Sony Explains Why They Have Changed The Camera Angle In The New God of War

This camera angle change literally changes everything.

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God of War looks to be one of the most dramatic reinventions a series has ever had yet- and one of the main reasons for that is that the camera, which was always fixed in the previous games, has been freed in the new title, which changes just about everything as far as gameplay is concerned.

The previous games in the series were designed around the fixed camera, which let Sony Santa Monica craft some very tight encounters, and also let them create the kind of spectacle that no other game or series has managed to replicate. So how does the studio plan on replicating something like that with this new game? And why even bother changing the camera angle at all? In an interview with GameReactor, Sony Santa Monica’s Technical Designer Mihir Sheth and Gameplay Engineering Lead Jeet Shroff explain their decisions to make this dramatic change.

“So one of the things we’re really striving for is to create a very immersive player experience, which is seamless,” they explained. “So we’re going to be exploring may ways we can maintain that very close, but intimate experience for the player, but also very seamless as we transition from cinematics to the gameplay.”

Speaking specifically about how the camera changes gameplay, they explained that having a closer camera angle will change combat by making each encounter seem more personal, and therefore more threatening.

“The close camera gives us opportunities for not only intimate and personal storytelling, but it influences combat in a different way, we’re looking at different avenues of how we can use both the camera, but also the combat experience molded around it.”

The close up camera angle also changes how the game approaches spectacle- after all, the old approach of having a fixed camera and giant setpieces will no longer work in this new game.

“I think with the new perspective that we have, we get a lot of opportunity, and that’s a fun challenge for us as a studio. And one of the challenges for us as a studio is, how can we make even one enemy seem threatening and bigger than ever before? And that’s the way we approached the troll. And I think when we do that, we find new things, we find that having it close, you really feel as though Kratos is in danger. And so, when we approach spectacle and approach cinematics, we’re going to be seeing them in a moment we haven’t seen them before.”

As for me, I am sold. I want this new God of War game to be different than any previous game in the series, because I think that the old formula was worn out and tired at this point, with no substance or ability to surprise. The new game looks like a breath of fresh air- which is, in the end, just what the doctor ordered for God of War.

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  • YuriFan

    That’s rather dumb. The camera was fixed so we could get a good view of the combat.
    Zooming it into over the shoulder just makes combat that much annoying. How am I supposed to respond to an enemy behind my back like in past games?
    When you zoom in the camera that close in an hack an slash action game you’re going to have to be constantly stopping input commands in order to move the camera.

    This will only be good for 1 on 1 battles. Which is what was basically shown in the trailer before which is a huge downgrade from past games.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    Not my opinion…

    I think there was a great opportunity to have a new god of war game that would use all the power of the ps4. We would have a game 4-5 times bigger, longer, with amazing graphics. Des would finally be able to make some crazy things in the game.
    And what was so amazing about gow games was that special angle, that we all love, that allowed for some incredible encounters, like poseidon and Gaia, at the beginning of gow 3.

    Sure, I’m more than happy there is a new gow game coming. With uncharted and mass effect, it is my top 3 games ever. But I’m afraid the new mechanics will be another copy of tomb raider, with a gears of war cover system, and other stuff grabbed here and there.
    We will then have a skills tree, weapon upgrades, etc etc. And I won’t be surprised if they implement micro transactions, so we can buy better axes, bows, etc: all AAA games are built around micro transactions, today.

    I’m afraid what made gow games so special… will be gone, with the new game play and angle.

  • I see people complaining the game won’t be the same. Embrace change. Isometric cameras are getting kinda stale. Getting up close and personal can become a lot more interesting. It all boils down to the execution. Much like dungeon crawlers like PoE and D3 would be incredible in third person, but people are afraid to take the leap.


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