on the PlayStation 4. One such developer is Alan Kertz, the lead core gameplay designer on Battlefield 4, who believes that the next generation will belong to Sony.

“I think Gen4 is now Sony’s game,” he tweeted.

On the other hand, id Software’s John Carmack believes that both the PS4 and Xbox One are amazing engineering products.

“They are both solid pieces of engineering. I won’t recommend one over the other at this point,” he said when asked about his opinion on the next generation consoles.

This year’s E3 should be interesting. Microsoft has a lot to prove in terms of actual games and Sony will try to win the audience over by showing off the PlayStation 4 and maybe finally revealing its price point. We will be right there on the floor and update you with the latest happenings.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • Matt


    • SONY.

      *** IRONY ***

      Our beloved sheep are opposing the ‘Always Online’ games while at the same time being ‘Always Online’ on gaming sites like N4G.

      The Cerny of SONY loves the all new ‘Share’ button placed on every PS4 controller while the beloved sheep hates the idea of ‘Always Online’ on the PS4, let alone sharing. Useless feature is useless.

      You’ve been told how PSN+ and Gaikai will shape the future of online gaming while each & everyone of our sheep seems to like offline gaming old-school style better.

      In short, SONY & the sheep aren’t always on the same page. Don’t bash SONY for having bi-polar or not forward-thinking, it’s just our beloved sheep wishful-thinking so they could eat & sleep with a peace of mind.

      We at SCE are totally cool as long as they’re going to spit more benjamins out of their banks for us!

      Greatness Awaits. Only the Stellar Asian console makes it possible!

      4 > 1


  • SONY


    Talking bad about the PlayStation® 4 is very restricted. We always invite you for a pro-Sony conversation, nothing comes close to the supreme console.

    Any complains flying directly to the PS4 is also a direct offense to the Asian powerhouse. In this case, Sony is indeed the only one which can complain and be heard at any given time. Anything below our superior brains is useless.

    Greatness Awaits…. powered by the Supreme Asians.



    • Axe99

      That you turn up in almost every PS4-related article I read (and I don’t read all of them by any stretch) suggests you should spend a bit more time gaming and a bit less time trolling ;).

    • Jesus Christ

      What? Like all the dumbass pauperfanboys originating from N4G? GTFO!

    • Havok

      ohh look another pissed Xbox Nazi

    • Axe99

      Aye, I’d bet good money that SONY is a very comprehensive N4Ger, and likely Reddit and other aggregators as well. Its a free country, I just reckon there’s better ways to have fun.

    • Anukul

      be a fan but not too sticky

    • Manoj Varughese

      why do one choose to bash down something on purpose when that time isn’t yet here?

      fanboyism– so don’t bother

  • Axe99

    Since when were we ‘Gen4’? There were consoles before the N64/PSOne era Mr Kertz ;). Agree that PS4 has edge from a technical perspective, and looks to have started on the right foot, but the Gen hasn’t even started (sorry Wii U), and anything can happen. Hopefully it’s a quality two-horse race, with no one provider clearly dominating. It is interesting that the PS4 and XB1 are differentiating themselves a bit more in terms of what they provide, but this will make it even harder to clearly pick a winner, as different people have different needs (ie, PS4 looks like it will be a stronger gaming system, XB1 looks like it will be stronger for multi-tasking apps – which one suits someone depends on what they want).

    • srammij

      We’re actually in Gen8

      –Magnavox Odyssey


      –Sega Master System
      –Atari 7800
      –Atari XEGS

      –Sega Genesis
      –Turbo Grafix-16
      –Neo Geo

      –Sega Saturn
      –Nintendo 64

      –Playstation 2

      –Playstation 3
      –Nintendo Wii

    • Axe99

      Big props for your knowledge of gaming history :). I started wherever the Commodore 64 slots in to the above (I think Gen 2), but never paid enough attention to the details. I was pretty sure we’d passed Gen 4 though! Maybe they only count Generations from when Battlefield was first released?

    • Anukul

      gen 4 in sony’s gaming world 😀

    • Manoj Varughese

      Wii U continues to be offended.

    • Axe99

      Aye, the poor Wii U – I think it’ll do fine for Ninty, and is a great piece of kit, but unless they can do something pretty special, it’s likely to be a bit niche this Gen.

    • srammij

      WiiU would be considered Gen8, but i think that’s questionable. Being just about as powerful as PS3 makes me think it’s Gen7, however the addition of the tablet controller adds a new level, something that XboxOne and PS4 will have, ie. Smart Glass, etc.

      I would consider WiiU to be Gen7.5 though, personally.

  • BF4Blog

    too soon to tell #bf4blog

    • Yippie

      How is it too soon to tell? These developers are CURRENTLY developing games for the PS4 with devkits. If anybody knows anything, it’s the developers. PS4 – gaming machine. Xbox One = All-In-One Entertainment hub. So not gaming focused.

  • joe

    Nice, so Sony was listening, unlike some other companies (looking at you Microsoft) I can’t wait to get my hands on that Playstation controller :)))

  • Sniper@

    Any1 who like X1 has ass cancer

  • Manoj Varughese

    ps4 all the way

  • disqus281917

    who cares about this fucktard DICE dev has to say? have you forgotten EA had and probably still has a exclusive contract with Sony? promoting their DLC on PS3 first and shit.

  • james smith

    Gaming consoles are for kids High-end Gaming PC are for ADULTS

    • john

      What are you talking about? Gaming consoles have always attracted all age groups.

      Only recently, have “some” console games attracted younger players. I guess you’re just one of many people following the trend. You think you’re “with the craze” by playing pc games. Little do you know, your way of thinking is inline with a child’s… 😉

    • Yippie

      Actually the average gaming age is 32 – adults are the majority regardless of platform.

    • srammij
  • anonomys

    look im not takilng sides, yet. its way too early to decide. because i might just lmao if ps4 is going to be $500 when the One might be 250-350. i know it sounds like im siding with the One but im not. i dont think that a console should automatically beat the other console when all it has different is ddr5 and not ddr3. we will wait and see as i’ll probably getting a ps4 if the price is right and they keep up the good work of having free live as its a pain in the ass with microsoft with my 360

    • Yippie

      The article wasn’t talking about “taking sides.” It just means for gaming and graphical superiority, the PS4 will be ahead. The point of the Xbox One is to be an All-In-One entertainment system, whereas the PS4 will be a gaming focused machine.. Plus, the PS4 is much more ahead in terms of graphic hardware, this is just a fact.

    • srammij

      $250-350 with a subscription!?

  • Nate Brown

    If Sony snuffs DRM and always online it’s game over for Microsoft.


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