Star Citizen is Essentially “Virtual Reality in a Sci-Fi Universe”

Chris Roberts expects it to attract a “pretty big and diverse audience”.

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star citizen

Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen has reached exponential levels of success since it entered into the crowd-funding realm. It’s close $73 million overall but creator Chris Roberts believes that he far more potential beyond space sim fans.

In conversation with Games Industry International, Roberts said, “I don’t think we’re close to the addressable market, just based on the numbers that used to play my old games. We’re getting up there, but we’re not there. Also, the marketplace has increased a huge amount since then and there’s a huge amount of game players out there who won’t back a game until it’s done.

Star Citizen is expected to attract “pretty big and diverse audience” according to Roberts. “I think we’re probably only scratching the surface of the potential here.

“We’ve started to call it a first-person universe because you can fly around in space, but you also walk around on foot in full first-person fidelity equivalent to any AAA title out there.

“You can shoot people, but you can also trade with people. There are all these different things you can do, so it’s essentially a virtual reality we’re building in this future sci-fi universe.”

Star Citizen will see the release of the first season of its single-player campaign, Squadron 42, this Fall and a full commercial release next year. What are your thoughts on it thus far? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Psionicinversion

    It owns thats my thought… many people say the nemesis system in shadow of mordor is truely next gen as actions happen whether your around or not well Star Citizen is taking that to the next level. Theres a universe server thats simulating all this stuff whether your around or not, for example if theres an AI trader hauling cargo to somewhere and hes intercepted by pirates, if your flying through that section of space at that time theres a chance youll drop out of quantum travel and see this happening for yourself now you can help out the trader by killing the pirates, do nothing and let the pirates kill him OR kill the pirates and steal the ship/cargo hahaha or blow up the trader and then kill the pirates hahah much gameplay to be had. Or you can kill the pirates disable the traders ship then EVA over and break into his ship kill him and take the cargo

    Lots to do.


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