The Last of Us PS4 vs PS3 Screenshot Comparison Shows Major Graphics Overhaul

We compare the PS4 and PS3 versions of The Last of Us.

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Earlier today a few screenshots from the upcoming The Last of Us Remastered for the PlayStation 4 were leaked by a Korean website. The screenshots were confirmed as legitimate by Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer. When the remastered version was announced, the developers had promised better lighting, textures and an overall improvement in the graphics.

And it seems that Naughty Dog have delivered on that front. If you compare the two screenshots below, you will observe that the PS4 version has better lighting and textures compared to the PS3 version.

The Last of Us Remastered is due later this month for the PlayStation 4. For more on The Last of Us, check out our hub page here or read our review of the game here. In the mean time, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


the last of us ps4


the last of us ps3

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  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    im not seeing it.

    • Yo Mama

      Then you need glasses if you don’t see it. But I think you’re trolling, tbh.

      But anyway, It’s going to be far more noticeable when you see it in action @ 60fps.

    • AA

      The PS3 screenshot used here is 851×474 instead of 1280×720, it’s not the best comparison.

    • Dan

      The game isn’t fast moving. Is 60fps really going to make that much of a difference?

    • AA

      Gameplay is better at 60+ fps no matter what game it is.

    • Guest

      And i dont see what you dont see.

  • Kamille

    come on… The Last of Us on PS3 doesn’t looks that washed out and ugly.

    • askjiir

      Agreed. Plus they used a lower resolution screenshot than the actual resolution in the PS3 game. Gotta wait for something better than this to compare.

  • EmpeRawD

    I see a difference. ..but in no way possible is that a “Major” difference. The Sony pony hypocrisy continues!

    • razrye

      Seriously are you still trolling ps articles? Why are you so insecure? Go get a life.

    • EmpeRawD

      Seriously are you still….wait a minute…who are you again?

    • razrye

      Your father. Now go back in to your xdrone cave.

    • EmpeRawD

      Then you might want to shut your little pony mouth before reenact a scene from the Godfather and Menendez you!

      On a more serious note…why are you angry at me for pointing out the small differences? I think your beef should be with Naughty Dog little pony boy and the creator of this article!

    • razrye

      You are seriously messed up. What’s wrong? One of your daddy’s not love you lol

    • EmpeRawD

      Well one of your daddy’s does not love you because all he has as a reward for you spending $400, is a majority of indie titles!

    • razrye

      Good thing that I enjoy indie titles then.

    • EmpeRawD

      I know.

    • Yo Mama

      Why would you expect it to be a “Major” difference anyway? It’s not like it was built from the ground up on PS4. It is what it is…an HD remaster. Only trolls are saying they expected it to be groundbreakingly different. And like I said above, the big difference will be how it looks at 60 fps, not how it looks in static screenshots.

    • EmpeRawD

      Because the title of the article said so pony boy!!! And a frame rate increase is not major also!!!

    • razrye

      Still better than anything the xbox can do.

    • EmpeRawD

      So then why is Ryse still the best looking game graphically? And don’t respond with the typical Infamous response. It’s old

    • razrye

      Actually saying that ryse is the best looking is very old. Boring game at 15fps and ps2 resolution. Yeah let’s be proud of that lol. At least you’re entertaining.

    • EmpeRawD

      So now 900p is considered to be PS2 resolution? So why did you pathetic pony boys purchase Watchdogs? Like I said…Sony Pony hypocrisy continues

    • razrye

      Lol seriously you are hilarious. Keep it up.

    • EmpeRawD

      I try

    • razrye

      Also infamous is better looking and more fun to play.

    • BelowZer0

      It will be pretty funny if sony does end up buying Crytek the. The first ryse will most likely come to ps4 and it would look better on ps4. Then that old “ryse is the best looking game out” argument will no longer be valid even though it’s not even true.

    • EmpeRawD

      Of course it will…right after the buy Capcom…You’re an idiot! Remember that always

    • Guest

      Freaking xbots. Never quit. You know what else is no “major” difference from each other? The 360s and X1’s graphics.

    • Fay_Z

      just like last of us of on ps3 to ps4 😀

    • Guest

      A ha sucker, i got 32 agrees and you only a measely4. Im right and your bboth wrong and stupid, a ha. And PS4 graphics smoke X1 graphics.

    • EmpeRawD

      Yeah, that’s right…Keep up with the damage control Derp. It’s all your really good for.

      Happy Grazing little pony boy

  • cool but i won’t get it again as i have the ps3 version – unless u really really enjoyed it and must play it again on ps4 🙂

  • benbenkr

    Oh yeah, use 480p on the PS3 screenshot and 1080p on PS4 screenshot, then call it a comparison.

    Stupidity beyond comprehension = Gamingbolt.

    • extermin8or2

      Yeah although the Ps3 version is only 720p anyway (and I think that might actually be unscaled…) so the difference in the images still are fairly close to the actual differences

    • Still a silly error.

    • 480p > 1080p is apparently almost the same difference as 720p > 1080p?

      Oh I love gamingbolt.

  • Guest

    PS3 version actually looks better.

  • derpburp

    Ps4 just looks sharper. Waste of money if you already have played it.

    • extermin8or2

      Unless you want to play it again, want the dlc and enjoy the multiplayer? and want it on your ps4…

  • Fay_Z

    the ps4 is so powerful that it looks last gen,..

  • Synthetic Construct

    Wow the difference is night and day! (If daytime were during an eclipse)

  • tplarkin7

    That is from a pre-rendered cutscene (as is the other “leaked” shot on the web). However, it would be impressive if the developer made them real-time.

  • EmpeRawD

    Oh I’m sorry GamingBolt…did I hurt your whittle pony feelings with my comments? LMAO

  • drakul

    so are there really 10 years of technology difference between those two consoles??

    • PC Elitist

      Its pretty huge right? next gen is finally here

  • PachterStation

    Not forgetting that your TV can make a big difference. The graphics debate, no matter what, TV tech (shall we say) always plays a major part. Between the 2 versions, I bet there’s not much in it. But I think Naughty Dog and Sony have taken the p**s with a Day One Edition, which includes extras.

  • EmpeRawD

    Thou shalt not make any comments that is against anything sony related. Hey Rashid Sayed, did my comments hurt your little feeling? LMAO

  • Guest

    PoS4 looks so last gen. It’s for poor people that can’t afford proper gaming.

  • tehbroham

    looks the same

  • Joel Jazzi Bodden

    ps4 version = Ps3 version with 16AF and Sgssaa


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