RIDE Dev: DX12 Will Bring In Slight Benefit For Xbox One, Current API Already Has Some DX12 Features

But overall development pipeline for PC and Xbox One games will become more similar and tighter.

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Italy based Milestone S.r.l. has a rich pedigree of games development on PC and consoles for the last two decades. So as someone who has developed quite a few PC games in the past, what is their take on DirectX 12 and what kind of benefits it could potentially have for PC and X1 games development.

“We haven’t had the time to get deep into it yet, but there are some upcoming events we’re going to participate that will show some of the potential of it,” game’s director Andrea Basilio said to GamingBolt. “It should be noted that the custom DX11 API of Xbox One partly incorporate some future DX12 features already, and they’re mostly performance related.”

“So what we expect is a slight benefit for Xbox One, and some major performance boosts on PC hardware, making the overall development pipeline more similar and tighter.”

Andrea’s statements makes a lot of sense. Console API is normally very low level compared to the ones previously available on the PC. With the advent of Mantle this has however changed by a lot, and Vulkan/DirectX 12 will make it even more easier to extract performance for PC games development. But eventually we will see some benefits as the the API for eSRAM will be replaced by a new one that will have all the new features of DirectX 12. But how much of an improvement it will bring to Xbox One is unknown unless Microsoft releases benchmark results for the console.

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  • Hvd

    who is this dev again? exactly

  • Cenk Algu

    He did not say something wrong.DX12 possibly (first Mantle but not supported by every one) first API bringing console efficieny to PC platform.The impact will be much bigger on PC due to much more powerful components available out there but the problem is DX12 has nothing to do being a low level API on the console…

    DX12’s first goal on XO is (of course on PC as well but being a stable hardware will make it more beneficial) interacting all of the CPU Cores with the GPU simultaneously and bringing more GPU resources.So you see it is not about being a low level API,it is the much much better efficieny and the features that the API will bring to the console’s hardware.So I guess XO’s hardware is the first full DX12 hardware currently available.Here is the proof


  • GHz

    “We haven’t had the time to get deep into it yet…“So what we expect is a slight benefit for Xbox One” – game’s director Andrea Basilio of Milestone S.r.l.

    The man is entitles to his opinion! But its important to keep in mind that it’s only his opinion being that he admitted his little to NO experience with DX12. Opinions of devs will always vary. What we’re told already is that DX12 cant do much for some of those old games out there, meaning games built on old rendering ideas/engines and API(s). This include their own game Ride, which just received a res bump to 1080p because they utilized an updated ver. of DX11 API with the help of MSFT.

    If you’re not building a game from the ground up in DX12, and are still using DX9-DX11 based graphic engines, older deferred rendering techniques, his statement holds true. moving your games to the DX12 environment will probably mean small gains in performance. Being that not all Devs are created equal, some games can see an increase in res and frame-rate performance like in the case of Fable Legends. That particular game saw a 20% increase on the GPU end, recieved a res bump from 900p to 1080p, and a significant increase in framerate, locking @ 60fps. Why isn’t this discussed!?

    Also, AMD themselves had laid down the facts a while back! Whats good for the PC is good for the XB1. With DX12, XB1 wil see the same benefits the PC gets in proportionate to its hardware strengths that cannot be changed.

    • OC Guy

      Fan-boys care not for logic.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      Good to see Xbox fan boys still graspping at straws and typing about matters they know nothing about.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      And yet here you are commenting bad about it yet clearly couldn’t make valid points to counter it. He pretty much posted facts and you come up with a half-azz comment. …smh

    • GHz

      “I’m Flat Out Right” channels the presence of plankton. It knows its place in the overall scheme of things. Don’t be fooled because it manages to type. Its still plankton pretending to be human(Its greatest achievement). However it ends there. 😉

    • Gamez Rule

      Still doesn’t make Xbone as powerful as PS4, just makes it easier for devs to work on when compared to older DX versions.

    • GHz

      Thats why its a crying shame that even with an API thats even closer to the metal than Vulcan, The PS4 haven’t given us a game, 1st party or 3rd that shows an obvious difference in power. Add to the fact that the system it’s graphically competing against, the XB1 is working with a bloated API(DX11) still. How is that possible? Dont you even find that the least bit suspicious?

    • Gamez Rule

      “The PS4 haven’t given us a game, 1st party or 3rd that shows an obvious difference in power”…

      No need to either . The PS4 doesn’t need to prove anything against Xbone in that department as it IS more powerful for gaming needs.

