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According to this German twitter account the person supposedly took an image of Half-Life 3 running on a monitor at Gamescom. Despite the fact that Half-Life 3 was removed from Valve’s Gamescom schedule last week maybe the game was shown off behind closed doors. Here is the translation of the twitter post in English (might not be fully correct)

“Seen game at gamescom. Monitor capture. Can not wait till NDA drops. Risk! Blablabla, Mr … -”

Here is the image of the leaked image that was taken by this person. If you look closely you can really tell the environment is very similar to Half-Life art direction. Underground environments with rails, staircases, and steel floors. The color palette of the overall scene is very much like the original Half-Life. You have your yellows, whites, metallic surfaces, and so on. This is all unconfirmed, but we all know Valve is cooking up something special.

The HUD is clearly missing from the image, however, in previous HL games at the start of the game you would never seen your HUD until you picked up a weapon or your hazard suit. This might be just one of the reasons to why we don’t see the HUD, another reason could be is that it’s just a tech demo of the interior levels from Half-Life 3 with the camera going in different place.

This is just a rumor, so please take this with a grain of salt, for all we know this can just be another unannounced game that is not Half-Life. Hopefully Valve will finally reveal something in the near future.


Source – Twitter Post

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  • gaben1


  • ResonanceCascade

    It would be fucking ridiculous if the first HL3 screen the world sees was a crappy cell phone image of a staircase. Fortunately, this is probably just as fake as every other “leaked” screenshot from this game.

  • Guest13

    Ok first of all, has anyone seen that GERMAN video on YouTube of Half life 2 in 60 seconds? The only recognisable words in it are Blablabla Mr. Freeman, from Gman. Now tell me what it says at the end of this guy’s tweet???? Hopefully it’s legit because even from off screen this looks great!!

  • ”we can recognize source engine graphics”
    “”””””””””i hope its half life 3, but i cant really hope””””””””””
    “Time Mr. Freeman”

  • Person

    looks familiar…. like in a game I played before

  • jonas

    A little later he tweeted ”
    Fr33man! Tell your friends!”
    and yeah the “blablabla Mr. Freeman” is quote of the german video “Half Life in 60 seconds” which was made by some of his colleagues a few years ago.

  • Cthulhu2012

    What a shameless trolling

  • guest

    I just had an interesting thought wouldn’t 3/3/13 be a convenient release date

    • Cold

      More like 3/3/33

    • Cthulhu2012

      or 3/3/3333

  • Liam

    Take it with a mountain of salt.

  • Nevermind

    Seriously? You spent time writing an article about this?

  • dooby


  • Gweedo

    its another troll, just like everything else was… don’t pay attention to this troll attack

  • Guest

    anyone think this might just be a pic of a real staircase?? or is it too much thinking out of the box for that..

  • anyone think this might just be a pic of a real staircase? crappy cell phone cameras and all… or is that just too far out of the box to think of?

  • aras

    i dont know.
    just i hope Valve release it soon.


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