Redout Dev: Xbox One X Has The Smallest Gap With Average Gaming PC, 4K/60FPS Possible With Optimization

34BigThings also iscusses optimization for Xbox One X and differences with PS4 Pro.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One X may be out in November but the console’s capabilities, especially as a native 4K gaming machine, are yet to be proven. While some games take advantage of the console to offer “enhanced” visuals, others actually implement HDR and native 4K. It’s all a matter of optimization as Redout developer 34BigThings informed us.

You’ve probably heard of Redout. It released last year for Steam and offered futuristic, high-speed racing akin to F-Zero and WipEout. 34BigThings is working on Redout: Lightspeed Edition for the Xbox One and PS4 this year while also bringing it to upgraded consoles like the Xbox One X.

With regards to the Xbox One X and how it compares to your modern gaming PCs in terms of power (and whether it’s superior or not), the developer said, “I don’t think there can be a console that out-powers PCs in general, for obvious reasons. But I can agree the Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever released and probably the one with the smallest gap with the average gaming PC. That being said, it’s an amazing piece of hardware and I’m really looking forward to see Redout running on it.”

Though the console is meant to support native 4K, whether it can run Redout in 4K/60 FPS and at the Ultra equivalent of PC settings is up to optimization. The development team believes that with “optimization”, it’s a possibility. “The capability is definitely there, but the devkits aren’t really easy to get and that could have an impact on the timing of the optimization patch for Xbox One X,” said the developer.

As for differences between the Xbox One X and its nearest competitor, the PS4 Pro, the developer noted that, “Both consoles come really strong on the internal hardware and side features (Dolby Atmos, HDR, etc.) and they both are really comfortable to develop games with. We can tell both platform holders put a lot of effort refining the development process, trying to speed up it entirely and solve classical bottlenecks.”

Redout: Lightspeed Edition will release on August 29th for Xbox One and PS4 with a Nintendo Switch version out later.

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  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Stop lumping Xbox One and PS4 in the same boat. Xbox One was always better than PS Bore.

    • LifeOnMars

      I wonder why the Xbox One is not selling.

    • Ear4Muzik

      ? Xbox is selling.. You mean why the PS is selling more. Xbox is in second place in sales, people want to pretend it isn’t. Also the comment you replied to was a baited nudge. Both consoles are awesome we should just enjoy what we love to play.

    • Guest

      In second place way behind the PS4, so why dont you stop pretending like its doing better than it really is. And thats with MS constantly giving out killer bundle deals compared to Sony. So get a grip on reality kid.

    • Ear4Muzik
    • MickaelSuarez

      NPD 2017(leaked numbers)

      PS4 XBO NSW
      jan 210,665 157,545
      feb 398,407 215,418
      mar 396,726 243,514 910,545
      apr 206,247 109,950 280,897
      may 187,182 109,130 165,038
      jun 381,196 153,389 215,582
      YTD 1,780,423 988,946 1,572,062

      A 1.8:1 ratio in the US in favor of the PS4, really impressive.

      And compared to X360, the Xbox One sales are declining

    • Ear4Muzik

      That was taken in May 2017.. So getting a grip on reality isn’t something I need to do, reality isn’t going anywhere like these fools trying to debate without intelligence lol

    • Mr Xrat

      You not seen the leaked NPD numbers for the year? Xbone is third behind the Switch and PS4. PS4 is nearly 2:1 up to now. The gap’s never been this bad.

    • Ear4Muzik

      Lol, overall sales Xbox is in second. Stop trying to twist the perception. We all know as soon as the Scorpio was announced most people decided to wait until the dust settles on what the price for that will be.

    • kma99

      Because you can’t read. That’s a given at this point.

    • LifeOnMars

      Xbox One sales Have died.

    • kma99

      Provide that link. And dont link me to some random idiot who has no factual information. Wait you never provide factual information.

    • One The One

      You’re retarded.

    • Guest

      You’re retarded.

    • LifeOnMars

      You are living in denial.

    • Learned Handgun

      I’d like to see they link too

    • Guest

      Stop lumping Xbox One and PS4 in the same boat. Ps4 was always better than Xbox Bore.

    • Hans Wurst

      I guess that must be why PS4 recently has sold at a 5:1 rate worldwide…you’re right, not the same boat at all.

    • Smart guy

      Pffft no proof lol

  • Mark

    This guy’s comment makes no sense to me at all lol; “smallest gap”. Hunh? Average gaming PC is far from 6TF 12GB RAM 320gb/s bandwidth. However the CPU uhh I don’t know ahaha. But games will run way better on One X than most PCs….anyway

    • Guest

      Stop whining you little X-rat bi tch, 6 AMD TF is like 4 Nvidia ones. The X is midrange at beast with a netbook CPU. The PC smokes it.

    • Givemeliberty343

      Poor fanboy resorts to name calling…so much envy for power

    • Psionicinversion

      theres no real way to discern what the average AAA gaming pc is, you cant fully go off steam hardware survey. like it says most gpus have 1GB ram. that isnt running any AAA game without extreme performance issues.

      thing is sure you can say X1X will run better than most gaming PCs which it should do. it would be like being surprised at someone building an i5 6c intel on z370 (coming soon) 16GB ram, with a 4-6GB x60 volta gpu (should be on par at least with 1070) in 5 months down the line and being surprised it beats alot of gaming PC’s. compared to that x1 wont be as special

    • Mark

      Psionic I know, of course I’m not surprised….IT SHOULD outperform most hardware period. I’m not sum Xbox zealot screaming power. When the dev above said “smallest of a gap”, that’s what lost me lmao. Maybe I read it wrong, or I want u to explain that to me. I woulda thought the PS4, OG Xbox and Pro fits the “smallest gap” between console and PC

  • spideynut71

    “With optimization” = “With sacrifices”.

