Sony Will Release PS5 In The Future But Not As A Reaction To Scorpio’s Possible Success

A PS5 is coming, of course- but it will have nothing to do with the Scorpio.

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15 Ways to Enhance Your Experience on PS4 and Xbox One

Yesterday, we reported on Michael Pachter’s assessment that Sony will not release a new bit of hardware to counter the more powerful Xbox Scorpio. At the time, we agreed with what he had to say- we noted that given Sony’s massive lead, as well as the momentum and inertia that they have on their side, they are guaranteed to stay ahead of Xbox no matter what, and their best course of action was to, well, stay the course.

This is something glaringly obvious to everyone and everybody- if the Scorpio is intended to compete against the PS4, it is going up against a system with a four year head start (or around 1 if you count the PS4 Pro), and an install base likely to be north of 65 million by the time the Scorpio does launch. People this generation associate PS4 as the default console- much like the Xbox 360 the generation before that. Even if the Scorpio ends up being more powerful, it is unlikely to unseat the PS4 from the throne that it occupies in the mainstream gamer’s consciousness- precedence for this phenomenon exists with the original Xbox and PS2. The Xbox was far superior in every way, and yet it launched late, by which time the PS2 had already ingrained itself into everyone’s consciousness as the go to console. The Xbox ended up selling a fraction of what the PS2 did.

Throw in PS4 exclusives – highly successful games such as Nioh or critically amazing games like Horizon Zero Dawn and upcoming games like Death Stranding and Gran Turismo Sport, all of which are not available on the Xbox One – and for most people, the choice for a PS4 becomes obvious, especially when considering that Sony is likely to, and will, drop its price in advance of the Scorpio’s introduction. In this case why bother with releasing another new platform- which would be costly for them? A PS5 is definitely going to eventually come, but it is still a few years away, and will have nothing to do with the Scorpio’s success (or otherwise).

This is not to say the Scorpio won’t be successful- I am sure it will see sales spike for Xbox, and it will poach at least some people from PlayStation. But for the larger gaming audience, this generation’s trends are now set in stone, and unlikely to change so far into it. The Scorpio may be a successful venture for Microsoft, but is unlikely to change the direction or trajectory of the PS4’s lead and Sony’s plan for its successor.

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  • Holeybartender

    Bored are we?

  • Edonus

    So you are saying….. dont buy Ps4pro’s because Sony is releasing a new console.


    • Ultima IX

      Newflash: the big 3 console/game devs release consoles/games to play on.
      In other news: grass is green.

    • Rikarudo

      Actually they said, don’t buy anything this year. Or next or ever. A new one will come.


      if hats what you understood from all that, its no surprise you got fooled buying an inferior xbrick.

      Now, go back to pretend how much you were asking for halo wars 2 and how it will keep you entertained for the next 6 months until something else come along.

  • Kensal

    i’d agree if i don’t think this editor was talking nonsense..

  • DevilDogA99

    I’ll never understand why people chose the 360 last generation. Yes it was cheaper but it had the same boring game selection it does now. Yes Ps3 was way over priced but Blueray was the way better option and 360 kept failing having the red ring of death. I guess people finally got burnt out on the same games, realized Xbox live and PSN are almost the same and got completely turned off at that X1 E3 release.

    • kma99

      wo you were turned off by ms 2013 Console reveal but not by sonys 2006 reveal? Wow double standard much?

    • DevilDogA99

      I fail to see how that’s a double standard. Sony made a business decision that ultimately helped the gaming business but cost more initially, while Microsoft wanted to hurt the gamer & reap more profit.

    • kma99

      Lol 600 dollar console helps the gaming business lol. Yeah ok, online pass to play multi player games on the ps3 helps gamers lol ok. Money hatting 3rd party games making them exclusive to one console helps gaming. Yeah thats funny that someone who cant afford multiple consoles have to miss out because of sonys quick thinking just to help the gamer.
      My oh my but poor Microsoft wanting to basically go almost digital to help those rich developer recoop money that they would lose from gamestop reselling their game and developers seeing no profit from this. Oh poor Microsoft hurting gamers by trying to innovative. See how that double standard of yours comes into play

    • Mark

      People don’t get it, smh. Gamers going digital may have saved more than a few better know studios that went under…..

    • kma99

      These sonytarda will never get it unless sony does it first. They can’t have one independent thought.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      i am a PS Fanboy but i deffo do see the reason why so many people chose the Xbox 360 last gen. Not from a hardware place that RROD was garbage and that raccoon cage they called a power brick was unacceptable in my eyes! But the results achieved from online infrastructure.. To bringing us into the HD realm of gaming.. Gears of War 1 was enough to convince everyone that we truly were in next gen gaming…. there were many reasons for it’s popularity..

