The Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2: What Should Be A Potential Release Date For The Next Entry?

Any earlier than 2018 seems to be rushing at this point.

Posted By | On 22nd, Nov. 2015 Under News


While Bethesda has never actually confirmed that Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2 is in the works, it seems like making one of those games is a bit of a no-brainer, especially since the company doesn’t have a game in that genre specifically made for the PS4 or Xbox One. Of course, the longer we wait to see just what this new game will have in it, the longer it seems we’re going to have to wait in order to get our hands on it at all.

Previously, we’ve talked about the fact that if Bethesda does this game, they need to make sure they do it right. The company took it’s time with Fallout 4 and the result has been an incredibly popular game. The same approach should be taken when it comes to this game. Because we’ve mentioned earlier the game would be well suited to use a brand new engine, it only seems smart that we’re going to have to wait for quite a while for the game.

The 2018 Holiday season appears to be the absolute earliest we should be expecting the next Skyrim or Elder Scrolls. If the company really hasn’t begun production at all, it will need at least that long in order to finish the game and finish it right. If the game comes anytime before that, two things have happened, either the company has been working on it after all, or they’re rushing the game to market.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of The Elder Scrolls. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into the next The Elder Scrolls game, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • Gamer and golfer

    Well, Ill need at least 2 years for Fallout 4, so anytime after that works for me.

  • leanton31

    They really need to up the ante in terms of graphics, because everybody will compare it to The Witcher 3.

  • Riggerto

    When I played Witcher 3 at the back of my mind I was thinking wow they will really need to up their game for Elder Scrolls… but now I am playing Fallout 4 it has reminded me how different an experience a Bethesda game is to other RPGs. So yeah as long as they up the graphics a bit I think they will be ok as long as they retain the Bethesda magic.

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  • Yousmellofignorance

    I guess I’m in the minority here, graphics isn’t top for me. Game Play, Game Play and Game Play. Fallout 4 is amazing game way better then previous. Yes there somethings the done to make it better. But between ES or Sky2, it’s a no Brainer Skyrim2.

  • Tim

    I think they’ll release it in 2017 at the latest. I’d bet they have a small development team already on it.

    And people, it will NOT be called Skyrim 2. It was called that tongue-in-cheek by the Bethesda boss as a joke. It’s title will be The Elder Scrolls 6: [insert place name here]. It may take place immediately after the events in Skyrim and work like a sequel, but they’re not going to call it something stupid like Skyrim 2.

  • DarthVulva

    The Elder Scrolls 6: Black Marsh please. Yeah, Skyrim was good, but the setting, story and atmosphere all lacked depth, and there was no real skill involved. Also, stop dumbing down spells and spell crafting!!!

  • PercewariNaan

    Is it just me or do other people want more depth to the combat? Like in Dark Souls (I said LIKE in Dark Souls, so go on about ‘AGH! They are completely games, keep them separate!’) when you have to actually dodge stuff or think tactically about your positioning . I think evasion would be a great addition for the players who like to play as a fast, dexterity based character who favors speed and attack power over armour and survivability, as well as adding in things like using the surrounding to your advantage – things such as having a height advantage or using a pillar to avoid a dragon’s breath attack. Little things like this would add more depth to the game rather than either having your companion tank all of the damage while you sit there casting spells over and over or going into a fight and spamming left click until your enemy falls down dead.

    Also if they added in co-op like Borderlands did with having a maximum of four people and the more people who join, the stronger the enemies get. In co-op, you may also have to think about roles such as healer, tank, mage etc. Except, obviously, it would not be as strict as an MMORPG. (Although that might just be my love for MMORPGs sneaking in there…)

    Having said that, even if the next Elder Scrolls was just like Skyrim with different quest I would still play it to death. Just some ideas to throw into the mix.


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