Remedy Explains Why They Develop Exclusive Titles For Microsoft’s Platforms

Microsoft knows what it’s in for with a Remedy game.

Posted By | On 18th, Apr. 2016 Under News

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Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break released earlier this month for Xbox One and Windows 10, and despite some technical issues, it became Microsoft’s biggest new IP launch for its console. This isn’t the first time Remedy has created a big name title for Microsoft though, as Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 will attest.

Why does Remedy keep developing exclusives for Microsoft? CG Mag Online spoke to Thomas Puha, head of Media and Partners at Remedy Entertainment, to find out.

“We have a long relationship with Microsoft. Remedy is an independent company – we’re not owned by Microsoft – but we’ve been working with Microsoft for ten years. Like every relationship you have your ups and downs. But we know each other. Microsoft wants a Remedy game. They want story driven games that we do well. They like to focus on the story, and that’s great.

“We look at Quantum’s marketing, (it’s something I’ve been involved in) and it’s great stuff. There are trailers,  there’s TV ads, lots of visibility in print and online, and these sorts of things are what a big publisher can do, which is awesome. [Microsoft’s team is] working long hours and weeks, and there are big events for Quantum in specifically Brazil and that’s awesome to see. Microsoft knows what they’re going to get with a Remedy game and that’s awesome.”

Given that Quantum Break’s reviews have been largely mixed to positive (our review was mostly positive), will Remedy’s next venture will be a Microsoft exclusive? Given that Microsoft no longer considers sales numbers as an indication of being successful and it’s trailing well behind PlayStation 4 in terms of  momentum, it will be intriguing see whether Remedy will continue to develop games that are exclusive to one platform.

What are your thoughts on Remedy’s desire to work with Microsoft? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Doggystyle

    I feel like I haven’t missed out on anything by not owning an Xbox One. Those are my thoughts. The console was obviously still not worth buying even for QB. The QB sales numbers if ever released, will prove that. Let me know when Remedy makes a “must have” game that makes people wish they owned Microsoft’s failed next gen console. Even Alan Wake wasn’t worth owning the 360 for. As far as Max Payne goes, I thoroughly enjoyed the Rockstar version on PS4. But that was Rockstar, and Remedy is no Rockstar. Good luck Remedy, you made your bed with MS, now you can lay in the wet spot. QB is the best selling Xbox One IP to date? Thats just sad. Let me know when the Uncharted series gets so desperate, that Sony offers a free PC version just to entice people to buy their game. Come find me then. I probably won’t hear you though over my PSVR headset. And with that said, what were we talking about again? I already forgot.

    • jent

      Ramble less, you’ll lose your thoughts less often. Oh and by the way, I disagree about the value of buying the console. I bought it, have enjoyed it. I have not yet played Quantum Break but I will.

    • Doggystyle

      Your reply has been translated.

    • XanderZane41

      Are you bending over Doggystyle for Sony? lmao!! Lots of reasons to own XB1 if you are into game consoles. Halo 5, Forza Horizon 2, Gears: UE, Ori and the Blind Forest, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 6, Smite, and more new IP’s coming this year and next, are good enough reasons. QB is their besting selling NEW IP this gen.I believe it outsold Sunset Overdrive and Ryse for it’s first week.

    • All but a few of those I can play on PC, and all future Forza titles are headed to PC as well so… once SSO and Halo inevitably hit as well, there really won’t be a reason at all.

    • Truthslayer

      Fanboy bytch

    • Mr Xrat

      Small list of games to compare that first week to.

      Listing a multiplat MMO? Looking at that weak lineup, no wonder the people have spoken. Well, it’s more a guffaw of laughter at the Xbone.

    • A verdade ofende

      You are not an Xbox One user but you insist to visit xbox news page….

      One word describes you…

      … “envious”

    • Doggystyle

      Its all “gaming” news, son. Don’t cry about it.

    • MaximMillion

      Seems you’re the one crying all over this comments section XD

    • Doggystyle

      Actually it seems like you’re the one crying about my comments.

    • MaximMillion

      Crying about your comments which are crying about other’s comments? Lol. Whiney fanboy.