    This generation continues to be marred by insufficient CPUs. MS would have been better off waiting to announce Scorpio this year, as an eventual TRUE next-gen console, with a release in 2018, at the earliest. They could have had a much better CPU, and likely newer and faster versions of their GPU and RAM as well….not to mention more time to work on some 1st party and/or exclusive announcements to go along with the launch.

    • Guest

      Amen! But ssshhhh, dont tell these fangirls that, they dont like the truth, they like their fantasy beliefs.

  • Hans Wurst

    The Interviews on this site as articles in general are among the worst in general gaming business. Twisted comments taken out of context, please N4G finally ban despicable site!

    • Fweds

      Along with Mrxrat,his multis and Upvote Bot.


    Xbox is the best gaming system ever!!!!

    • Mr Xrat

      If only it had games.

    • Fweds

      That’s odd as I play games on mine everyday, especially the best on and offline game out there Forza Horizon 3.

      You must be getting confused with the PS4 that only has a few weird niche jrpgs one at 720p and a couple of titles it can’t even run properly.
      Though it’s understandable as you are on the net 24/7 posting weird comments on Xbox news, so it’s very likely you don’t even have a console.

  • Smart guy

    He is lol guest is an idiot.

  • Mr Xrat

    Stating the obvious about a potential Xbollox port. But what did Xgimps say about Redout a few days ago?

    “Game looks like Poo and won’t be 4K 60fps lmfao their dreaming good luck”

    Liked by Fweds, Starman and Smart guy

    “OOOOOOOh …another struggling journey to 4k and 60fps on the PS4-Pro …with an ‘INDIE GAME’ , lmfao..”

    Liked by Fweds, Evil_Annie_2015 and Smart guy.

    Do they count now, losers?

    • Starman

      1X can do 4k 60 fps with Anthem , F7 etc etc ….but can’t do it with his little crap game ? give me a break . This guy needs to go back to the drawing board .. Not a top DEV..

    • sergeantnorider

      Let us know when GT Sport & Crash Bandicoot are running in native 4K. When you figure out how to run a 1st party racing game and a 10yr old platformer in native 4K on the Pro, feel free to come back and lecture us. Until then, shut up.

    • Mr Xrat

      Easy, they can downgrade it badly so it looks like a 360 port or Wii shovelware like your trash lineup.

  • Dorothybchavez

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  • Starman

    No one go’s this hard for a system unless…’re getting paid , you work(advocate) for Sony or you’re just the most pathetic fanboy the industry has ever seen …I pay this jerk kid no mind…

    • Smart guy

      He doesn’t get paid guaranteed!

  • Starman

    No matter what they say, at the end of the day , the 1X still craps allover the poS pro …facts.

  • hvd hvd

    the same pc to run 4k/60fps will still cost $2k+ the 1080 ti is the only single gpu that can do 4k/6fps on pc and thats still like $740 on 4k/60fps on a console for $500 is a steal and it still will take a huge crap on the ps4 crap pro…lol


    Sure! obvious! itw the one with more power! If only the manufacturer didnt have the lowest talented teams of all three.

  • Tomaterrrx (this is what also passes as a woman on PS4 in 2017)

    Also, your comparison didn’t say it had to be an in-game character model.


      Thank you! She is superior to the ones on 2018 sea of thieves!

      Case closed then!

      Now, what 2017 xbrick exclusives do you have to compare with horizon? Or even gravity rush 2?


    • Tomaterrrx

      Your comparison is BS to start with. It’s like comparing Overwatch character models to Call of Duty character models lmao. Why do people like comparing everything on either platform smh?

      In terms of graphics? Well, Forza 7.


      Oh yes! the humans on forza look….Non existent! As the 2017 xbone exclusives!

    • Tomaterrrx

      Dude I’m starting to lose respect for you. Enough with the one-sided fanboy comments. You didn’t specify your question, so I did it for you and you still go off on a tangent. Also, your last sentence is plain wrong.


      Ok, I honnestly think the games MS has in store for the xbonex leave a lot to be desired graphically, specially for a console that does nothing but bragg about power!

      Sure, forza looks great, but all forzas (and racers) look great, FH3, drive club, project cars look fantastic without the xbonex.

      But crackdown 3, sea of thieves and state of decay 2? can you say with a straight face they impress you graphically?

      And I know there are some indie games and ports of old games that are exclusive for xbox this year, but lest be honnest, there is just ONE retail exclusive in 7 months! and it was not great! compared to the dozen of retail ps4 exclusives (that have better scores BTW) that is really one sided!

      But you are right, I got carried away!

    • Tomaterrrx

      Crackdown? Doesn’t impress me at all. SOD2 and SOT aren’t graphically impressive but not bad looking at all imo. Besides, there are other none MS games that look amazing like Metro and Anthem so it’s not a huge problem for me. I agree that exclusives have been lacking for MS this year but hopefully the ones coming out later this year will impress.


      I never said bad, but unimpressive is exactly the word I would use.

      Yes, those games do look great, but they will look great on ps4 pro as well, if they manage to make those run at 60fps while the ps4 pro can’t then it’s a huge deal.

      I think that only forza will impress, but it’s another forza, what can they really do to make it stand apart from the previous ones?

      I honestly think that the first impressive looking exclusives will be the next gears, I know halo is first, but halo has never been graphical impressive (it like great but has never pushed the envelope).

      And gameplay wise, I believe player unknown is its strongest card right now.

      We shall see.


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