The Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2: Bethesda Should Consider Adding New Weapon Types

It’s about time Bethesda did something about their ailing combat system.

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Now that Fallout 4 is out, we can focus our thoughts on the upcoming Elder Scrolls game, and speculate about its nature. In 2006, Oblivion was far ahead of its time, and its nuance and depth was reflected in 2008’s Fallout 3; 2011’s Skyrim wasn’t as prescient as those two games had been, but it managed to strike the perfect balance between depth and accessibility, while also seeming fresh. However, last year’s Fallout 4 felt like a last gen game released without much effort on current gen consoles.

A lot of that has to do with Bethesda’s refusal to actually change what they probably believe is a winning formula, and to stick to repackaging the same base game over and over. This means that a lot of their common problems persist across their different games- such as combat.

Take the combat in The Elder Scrolls- it has always been terrible, but as Bethesda moved away from the old, stat driven nature of their previous titles to a more real time, action oriented approach, its shortcomings became glaring flaws, best exemplified by the vast gulf in combat quality between 2011’s Skyrim, and Dark Souls, which launched the same year.

Combat is definitely something Bethesda needs to look at fixing- but how do they go about that?

One way to do so might be to simply add more weapon types into the game. Now, I am hardly the person to suggest that more loot be added to a Bethesda game, which usually already suffer from pointless loot bloat, but in this case, I’m not asking them to add greatsword variant #423 or axe variant #71- I’m asking them to add legitimately new, imaginative weapons, that play far differently from one another.

Consider Bloodborne- From Software’s PS4 exclusive launched about a year ago, and the thing that set it apart from From’s previous games was its weapons, which were imaginative, and which functionally played unlike anything else on the market. I’m not asking Bethesda to copy Bloodborne’s trick weapons wholesale- but maybe look to them for inspiration?

Having weapons like that would probably add more nuance and depth to the combat of the upcoming Elder Scrolls game simply by definition.

It’s just something they should consider.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of The Elder Scrolls. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into the next The Elder Scrolls game, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • Johnrogus

    Stop calling it skyrim 2. It’s not going to be that. They didn’t have morrowind 2 or oblivion 2 so why would they call it skyrim 2? Also, if you want the game to be more like bloodborne and dark souls then Go play dark souls and bloodborne and let the people who love Bethesda games play them the way they are meant to be played. I honestly think the combat is just fine, it’s not the most important part of the game so they didn’t spend as much time making it. But bloodborne and dark souls are all combat so obviously it’s going to be better combat… Two different games are two different games for a reason.

    • Robyn Stoner

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  • Damon Tarklin

    I hope Bethesda doesn’t copy anything from Bloodborne. It’s good to have variety sometimes.

  • kayray

    You mean Elder Scrolls 7? Elder Scrolls 6 is Elder Scrolls Online.

    • bardock5151

      No, the next game will be The Elder Scrolls 6. The elder scrolls online is not a part of the main numbered releases.

  • octopussoup

    They need to add real weapon types not trick weapons. Spears, morning stars, ect

    • Devin Lowe

      Simply re-introduce weapon types that were present in past games.

      Spears [and Halberds] were in TESIII: Morrowind. Flails were in TESII: Daggerfall.

      Various throwing weapons, such as knives, darts, and shuriken were present in TESIII: Morrowind.

      Staves (not the Magic kind) were in TESIII: Morrowind.

      Crossbows were recently re-introduced in TESV: Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC, but were originally present in TESIII: Morrowind as well.

      So just put those weapons back into the default game for TES VI (6), and we’re all set for weapon varieties.

  • Todd

    Personally, I don’t think the combat system is “broken” in Skyrim at all. I like the way it works and would rather it were left alone. On the other hand, I would like to return to Morrowind’s spell creation system and Oblivion’s lockpicking.

    Oh yeah, another thing, while the next game may well be “The Elder Scrolls VI” (or VII if you count ESO), it definately will NOT be called “Skyrim 2”. Bethesda never uses the same name twice and it’s really annoying to hear you call it that. Just stick to referring to it as “the next Elder Scrolls game.”

    • TrueGamer

      I agree that the combat system isn’t broken, but like anything else, there’s always room for improvement. If anything, I’d call the combat system in any TES game to be on the simplistic side, bordering on dull. It could definitely use some spicing up.

  • Histidine

    It would be great to be able to have favorites for each hand that we could scroll through with RB and LB (something like what we can see in Bioshock with the quick and detailled menus of weapons), so it doesn’t pause the game, every time we want to change weapons 🙂

    • Joso

      That would mean that TES6 would be like Fallout 4. Optimised for console and not as enjoyable on PC. I get that lots of people play on console but Bethsoft shouldn’t make PC player mod their game to fix mistakes like with Fallout 4

    • Histidine

      Since I am not at all a PC player (even though I would love to for the graphics), I don’t understand, why would adding a scroll menu for each hand make the game not as enjoyable on PC ?

    • Joso

      Well we can just have a hotbar with the numbers 1 through 9 but that isn’t really it. It’s stuff like the the melee/grenade button for fo4 are the same button on console and it makes sense there but on PC its the same thing and you can’t change it. It’s very awkward to us. PC gamers will get over it, it is just quality of life stuff but it is still annoying

  • si ciao

    I would hope they focus on the RPG part rather than combat. Interesting story, interesting sidequests and dialogs.

    • Gamergrrl

      I agree. They should definitely add in more customization of quests and story-changing dialog. One game that does this very well is Dragon’s Age Origins. The replay on this game is awesome and I love that you can change relationships with characters or change outcomes based on a choose-your-own type style. The main quests are strong and the development of secondary or sidekick characters is awesome.

  • Devin Lowe

    Another click-bait article, failing hard at being convincing. :3

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