    • textomatic

      I feel the same way about PS4. I feel like I haven’t missed out anything either.

    • Doggystyle

      Good. Anything else?

  • I have had an XB1 since day one, and I’ve spent countless hours enjoying it as my primary gaming system with my PS3 attached to it for all the older games I like to play. XB1 also acts as my media control center since I was “suckered” (haha) into a version with Kinect, so I voice-control my entire setup, and I use it for all my media playback as well.
    Anyway, I got an Xbox One after 10 years with Sony, because of the gaming content on it was more my style of gameplay, and I’ve kinda turned off by the smugness of Sony and their gaming community. Games like Quantum Break have only reinforced my attitude… it’s a beautiful and fun game. So far, there haven’t been any exclusives on PS4 to make me want to get it… eventually that may change, but the big lure of my PS3 is that it’s an original model that still has the PS1/PS2 backwards compatibility, so I don’t miss out playing over a decade’s worth of games. So yeah essentially, I’m sitting with two boxes in my living room allowing me to play 5 consoles worth of games.

    • Doggystyle

      Smugness verses constantly, and deliberately treating your customers like crap from the very day since you entered the console gaming business. I understand how you must feel. Gee, I wonder why Sony ever felt the need to make this video. Hmmm, maybe it was to show you who the actual “smug” corporation was?

    • XanderZane41

      And then Microsoft made this video. lmao!!

    • Mr Xrat

      They left out the part where he has to check if his game is on the approved list, and then he has to wait for it to download, and then he has to struggle through worse frame rates.

      Thank you MS.

    • R.K

      Better than paying $5 per hour for even worse performance though game streaming. And not being able to play those single player games offline 🙂

    • Mr Xrat

      Comparing PS Now to BC? How very Xgimp of you. At least you didn’t compare it to EA Access.

    • Wheresmymonkey

      To distract everyone from the fact that they were going to make everyone pay for online on the PS4. something they initially said they would never do, and in fact harranged MS with throughout the course of the PS3 and PS2’s lifespan.

      Or maybe as a back up incase MS’s digital only ideas went down terribly so they could make it look like the PS4 isn’t set up in the exact same way as the xbone. Funny that. Neither actually run games off a disc, just dump the entire thing to the HDD.

      In fact the PS4 is set up in such a way that having a digital only library is preferable since you don’t have to change discs.

      the only current gen machine that actually plays games off discs and has 100%BC out of the box is the WiiU. Says it all really.

    • I’m really not clear on what you’re trying to say, but if I do get the gist of it, I have a little to say back.
      I was and still am a huge fan of digital downloads of games instead of media that gets lost, damaged, or stolen, and maybe I’m a little more savvy about which games I buy… I either play and enjoy them and keep them to replay, or I don’t buy them. I’ve never bought into the notion of spending $60+ for a game that I take back to a Game Stop and get ripped off for a buyback program.
      As for Kinect, yeah it doesn’t get much use in gaming (disappointingly), but responding to your comment about shouting at it… that’s just laughable. Maybe it’s because I took the time to calibrate the audio, but I speak clearly in a normal voice and it understands me the first time every time. OK, maybe once or twice a week I’ll have to repeat myself. Meh, whatever. It serves its purpose well to control everything, and I rarely pick up a remote or controller except to game.
      At the end of the day I play a ton of excellent games, I watch media, and I get everything done that *I* want to do, and I don’t feel cheated except for the time lost to people criticizing my spending habits to justify their own.

    • Mr Xrat

      “Technology Geek. Microsoft fan.”

      Opinion disregarded.

    • “Head in the sand. Disregard anything that conflicts with my narrow worldview.

      Opinion disregarded.”
      Sorry to make you think for yourself for that half a second. I didn’t mean to do that, lol.

  • One With Shadows

    Could have probably summed it up in one word….paycheck.

    • Doggystyle

      But just like with Tomb Raider, I think MS is probably paying more than they’re getting back. QB isn’t moving consoles. In fact, people aren’t even recommending that their friends pay full price for the game. That’s not a success story by any means.

    • Michael

      You sound silly. No one, not even your god sony, makes any money off of console sales. Ms is worth over 300 billion. They are the last company you should be concerned about. They probably made a million dollars in the time it took you to write your silly comment.