      Xbox 360 may have eventually lost the gen in terms of sales…. but i always say Microsoft actually won last gen purely because it brought in and cemented Microsoft as a DIRECT Rival to Sony… something seen as IMPOSSIBLE the generation before it.

    • DevilDogA99

      I see your point with the online, they did make that better and set a standard. However the online god was COD, which ran the same on both consoles & HD was made real through Blueray.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      yeah.. and im not talking about games to play online i’m talking about the online infrastructure.. from parties to xbox live marketplace to just about everything to do with how the online was set up and implemented…. And of course Blu-ray gave us full HD more consistently.. but Xbox 360 with their HD DVD’S brought us into HD gaming a year- a year and a half earlier than PlayStation could… with games lioke Halo 3 and Gears of war 1… Which was a very big deal

    • Mark

      Gotta disagree Devil, COD had some bad issues on PS3 bro

    • Joe Cool

      “I’ll never understand”

      No sense trying to explain then.

    • LifeOnMars

      I chose the 360 last gen becase it was first out of the gate and cost only £279. A 3 months later the PS3 was released at £429.when the PS3 received a price drop to £299 about a year later I purchased a 60gb model with ps2 backward compatibility I was on my 3rd 360 by they of which 2 were replaced under warranty. when the 3rd xbox failed I purchased the elite model that I continued to own until I purchased PS4. It would take an outstanding console of good value to convince me to purchase another Xbox. I now own 3 consoles PS4 PS3 & PS4 PRO these will do me fine for the next 3 years until PS5.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Games ran better on the 360. Nuff said

    • Clawson_J

      FFXIII looked like garbage on the 360

    • Jeffrey Highstreet

      Mass effect series, ninja gaiden, gears of war and arcade amongst many other cool ones….forzas and fables ..not to mention every game ran and looked better on 360. OG Xbox was fantastic as well. The 360 also was the first system to use cell shader tech, along those lines the Scorpio may introduce new tech again. If the rumor holds true that they funded AMD’s new chip they once again have exclusive rights to something awesome! There is a reason xbox is a successful brand so take your blinders off or you may just be showing your age.

  • JuneMas

    Didn’t read the entire article as it didn’t state anything other than the obvious in most of what I read. PS5 will have a major advantage of being a true next gen system capable of true 4K across every game while Scorpio & PS4 pro can do some 4k games but must have parity with current consoles from 2013. Microsoft should’ve simply dropped scorpio as next gen and let developers do their thing.

    • Luke Skywalker

      No I don’t think Microsoft should have done that. It doesn’t make any economic or consumer sense to drop the their install base only to start all over again in such a a short time frame as you’re asking. They’re not a new platform, they’re an established part of today’s gaming scene.

    • crazy_black_man-

      They’re install base is dumb enough to expect to be dropped.

    • Mark

      True, s’what I been saying

  • Wei Feng

    xbox boys do the salty over PS4 sales?

    • kma99

      Please speak proper English.

    • Wei Feng

      They never saw I will

    • Aaron blanchard

      Your momma love me long time with sweet sour chicken fri rice. How’s that for salty Bruce Lee.

    • Wei Feng

      They salty HAHA

    • Mark

      The Salty….lmao

    • Luke Skywalker

      I’m wondering if it’s a dance or something…

    • Mark

      Lol. This guy actually had me in tears reading this.

      When the right time comes, I’m gonna tell Mr Xrat or Blacky to do the Salty for me

    • Wei Feng

      Yes ,their tear do the salty cry

  • Dougdec92

    Well going by Daddy Phil’s comments whether Scorpio does well or not…and I hope it does well so through competition , innovation is born…I do think that Sony would have an enough install userbase to keep the Sony game department running, I’ve played great games and some of the best esp on Xbox, halo and ryse…this to pray that it does well so great games will continue to come but this will only be possible if MS takes their exclusive department seriously , creators of ryse, the cancellation of scalebound……and stop that ambiguous comment from insomniac, creator if their cool exclusive sunset overdrive, exclusives fuel a system to sell, it makes it a place to play…the ps2 wasn’t the most powerful game machine but had iconic games, games so cool they even competed with ps3 games.

    • Mark

      Daddy Phil, lol

  • Note5

    There is no such thing as competition.
    PS4 is successful not because it competes but because it does the right things -the good thing for the video gaming, gamers, game makers and the gaming industry.
    Plain and simple.
    And the gamers and game makers responds positively.