    • GHz

      But yet you have to make it your business to evangelize the power of the PS4s over the Xbox One’s. For what? XB1 article about XB1 tech being beneficial toXB1. And here you come along with, “Still doesn’t make Xbone as powerful as PS4”…And so what? What that got to do with this article?

      And while you at it, how ids the PS4 more powerful for gaming needs. Write a list.

    • Gamez Rule

      “you have to make it your business to evangelize the power of the PS4s over the Xbox One’s”…. Really, as it was YOU that started the ( power talks ) when you posted ….”The PS4 haven’t given us a game, 1st party or 3rd that shows an obvious difference in power” ( on an Xbone article ) which also had nothing to do with the article at hand.LOL

      PS4 is a more powerful games console when compared to Xbone. Is that not correct in your eyes? Games have clearly shown the differences which is why I posted “The PS4 doesn’t need to prove anything against Xbone in that department as it IS more powerful for gaming needs”

      Right now some cross-platform games run at a lower resolution on the Xbone than they do on the PS4 this shows PS4 is more powerful…Yes? Same as my PC running games at 4k shows it’s more power than PS4…Yes?

    • GHz

      Dude, you jumped in the convo and the 1st thing you said was ” Still doesn’t make Xbone as powerful as PS4.” Why? We were talking XB1 and its API’s. Why even mention PS4? Because you needed to evangelize for some reason. Fine. So I questioned that SHOW of power. On the 3rd party front, PS4 “better” hardware, accessible features vs XB1 “weaker” hardware non accessible features running on the horrid DX11 = games that are near parity today. How?

      Boasting 1080p vs 900p or 5-10 frame drops is NOT a display of uber power. I’m sorry. If you have to pause a game to point out irregularities, then there is NO obvious power difference, despite XB1 being at a disadvantage, mainly because of its API, DX11. And on the 1st party front they pretty much are equal, with XB1 going for scale, and PS4 going for smaller tighter games, where the only thing that separates the games are artistic vision.

    • Gamez Rule

      Lots of questions needs answers but PS4 is showing off power when compared to Xbone in games. 1080p vs 720p is a power difference. 1080p vs 900p is a power difference. This shows PS4 has the upper hand in gaming hardware.

      Same can be said when PS4 is at 1080p while PC is at 4k. PC is now showing the upper hand in gaming hardware?

      You stated “The PS4 haven’t given us a game, 1st party or 3rd that shows an obvious difference in power” well that’s not correct. There are clear differences between 900p and 1080p ( IF PS4 wasn’t more powerful for gaming why would it have higher res games with extras? )

    • GHz

      “Lots of questions needs answers but PS4 is showing off power when compared to Xbone in games.”

      On the 3rd party front yes. But one system is operating w/o its true API. We just cant conveniently forget that. PS4 running in shoes that fit. Xbox, not so much. How we know these systems are compareable? We look @ te 1st party games. Look at the tradeoffs each do to get their particular games up n running. Lets be honest.

      High res got nothing to do with it because the best looking game on the PS4 is 800p. The Order. I’ll go with what the development community is saying. XB1 API(DX11) is not the one, and both systems are closer in power. They each do different things better. Cross platform Devs dont have the time nor resources to better exploit the xB1 under DX11. This is a software issue and a better API will solve the res problem 3RD PARTY DEVs face. because MSFT 1st party face no such issues. We cant pretend like XB1 dont have 1080p games that run @ 60fps. In fact it was the 1st out of the two consoles to accomplish this. Something the PS4 have yet to achieve. Why? Dont you want to know? Look at the the New project car game. Dont you think the PS4 wouldve benefitted better to either run the game @ 3ofps @ 1080p or @900p 60 locked? Why strain @ 1080p with an unlock fps that hover between 35-60. What pple going to say when Forza Motorsport 6 drops with everything project car trying to accomplish with a rock solid all the time 60fps locked? because we all know its going to be.

    • GHz

      Why is your chest all burnt “flat out wrong”? You dont believe what AMD & the development community who have access to DX12 is saying? Jeez, I even posted a slide from AMD themselves. That aint enough for you? The answer is, it never will be, because your smarter than the pple who built the tech. Well @ least you believe that you are.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Great facts GHz, keep it up! ;D

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    Once again. No Secret Sauce for both consoles. Only 30FPS and sub-1080P now.

    PS4 and Xbone are still garbage

    • Hvd

      to me if consoles were 1080p and 60fps i wouldnt own a pc thay are still better then last generation tho

    • OC Guy

      Why? Most of the games coming out this year were programed a while ago before many updates. future releases will see these benefits. Oh, wait…You are just a fan-boy troll with nothing better to do….yawn.

