Resident Evil 7 Announcement Incoming, Will Launch On PS4 And Xbox One

E3 2014 reveal coming soon?

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It’s no secret that Resident Evil 7 is in development and it seems likely that there will be an announcement for the same when E3 2014 rolls around. A rather interesting rumour that’s been going around is that it will be exclusive to the Xbox One but Japanese economic paper Sankei Shimbun says otherwise, stating that Capcom will be revealing an important game this year’s convention for the PS4 which is expected to be RE7.

It also seems that sales expectations are to be over 5.6 million copies but the article also indicates that it won’t be exclusive to any single platform. It’s also a kind of protocol for mainstream media in Japan to mention only PlayStation versions of multiplatform titles.

Resident Evil 6 was also multiplatform, so it seems it will be the case with its successor. Again, take this all with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made. We think that Capcom won’t go with exclusivity this time around, given the recent sales figures of the PlayStation 4.

Stay tuned for details till then and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • d0x360

    Capcom is dreaming if they think they are going to sell that many copies unless the game is absolutely amazing. Resident evil 6 pissed a lot of people off. I’ve never seen a big game like that go from $60 to $20 so quickly and it was for good reason.

    • Dakky

      well they managed to sell that much with re6, sooooo yeah. Next gen, brah no games to play so peopl will buy every popular trash.

    • d0x360

      I doubt it. People who own next gen systems in the first year are the hardcore. They are the ones who know the last 2 games were junk. I know I won’t be buying 7 until after reviews unlike every other game before it which I bought day 1. By the time it’s out there will be plenty of games to play anyways. Its also not like we all threw out our old systems. My 360, wiiu…hell my Dreamcast is still plugged in sitting right next to my Xbox one and ps4.

    • Dakky

      Personally i think people who own the next gen gaming systems are idiots who just buy trash games, they are the people who gave re6 high sales, they just buy becuase they got money and they just buy games.

      Anyway games suck nowdays.

      Ironicly i enjoyed re6, but i played on pc, with a better fov, kinda like a shooter and not survival horror, better graphisc, 60 fps, mouse aiming and i got it for a low price. To my suprise the game was long and not repettive, so i got a decent long shooter on pc for the price i payed.

      Funny ting is, resident evil used to be a horror game.

    • d0x360

      Sorry anything you have to say has been invalidated when you said people who buy next gen systems are idiots. You think that insulting people is a good way to have a conversation? Hey bud let’s talk about a game but before we do I think you’re an idiot!

      You don’t seem to understand that if it weren’t for early adoption this industry would be dead. Nobody to buy games today means no games tomorrow.

    • Dakky

      Why buy a next gen console with no games? So yeah those people are idiots.

      if anyone is killing the industry thats game developers and publishers makign subpar games.

      Latelly all games sell badly, what must we do? Buy every piece of trash outhere to save those companies? We are not charity, they should stop aiming for non existant “wider audiencies” and make good games.

    • d0x360

      If people don’t buy them there will be no games. See the problem? Developers don’t make games for systems nobody owns.

      Between the Xbox one and ps4 I have about 20 games. seems like plenty to me. Unless of course you have zero life and do nothing but play games all day.

    • Dakky

      How they dont buy them? they bought more than ever, what does that mean that there will be more games????

      Let me remind you there are over 180 million of ps3 and x360s and games still sell badly.

      To me every decent game is also on current gen, and by decent i meant rated 80 or higher, there is infamous but i never liked infamous,

    • d0x360

      Who cares what a game is rated? I don’t. All that matters is Id you find enjoyment. To name a few…for a, dead rising, battlefield, outlast, resogun, infamous, killer instinct, trials, zoo tycoon, kinect sports (yea it’s actually fun), powerstar golf, titanfall.

      Could there be more games? Yep. Am I gonna complain about it? Nope. If November comes and there still isn’t anything that’s different but it’s April. I’ve had every system since the nes at launch. Games are always slow to come out for the first 9 months but there is still plenty to play.
      Its also fun playing with the services and apps on each system and messing around with streaming and recording clips.

      If I can afford to spend $900 on next gen hardware and I enjoy what I’ve done with both of them that makes me fortunate not an idiot. Chances are people who are tossing insults for owning a new system are JEALOUS.

    • Dakky

      jealous of what? no games?

  • Jason Brody

    meh, how long will capcom keep milking franchises? That seems to be the trend for Japanese developers now especially Nintendo. I guess the Japanese no longer know how to innovate.

  • James

    Personally I think anyone that comes to the comments section of a game site and starts calling people idiots for buying a next gen console is an idiot. Come on man what are you doing here if you hate games, gamers and consoles.

    • Dakky

      oh am sorry dumbass, do you prefer xtremederp going to a site and calling people dumb mentally ill and delusional and always wrong.

      Sorry to burst your bubble IDIOT but there are no games for next gen cosnoles so yeah you are IDIOTS who bought a console with no games, go buy a xbox one buy a ps4 and you got 900$ of paperweiight sititing there with NO GAMES.

      THEN you are being a R3TARD calling people IDIOTS for telling you NOT to buy a console with no games….YET!!


      Well some of us are not braindamaged idiots that just throw cash around for consoles with no games and the irony is that those people are the very same people who bash pc gamers and say they spending too much time on their pc in order to get this “PLAY GAMES BETTER”

      Hypocritical much console fanboys?

  • XBOX ONE Exclusive? Call of Duty-like gameplay as well, I assume? lets see if you’ll reach 1M copies in sales… LOL.

  • Rotten

    It says “Capcom will be revealing an important game this year’s convention for the PS4 which is expected to be RE7”.
    But if we take a closer look,Capcom just revealed a game “The evil within”, which has been made by the same developer, and will be publish by capcom.
    Besides the time difference b/w tow re games is minimum of 3 years . . .

    • The Evil Within is published by Bethesda not Capcom…

    • Josh Melton

      Yes, Bethesda is the publisher for The Evil Within

    • Dakky

      YOU are ab idiot.

    • Josh Melton

      You’re a Joke nobody takes you seriously

    • Dakky

      if you dont take me seriously then why you reply to me and try to change my opinion?

    • Josh Melton

      Calling peoples an idiot is not nice

    • Dakky

      says the guy who agreed with someone calling me a idiot.

    • Josh Melton

      Cute As Always

    • Josh Melton

      Never agreed to him calling you an idiot& you know it! Now go outside and play with your cute little friends and please send them my love.

    • Josh Melton

      Stop talking about yourself that way

    • Dakky

      someone is butthurt and a fail troll.

    • Josh Melton

      One of these days, you will mess with the wrong person and he will put you in your place troll.

    • Dakky

      like who? you are the troll and you know it you c3nt

    • Josh Melton

      Whatever you say Cute little troll

  • MilitaryTribal

    wrong the guy that made the evil within was part of capcom i worked with him


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