Rise of the Tomb Raider Still Timed Xbox Exclusive

Phil Spencer clarifies recent comments on the game being Xbox exclusive.

Posted By | On 26th, May. 2015 Under News

Rise of the Tomb Raider (1)

Crystal Dynamics’ Rise of the Tomb Raider, a sequel to the critically and commercially successful 2013 reboot, will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 after Microsoft announced the same last year. However, some confusion was created recently when Xbox Australia stated on Facebook that it would be “Xbox exclusive. Not timed exclusive but exclusive.”

Surely enough, fans asked Xbox boss Phil Spencer if this would indeed be the case. Spencer tweeted that, “There has been no change to our deal on TR, same as before when I answered. Timed.”

As for the company’s current game plan, Spencer said that, “We are working with CD [Crystal Dynamics] on TR to make it great on Xbox this Holiday, that’s our goal and 100% of our focus.”

At this point, many have already assumed that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be out on PS4, PS3 and PC. It’s only a question of when. Stay tuned for more information on the game as E3 2015 draws closer.

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  • Cenk Algu

    Pretty sure that it will visit PC like Ryse and DR3 but wil never go for PS4.

    • Mark

      U know what man, lemme ask u sumthin. If TR drops a yr later on PS4, while you’d probably be playin Scalebound, Crackdown, Gears 4 next yr in 2016, would u care if Sony got it @ that time? I feel split about this.

      Take this example; I luved OG Mass Effect, it was dark, beautiful and so dam philosophical when it comes to science. So when PS3 owners got ME 2 & 3, I ended up having great conversations with them on BioWare forums. We all luved the series. So, I don’t mind the average cool PS4 owner get their hands on TR.

      But the fanboys carry so much hate, threatening Camilla, petitioning like a boss lol, and just throwing tantrums, that I wish it really does just hit PC later. But, in the end, if it does go to the PS4, then I wouldn’t be upset. It is what it is. Would u care, even if we had some great stuff next yr?

  • Fweds

    Square Enix clearly pointed out the problem they had developing the game in May 2013 and it seems Microsoft came up with the answer, they invested in the game and Sony didn’t.

    “Square Enix Disappointed by Sales Of Tomb Raider, Wants To Maximise Profits During Development
    The game sold 3.4 million in its first month. Those were incredible numbers, but Square Enix was expecting six million”.


  • Rees Stylez

    Really why all the hate is this really what it takes to get a failing system to make it throw money at a 3rd party developer to make there game a exclusive there would be no tomb raider if it never was on the first PlayStation I have both Xbox one and the ps4 so regardless I will be playing it but to wonna see so many people miss out on a great game because of your selfishness is sad how about Microsoft get they first party developers to make some good exclusives so they don’t have to try an keep 3rd party games from other people that really wonna play them without having to buy a Xbox one

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