Sony Sponsoring PlayStation 4 Tweets, Trending Topics Ahead of Xbox Reveal


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While Microsoft was relatively tight-lipped and reserved both before and after the reveal of the PS4 (discounting the quip about announcing a console without actually showing it), Sony have seemingly declared war on the eve and just before the reveal of the next Xbox.

It started with a video teasing the PlayStation 4’s design. Now, sponsored trending topics on Twitter have appeared with #PS4 trending worldwide on Twitter.
PS4 trending sponsored
In addition, Sony PlayStation Europe has been running the same tweet since yesterday of the PS4 teaser.

The sponsored tweets have reportedly not appeared in every nation, but we imagine that’ll change soon enough. So far, you can’t really fault Sony for trying to garner all the media attention ahead of the reveal of their next generation rival. The question is: Will it be enough?

Stay tuned for Microsoft’s official reveal of the next Xbox, even if the show will only run for an hour.

Source: NeoGAF

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  • SONY

    Good read, we need more stories like this to minimize Microsoft or Xbox trending, so people shall make up their minds and switch to Sony, the King of entertainment. We need more faithful sheeps to join our awesomeness. Your faith and money belongs to Sony. Sony loves attention so much too. Japanese power!

    More negative news for MS please! Thank You.



      Wow you’re such a fanboy! cant wait for M$ to reveal Xbox tonight!! gonna be sooooo EPIC! really excited to see Usher or Justin bieber on stage, and the best game ever 720 exclusive COD!

      M$ gonna rule this gen with TV subscriptions you Sony sheep! who cares about games its all about TV!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, because Microsoft is so dumb that they didn’t know all these years they could have let Rare reboot or make a sequel to any of his following great games: Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Conkers Bad Fur Day, etc.

    • lamebox loser ahahahaha

    • SeXboX 69

      Haiiii anal bee!


    • Hi anal lamebox loser ONE hahahaa

    • YepSonyFanboySoWhat

      Funny thing was.. even without the sponsorship, at the end of the reveal #PS4 was trending.. largely to do with comparisons and people saying which console they prefer so far… But for me.. the Xbox Reveal.. was #yawn… If you don’t live in the US / follow NFL or play HALO / COD.. Xbox don’t want you as a customer… bring on PS4!!


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