    Nintendo and Xbox failed because they are trying to compete with what is they end up doing what is wrong.

    • Luke Skywalker

      What are these “right” and these “good things” that ps4 has done for the video gaming, gamers, game makers and the gaming industry?
      I’m pretty curious to know

    • Note5

      Consoles are “supposed to be be extinct ” by now, right?
      So what happened?

    • Luke Skywalker

      “consoles are supposed to be extinct”? I don’t know where that came from or what you’re trying to prove or say about stating it, but one things for sure it has nothing to do with your original comment or my reply to you.

      Above you’d stated: “PS4 is successful not because it competes but because it does the right things -the good thing for the video gaming, gamers, game makers and the gaming industry.
      Plain and simple”

      so i’m asking you: What are these “right” and these “good things” that ps4 has done for the video gaming, gamers, game makers and the gaming industry?

      or it’s that you were just being a fanboy who spouts nonsense with no real facts for back up?

    • Note5

      Mobile gaming was predicted to “kill” console gaming but instead mobile gamers flocked to PS4 thus catapulting PS4 to record breaking success not even Sony expected. How about that?
      But the caveat is why only PS4 and not the Wii U and the Xbox One?

    • Luke Skywalker

      What are you talking about??
      If you really believed that then I have no words for you and even on top of that you still didn’t answer my question about the nonsense that you spout above.

      Mobile devices are companion gaming devices, companion in the sense that those who game on consoles or PC also game on mobile devices, but not necessarily the other way around.
      Keep in mind that there are more mobile gamers than console and PC gamers combined. So if it’s a matter of number of users then mobile takes the cake hands down and it is growing. Anyway, my point is that mobile gamers don’t move from mobile to console or PC because they play on both. Mobile is a companion device that users play mostly when they’re away from their main gaming devices, it is not a replacement. Therefore mobile gamers wouldn’t “flock” to a specific console because of some asinine reason that you’ve alluded to.

    • Note5

      Did I gave you the answers?
      Yeah the thing is I did not believe the doom and gloom these so called industry analysts and developers predicted.
      So relax and enjoy the PS4 phenomenon. Its better to just appreciate it than be understood. It’s a win win situation.

    • Aaron blanchard

      Wow…….. your words are so wise. Too bad no one ever listens to you. Hey… buy a Xbox with Kinect. It might listen to you once in awhile!!!

    • Note5

      Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Tomaterrrx

      Lol that is just wrong on so many levels.

  • Hvd

    it all depends how long xbox scorpio is dominating wont get destroyed for to long my guess is 2 more years until the ps5 is launched.ill say 2018 or 2019 the really messed up launching the ps4 pro.

    here is why xbox will always one uo sony every time lauching the pro FIRST it allowed xbox to always be able to release a more powerful console right after sony.take the ps5 and xbox 2 for example.
    the ps5 will launcch in 2019 then xbox will always have the option to launch a more powerful console after.

    like i said the pro really hurt sony for that rreason alone.

    • Aaron blanchard

      You know I never say this usually on these sites but…….. I have to agree. The launch of Pro was mediocre to say the least and though I was intrigued at the whole 4K gaming experience, I’ve read many reviews that have downplayed the Pro. Checkerboard technique and no exclusive Pro games at launch. Better grass, better lighting in Tomb Raider but overall a disaster. Even VR talk is over in gaming forums and haven’t seen a commercial in weeks. But, I still want one if the price is substantially lowered.


      The announcement of the pro was a disaster, but the system itself its very good aaannnd, if a system solds out, then the launch is a success (as it happened with the pro).

    • Hvd

      i agree.the price will be around %350 when scoprip launches but if you wait any longer mite as well wait for the ps5…lol

    • LifeOnMars

      Just like Xbones waiting four years to have a machine more powerful than the original SP4.

    • Hvd


    • LifeOnMars

      Sounds like the truth hurts .

    • Aenea

      People are now called idiots for stating the truth?

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      The scorpio will not dominate Sony past the first 2 months and maaaaaaaaaaaaybe the third… things will go back to ‘normal’ once that’s done… it’s not the console people are after its the god damn games…

      Microsoft need to ENSURE the console is well priced.. because people wont buy it otherwise and give them a reason to purchase one.. aka the games… its as simple as that..

      Sony will more than likely be releasing the PS5 sometime between 2018-2020 that is indeed true.. but that by no means means that PS5 will be behind at alll!

