Spencer: ‘Summer Is One Big Show’, Talks Xbox 360 Support and ‘Try Before You Buy’ Offers

Xbox boss talks about Microsoft’s upcoming plans.

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Phil Spencer is a man of many responsibilities ever since he took over as head honcho for the Xbox division at Microsoft. Things have turned around significantly for Microsoft’s Xbox One since then, though it still lags behind the PS4 in sales. With E3 2015 coming up in the next few months, how are plans coming along for the convention?

Spencer revealed on Twitter that as of now, “Planning is going well. And with E3 one week later than norm and Gamescom one week earlier feels like summer is one big show.”

As for updates on the Xbox 360 for when Windows 10 rolls around, Spencer revealed that the company is working on keeping the previous gen console in sync with the Xbox One. “We’ll work to keep the Xbox Live community together. Some things are different on 360 but goal is to keep in sync.”

Finally, if you enjoyed this past weekend’s “Try Before You Buy” offer with Sunset Overdrive, then you’ll be happy to hear that more such offers are being considered. “I think you’ll likely see this with other games. EA Access is this kind of program.”

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s current outlook? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Starman

    GREAT !!!!!!

  • TheAdjustmentBureau

    He’s right summer is one big show. Sadly not a lot of games come out during the summer which confuses me. If they would target summer teenagers with jobs or have nothing to do would definitely buy more games. Even with adults too, FF14 and many other games have gotten me through the summer. TLOU came out in June 2013 and that kept me occupied. Phil Spencer, you’re doing a great job.

    • jb227

      I totally agree. Summer is a good time for blockbusters at the movies, why couldn’t the same be true w/ games? I think we’re a bit beyond the “go outside” stigma attached to games when many people binge watch whole seasons of shows for hours straight. TLOU was a great example of a game that came out during the Summer and pretty much had all conversation to itself, and Arkham Knight should continue that trend this summer. I think it’s just a matter of time before more companies start realizing the advantages in releasing titles in the summer. Shows like E3 make people thirsty for games, there need to be more new titles available to quench that. Gaming has been geared towards accommodating to children (games during the holidays as christmas gifts, no games in the summer when kids are outside playing) for a bit too long. The market has grown both in numbers & age and its high time publishers take advantage of that.

    • TheAdjustmentBureau


    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Because for better or worse going to a movie is still going out. Staying in to play videogames is an anti-nice weather activity. Not that anyone is trying to push gamers outdoors, just that generally people spend more time out in the summer months so (I imagine) developers don’t look at those months as lucrative

    • Mark

      I used to wonder the same…..makes sense

  • Psionicinversion

    xbox 1 is going to crap on a great highet 😀


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