    • Doggystyle

      You are correct. They make money off of the sales of console software.

      Did you miss the part where I said, ” In fact, people aren’t even recommending that their friends pay full
      price for the game. That’s not a success story by any means”?

      Of course you missed it, because it doesn’t suit your argument, and you came in here thinking you were the smartest guy in the room, bragging all about MS net worth.

    • MaximMillion

      Quantum Break is a great game, bottom line.

    • Doggystyle

      That’s very convincing.

    • MaximMillion

      I know 😀

    • Anna Mayes

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    • Zarbor

      You can say that about Naughty Dog as well.

    • One With Shadows

      No, you can’t. Sony owns Naughty Dog. MS doesn’t own Remedy.

    • Michael

      Lol…. I guess owning makes it all diffent.

    • Atlantia

      Of course it does!
      It is clear that your own company makes products for you, no??

    • Michael

      It’s no different because publishing a game is all the same. The only difference is Remedy chooses ms to publish their games. Naughty Dog has no choice or say so in the matter.

    • Atlantia

      No different? Lol. No use discussing with children or people who have no clue about business… lol

    • One With Shadows

      Of course.

    • efnet

      you stay lurking xbox articles lol whats wrong bruh?

    • One With Shadows

      Huh bruh? Did you read my original comment? Has nothing to do with consoles boy. Zarbar wanted to bring up consoles. Take it up with him.

  • Terminator

    Keep up the good work Remedy and Microsoft. Quantum Break is a master piece.

  • Mike Zoppa

    Sure the PS4 is faster, but that’s about it. I’ve enjoyed the original XBOX, XBOX 360, and XBOX ONE with all of their flaws. If MS didn’t support their users with their software updates, I’d be done with them. Sony has always had an attitude about being all hype and little to show from it. I enjoy so many old and new many MS games and MS Published games still to this day and I just don’t see that many good games on the Sony side that people want to play as long as I play mine. Sony can outshine and out perform but I do believe in quality in the game first, then I look at how well it is presented. Quantum Break is ground breaking, short and simple. Anyone can say something bad about something else, but after playing it myself I do not accept any negative reviews. Any negatives are overwhelmingly outweighed by the positives and FINALLY we get a great game with real modern music from real music artists. – My experience has been awesome with this game and I hope they continue in their direction of make these kinds of games.

  • Alistein

    I think Remedy will continue to work with MS due to like they say the allure of a big publisher. MS has the funds and capabilities to manifest Remedy’s ideas into working games. Also when it comes to sales the future is bright for MS as I believe there over 200 million Windows 10 accounts and should cloud gaming become a thing those numbers could easily become potential customers. As of now UWP is new and still a work in progress but the potential is there. In anycase it would be MS that decides whether to keep working with Remedy or not, but I hope they continue together as it has produced original and unique ips.

    • Mark


  • Riggybro

    Alan Wake was one of my favs i found it quite unique.

    QB while it retains a lot of what makes Remedy games different I can’t help but feel they have, beneath all the bells and whistles, created a pretty safe predictable super soldier thing.

  • Tga215

    Just buy them already sheesh

  • Ian Henry

    Quantum Break is a great game, from once again the excellent studio Remedy but there is flaws
    that the game has.

    Is it the biggest selling new IP? Yes. Is it the best game so far? Maybe. Will it win Game Of The
    Year! Nope. Can it have the potential to start a bestselling franchise? Definitely.

    We will see what is coming up in the futur, Remedy.

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    Who knows? I thought Insomniac would continue to make all their games exclusive to Sony, not anymore I guess. Never say never for Remedy either.

  • LordCancer Kain

    remedy is like an abused spouse that won’t leave her husband no matter how badly he treats her.

  • Truthslayer

    lol you xbox fanboys are straight f@ggots.

  • Jerry Erikson

    alan wake sold like crap and so did quantum break. whatever deal with the devil remedy did (MS probably gave them tons of money) wasn’t worth it, especially since they probably could’ve easily found a publisher that wouldn’t exclude the release from a massive audience.


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