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Iwata: NX Will Not Be A Continuation of Either 3DS Or Wii U

'Expanding on existing hardware is dull.'

A Fish Is Playing Pokemon On Twitch

Has science gone too far?

The internet makes history, as 70,000+ players play Pokemon Red all at once

70,000 simultaneous participants and growing.

PS3, Xbox 360 and Gameboy in an awesome Steampunk case mod

Reddit users can do some nice things.

Pac-Man Arriving on 3DS Virtual Console

[HTML1] This week the Gameboy version of Pac-Man will be chasing ghosts and gobbling fruit all the way to t... Read More

Five Reasons The 3DS Will Not Fail

The Nintendo 3DS finds itself in a bit of trouble. It's launch was horribly botched, with little to no marke... Read More

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