  • d0x360

    After just finishing my first new pc build in 5 or so years.. Apparently I had forgotten why I loved pc gaming in the first place I gotta say I really don’t care about what console api does what or which has better anything than that in terms of visuals.

    After playing alien isolation at nearly 4k resolution at 140 frames per second or witcher 2 @ @1080p with ubersampling turned on above 60fps or star citizen 1080p above 60fps…basically the consoles stop mattering.

    Granted to achieve this level of console crushing performance you gotta spend money… Lots of money. Right now I’m running an intel i8 5820k with 16 gigs of ddr4 and an absolutely badass AMD GPU… God AMD why aren’t you #1? Price to performance is astounding… I really can’t wait to buy the 390x come July. Take my money…please.

    So anyways…if we are talking about consoles does any of it matter? As long as the games are fun no it doesn’t. Why? Because a pc will curb stomp any console into dust with ease.

    IF YOU TRULY…. TRULY CARE ABOUT VISUALS and aren’t just acting like a fanboy diptard then you own a gaming PC. You don’t argue about console api.

    • OC Guy

      Why do fan-boy trolls like d0x360 come onto an article which clearly does not cator to their gaming preference? Oh because he has zero life and apparently the “awesme” PC must not be all that great if he has to troll online. Sad, really. You are not a gamer, just a spec chaser. Nothing more. By the way, any Nintendo first party game will curb stomp anything you will be running on your 4k display. That goes for the majority of console exclusives. Oh well, you got your specs…..neat-o for you.

    • jayflow

      No he isn’t a troll. If anything he is one of the most level headed commenters on this site. I believe he owns a PS4 and an Xbox one as well. Nothing wrong with a guy being excited about his new PC build.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      BS, I’ve come across his comments in the past. He’s a PS fanboy.

    • jayflow

      You sure he’s not an MS fanboy like you? 🙂

    • Guest

      He’s just trying to flex his e-peen and brag about his PC specs….it’s what they do.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Tell that to PS fanboys. They’re the ones boasting about hardware, API is a whole other level of discussion that NEEDS to be discussed because the benefits factor in more than an outdated console hardware. Fact!

  • OC Guy

    DX12 will help some, but the eSRAM is where the largest future boost will be. X1 will be able to handle a majority of games at 1080p/60 fps before long. Not all, but most. The really demanding, high end games may be delegated to 900p/30 fps. Still not bad. The future looks very bright for X1. If more high end exclusives are revealed at E3 the future will be even brighter.

    • kreator

      Thus leaving Sony’s PS4 behind at 900p/1080p 30fps!

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      You’re still delusional as allways. Xbox One is too weak.

    • Fallout09

      Still someone doesn’t get that brute force is not the right answer to the current gaming problem. Throwing more power at the problem was why gaming has been at a stand still for the last few years and these new efficiency will overcome current limitations and open up new doors.

    • Jessie Dixon

      Well that sounds promising. Thing is since DX12 is coming, we’ll see simliar APIs that share some of its features, umm wait there’s mantle, and then Vulkan. What i am most happy about is that the APIs will get us more performance..so thats a win for all ppl, PS4/XBOX/ and PC

    • JerkDaNERD7

      Vulcan has no significant support especially popular engines. If anything it’s going to be specific on who uses it. Dx12 for sure and no doubt as much as everyone will use it and optimize it’s use. Also those feature sets, …yeah innovative. Now who is willing to sacrifice that and development to a PS4 version?

    • Jessie Dixon

      I guess, but its too early to tell honestly. I just hope the X1 can benefit from Dx12, but then again, I remember reading a article that it actually has some of the DX12 api set, just not all of it, but i could very well be wrong. Dont count out Vulkan just yet though. I wont

    • PuiuCS

      Vulcan has support in some important engines already (Unreal, Unity, Source, etc).
      It also supports a wide range of already released hardware. They are targeting support for OpenGL 4.3/OpenGL ES 3.1 hardware (Nvidia GeForce 400 series and the ATI Radeon HD 5000 series)

  • Mark

    Asynchronous Compute will be heard alot more as engines take advantage of these new APIs.

  • HerveS94

    So from old gpu/cpu pc hardware to present day gpus plus DX12 equals massive performance boost, while the crap xbone is getting just a slight boost lmao, xbone is a failure and it’ll always be like that until the xbox division create a much better console than that crap.

  • Demetrius Radford

    We dont know how strong the xbox one is we dont know how weak it is. First MS never gave out official specs. Second the console has NDA’s so they cant speak of the xbox ones hardware

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