    • Hvd

      so the console that will do real true native 4k and 1080/60fps which the ps4 pro cant do wont dominate sony???…if you say so…lmaothe ps5 between 2018-2020 i already said that every one know that.guess what then the xbox two wil lrelease a year later like the scorpio did now and be more powerfull then the ps5…lmao

      like i said sony messed up so xbox can always release a more powerful console after and destroy

    • Aenea

      A console which will do native 4k and 1080p@60fps will indeed sell like hotcakes, but it won’t be here until 2019 when the next gen starts…

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      are you that dense..? Doesn’t PC already do those things and does THAT dominate Sony lool..!? oh please! If there is no games people will not be bothered with the system past the initial hype.

      Are you also forgetting that Xbox chiefs are telling developers to use checkerboard rendering technique so no there will not be a ALL native 4k experience lool…

      The Xbox ‘two’ will NOT release a year later after the Scorpio and if that did happen Microsoft would officially have to leave the console hardware business.. you clearly dont know how business works…. But it’s ok you can feel better in your insecure little world.

    • Hvd

      you are an idiot “doesnt pc already do that?”…lol…go home any one with a brain knows it takes a $4000 pc to do 4k/60fps.

      go away pony.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      did i said for the same price..? and secondly when people talk about why the Pro and Scorpio are unnecessary just straight up bring up the PC..?

      You sound SOO desperate lool… it’s actually pathetic


      Except sony has had the advantage of a more powerful console for 4 years in a row, with scorpio and whatever comes next MS can only have two years of that advantage, and that advantage alone wont lead to scorpio “destroying” the ps4.

      BUT! the main advantage Sony has is the games, the PS exclusives have been and will continue to own the MS exclusives, no matter who has more power.

  • maxinthefax

    yes take your time baby release at your own accord, no rush at all.

  • Mr Xrat

    Of course there’ll be another PS5, no matter what Xgimps convince themselves.

    I think they’ll be sticking to a six-year gen plan, meaning Xgimps have two years of their sparse rendering to get hard over before they’re left with their backsides in the breeze again.

    The games argument will stay the same: none on the Xbone.

  • heavenshitman1

    What happens when PS5 releases? Assuming it even back compats with PS4 games, games built for PS5 will have to be designated as PS5 software?
    In which case they’re put in the position of having to shovel their entire PS4 user base onward anyways (in order to make their next machine a success)

    • Luke Skywalker

      To how it seems ps4 gamers don’t want backwards compatibility so it won’t be a problem for them, they’ll just keep their old console and use both….according to the majority on neogaf and some other comment sections and message boards



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  • Luke Skywalker

    I’m sure after ps5 is released we’ll see the articles: “Microsoft to release Xbox Next in reaction to Sony’s ps5”

    While the truth is these consoles are all a reaction to each other in an attempt to upstage the other…..except for Nintendo, Nintendo is just playing its own game who is not looking to be the sole console owned but the additional console owned.

    We know that Sony looked at what Microsoft did with the 360 which the ps4 pretty much used the 360’s play book page by page. Microsoft tried to go a different direction with the Xbox one which didn’t work as they intended. Bottom line is that each company reacts to each other and that’s not a bad thing, it’s the nature of competition and how you try to make the next iteration of your product successful.

    • Mark

      Yup. It’s like McD’s and Burger King, they both sell the same product, just different sauce. But I do feel that Microsoft took a bigger risk than Sony to try and emphasize online more….I would’ve loved to share my games with up to 10 friends digitally man

  • parallaxscroll

    The absolute earliest PS5 could arrive is fall 2019. More likely is fall 2020.

    The main things that will separate PS5 from Scorpio (besides a much more powerful GPU) will certainly be a new CPU based on Zen architecture,
    and High Bandwidth Memory (probably HBM2 or derivative of it). Also, developers will able to target whatever spec PS5 has without having to worry about its games needing to run on base PS4 or even PS4 Pro. Even Scorpio games have to run on original Xbox One, and obviously PS4 Pro won’t have any exclusive games that aren’t on the base PS4.

    The PS5 will be the start of a new generation, and, there’s little doubt Microsoft will have another Xbox beyond Scorpio that matches PS5, more or less. The question then is, if PS5 launches in 2020, will Microsoft launch the next Xbox at the same time (3 years after Scorpio) or give Scorpio 4 years (from 2017) and not have the next Xbox until 2021, around a year after PS5 is most expected to hit the market. We could see a staggered release of new consoles every few years now.

    PS4 Pro: 2016
    Xbox Scorpio: 2017
    PS5: 2019 or 2020
    Next Xbox: 2020 or 2021.

    • Mark

      If I can, I’ma buy em all!

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