Square Enix Thought Consoles Were Dying Prior to the Xbox One, PS4

The industry in general got this trope quite wrong.

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A few years ago, the belief that console game was on its last legs was so strong that a number of gaming companies believed they had to change their approach to production in order to stay alive. When the iPad hit it big, there were quite a few people in the industry who believed gaming was going to make a huge move towards the mobile and online platforms and leave consoles behind. While Microsoft and Sony believed the Xbox One and PS4 could reinvigorate console gaming, Square Enix reportedly believed the opposite.

Crave Online reports that online video game critic Jim Sterling is claiming Square Enix was so concerned about the future of video gaming that they cancelled a number of games that were in development and badly meddled with other titles. Sterling said his sources have pointed to the remake for Final Fantasy VII and the newest Hitman as the proof of the company going into a full on panic. Hitman was going to be an online only game, which is why it has been divided into installments. This is also likely why the company has had so many problems getting the game to market once it realized the PS4 and Xbox One sales were plenty healthy.

The lack of confidence in consoles might also be why Square has been hemming and hawing when it comes to Final Fantasy games. To be fair, Square Enix isn’t the only company that thought console gaming was on its last legs, but it is a company that might be front and center when it comes to gambling hard against consoles and being very, very wrong.

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  • justerthought

    Square Enix make so many poor decisions out of greed, they are a danger to themselves and the console game industry. Gamers beware. I hope they go bust and hand over to somebody who can do a better job at serving the customers.

    Let’s see some examples:

    1 – They cancelled games because they thought the consoles were dead? We were just in hibernation waiting for better kit. We now have better kit and you have no games.

    2 – They took a corrupt bribe from MS to stab loyal Tomb Raider fans in the back to deny PS4 gamers. Unforgivable. We will have our revenge when it releases by delaying our purchase until the price drops. You made us wait so we will wait.

    3 – They wanted to make Just Cause 3 multiplayer only. Oh wow so little understanding why that game is so great, you have got to go, NOW.

    • bardock5151

      “2 – They took a corrupt bribe from MS to stab loyal Tomb Raider fans in the back” What a stupid thing to say lol.

      1- It’s just business, don’t play like Microsoft is the first or only company to buy exclusivity in any form.

      2- You’re an overly emotional self entitled little boy. Nobody was “stabbed in the back”, and your “revenge” if it even had a remote chance of having any effect, would justify another exclusivity contract.

      Cheers though, your tantrum was good for a chuckle.

    • theduckofdeath

      I guess he is at odds with Yu Suzuki for Shemmue and Capcom over SFV, too. LOL. Of course he isn’t…

      Sony did this (#2) throughout the entire PS2 era. They still do it when they can, as they are in the business of winning and making money. At least most of these “console exclusives” are also available on the PC.

    • Rosa Ballard

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  • den12333

    Just shows that all these executives live in there own little bubbles just looking at numbers all day.


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