Resident Evil 6: 10 Reasons Why It Won’t Just Be Another Resident Evil 5

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New trailers get released for new sequels every single day. Only when they look seriously awesome or are part of a truly prestigious series do we take the time to write a feature on them. The new trailer for Resident Evil 6 satisfies both criteria and, after the lukewarm reception of Resi 5, you’re probably just itching to know if this one will be worth looking forward to. From the trailer and accompanying announcement from Capcom, it seems like six will definitely correct the mistakes of five. Here’s ten ways it will do this.

Leon’s back

Leon makes a good Resident Evil game. Fact

Who doesn’t love Leon. He’s the most likeable character in the Resident Evil series by far, even if I can’t quite put my finger on why this is. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the every-man type of character? Either way, there’s no denying the statistics. The two main Resident Evil titles that Leon has starred in (excluding the bloody awful Resident Evil Gaiden on Gameboy Colour) have been considered the two best games in the series, a fact that offers number six a great deal of promise.

A greater focus on horror

Though Resident Evil 4 is arguably the most popular and best executed game in the series, it marked the downfall of Resident Evil as a survival horror franchise, a slippery slope that carried on with Resi 5. Capcom have promised us some more of the actually scary elements in number six though, with an emphasis on what they have described as “dramatic horror.” If they deliver on this promise, then RE6 will no doubt please a wider variety of fans than its predecessor.

Capcom have more experience with co-op mechanics

The co-op elements were the big new draw in Resident Evil 5 and, whilst they were largely enjoyable, Capcom will hopefully be able to do a better job in RE6. With all the experience and feedback they will have received over the course of Resident Evil 5’s development, the co-op mechanics will be further improved. The big issue needs to be the balance between single and multiplayer modes as, whilst Resi 5 was a fun co-op adventure, the single player equivalent was nowhere near as satisfying. Capcom know where they went wrong though, and should be able to use this knowledge to improve RE6.

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  • I think you are making stuff up or exaggerating.
    RE5’s aiming and inventory were not bad. You get used to them. In fact when I played RE5 demo at convention, the laser aiming was really bad to see though in the final game it was fixed.

    I wouldn’t call RE6 having NPC making the game better.

    anyway this game will be amazing

  • This is going to be a bad ass game can’t wate for it to come out lol

  • charles2029

    Leon will make this game franchise king again, if they don’t mess up the controls.

  • Cman

    Unfortunately, this is only wishful thinking. You have to look at the politics of how Capcom does business. With the departure of Inafune, and that Capcom’s only in-house franchises are Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, they have a lot riding on this. Capcom is great on making things deceptively pretty with trailers, but upon actual delivery we are usually given some unbalanced frustrating thing. I think the hype for this game is only wishful thinking and they want us to think that it will be good so they get our money to save themselves from bankruptcy since they are becoming extremely bloated.

  • tmlolo


  • abstractpurpose

    And they bombed it. This is simple. The further they get from traditional re the worse reception they get. Just go back and make it like they did when everyone was happy and stop with the bullshit action heavy innovations


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