Resident Evil 7 Will Offer Arsenal of Weapons But There Is A Catch

True survival horror.

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Capcom have already confirmed that the upcoming Resident Evil 7 will in fact have combat, thereby dispelling one of the biggest fears that a lot of fans of the series had about the title. Given its first person perspective, and the emphasis that the trailers and showings of the game have viewed on exploration, there was a general worry that Capcom would downplay combat, long a series staple, entirely.

We now know that’s not going to be true, of course. In fact, speaking to GamingBolt in an interview, Producer Masachika Kawata confirmed that the game would offer a full ‘arsenal’ of weapons- though of course, there is going to be a catch.

“You’re going to be pitted up in situations where you’re still going to have to fight. You’re going to get a nice arsenal of weaponry. So that element you’re not going to see too much of a difference. The one thing I do want to point out though is the fact that the weapons aren’t going to be that easy to find. So until you find them and have that advantage you’re probably going to be running around considerably a lot more,” he said to GamingBolt.

Kawata statements fall in line with the screenshot below. It clearly shows that items and possibly weapons will be locked inside cages and that players will need to find ways to unlock them. Obviously this screenshot shows only one scenario and who knows what crazy puzzles players will need to solve to get their hands on more powerful weapons. All of this sounds excellent- the game should feel like it is a survival game, so making weapons harder to find is an excellent way to go about it. It will be a big departure from previous games where the game simply handed the weapons to player and that too without much effort. But at the same time, simply having combat be as integral is necessary, too. It sounds like Capcom may have struck the right compromise here.

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  • Andy Maas

    From what I’ve seen so far I like where resident evil 7 is going

  • twinspectre

    I think people bashing RE7 are RE4/5/6 fanboys 🙂

    • TPoppaPuff

      I think people bashing RE7 bought RE6 and Street Fighter 5 and realized Capcom couldn’t be trusted until they actually prove themselves again.

    • suli559

      Im bashing resident evil 7 and i wish i had the power in me to hack capcom and delete all the resident 7 progress theyve made so far, and no im not a RE4/5/6 fanboy, i bought resident evil 4, i rented resident evil 5 and i never ever bothered buying 6 and nor will i ever bother playing 7, True resident evil is resident evil 1/2/3 and nothing more, resident evil 2 remake sales will show capcom that they have failed with everything from RE4 and above.

    • twinspectre

      oh, so you’re a Resident Evil fan but you fail to realise that RE7 has everything that RE1/2/3 did
      the only difference is the camera, but the gameplay is there
      Puzzle Solving = check
      Limited Inventory = check
      Savepoint = check
      Item Box = check
      Survival = check
      Keys = check
      limited ammo = check
      herbs = check
      traps = check
      slow paced = check
      Bakers chasing you like Nemesis unless you have a weapon to defend yourself = check
      If you were a “TRUE” resident evil fan you should know all this elements made RE1/2/3 great
      Camera doesn’t make a game great, Yeah I wish RE7 had fixed camera and tank control, but I would pick a 1st person Resident Evil with real Resident Evil elements rather than Re4/5/6 crap

    • Oliver

      I don’t think fixed camera and tank controls will show up in games made today but I could be wrong. They are still getting creative with the camera to provide for a scary first-person experience. It looks like they are using tight corridors and enemies bashing through walls unexpectedly (a la dogs-through-windows in RE1) to achieve this so we can see already there will be those classic game-play elements along with the classic weapons scheme. The game is directed by the same person who directed Revelations and I can definitely see the resemblance to Revelations in the trailers for RE:Biohazard. Revelations was a return to the series’ roots, according to reviewers.

    • twinspectre

      well you can find tight corridors in RE1 and RE2 and some bigger area and I’m confident in RE7 you’ll have corridors and bigger area.
      To be honest RE:Revelations wasn’t a return to the series roots (for me), but RE7:Biohazard can be different compared REvelations.
      I’m positive about RE7: Biohazard I can be wrong tho, but time will tell

  • Heavenly_King

    This will be a great game, but not a great RE game, that is all


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