Sony Will Be Holding A Recruitment Event For Lionhead Developers on Monday

Microsoft’s loss, Sony’s gain.

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Microsoft may not have found them useful enough to keep them around, but Sony clearly thinks that there is enough talent to be found at Lionhead that could be useful in future game development- Sony Europe will be holding a recruitment event at Guildford this Monday specifically to try and get ex-Lionhead developers and employees on board.

“We’re having a Recruitment Event in Guildford for everyone at Lionhead Studios on Monday, please come along for a drink and a chat. There’ll be people there from all our SCEE studios and if you’d like to a book a time for a chat on the day, please DM for details,” Sony’s PlayStation Jobs Twitter account tweeted.

I have to say, this is pretty great of Sony- they are trying to get people back on their feet as soon as possible, and they are doing a great job at keeping the local games industry thriving. Many would try to look at this move cynically, but in the end, it is hard to deny that judging by the present moment, Sony seems to care about these developers more than Microsoft does.

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  • Alistein

    You’re right many would look at it cynically considering they’ve never offered a hand to any closing studios. It would be great if they can absorb more than half but some how I get the feeling not more than 20 if lucky will be picked. The outcome will determine if this was cynical or not, no need to speculate I do wish the best for Lion Head.

  • heima

    Didn’t Sony fired 50 people from Sony Santa Monica two years ago (and cancelled the new IP they were working on)? Didn’t they shut down SCE Liverpool in 2012?
    As per usual, Sony doing marketing on MS’ mistakes.
    Am I cynical for making a comment about facts that really happened and that put Sony and MS on the same level?
    Disgusting shameless pigs.

    • MrSec84 .

      Sony actually sank $100M into that SSM new IP, but the team involved in making it couldn’t make the game work, so it had to be canceled and that’s why those 50 people were let go.
      Liverpool had been in the red for a while.

      Right now Sony’s studios are expanding, which is a fact if you look at their websites, so it makes sense for Sony to have an event when experienced developers will likely need new jobs.
      The funny thing here is that Microsoft have been acting like Fable Legends was going to release, that development was going well and their studio didn’t even know this was going to happen, that’s just about the worse tactics a business could use.
      Phil Spencer evidently decided to cancel this game, without discussing it with the studio, plus he’s gotten rid of 7 other studios, so 8 in total.
      Lionhead supposedly had another IP in development too, which has also presumably been canceled.

      The biggest pigs here are those people who didn’t even have the decency to tell the studio that their game was canceled before letting the world know and also that they were out of a job.
      That’s truly shameless.

    • Orion Wolf

      If there’s something I’ve learned since the 2013 e3, Sony has a knack for taking advantage of the situation to makes themselves good in the public eye. Making this a public event, makes it quite obvious (imo) that this is nothing more than a PR strategy, and yet people will applaud Sony as if they’re doing this for the sake of the people that have been affected.

      As if that wasn’t enough, sites like GB quickly run to write (sometime just copy + paste) articles about how marvelous Sony is for what they’re doing, but at the same time forgetting that Sony is still a corporation. A corporation, mind you, that had to sell divisions, buildings and ultimately fire many people to bring themselves back from the brink of the impending bankruptcy. Then there’s the question of how many people will they actually hire and how many of those won’t be fired again?

    • heima

      Of course it would have ended like this. Sony has been just marketing, smoke and mirrors for the last 3 years with the PS4. At least some good games are coming in a couple of months.
      Yes, magazines and websites forget that they are corporations, blinded by the stupid console war, aiming to get more and more clicks from the fanboys. I’m just wondering what the guys at Santa Monica and SCE Liverpool are thinking about this move, or the thousand guys that worked at the Bravia and Vaio departments.

    • Terminator

      Well said.

    • Terminator


  • Dotcum22

    Such a evil thing to do trying to to get jobless people a new job… Shame on you Sony!

  • Mr Xrat

    All this spite and bitterness from Xgimps in the wake of another Xbone disaster.

    • Truth™

      Sony looking through the remains so they can fire them three years later like Studio Liverpool, Zipper Interactive, Incog inc, Most of Evolution studios, half of San Diego and the programming team of Uncharted 4. #4ThePlayers™!

  • Starman

    Bottom feeders… scavengers. Showing (exposing themselves) how they always want what Nintendo and MS has …. FACTS !!!!!

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