The Order 1886 May Have A Sequel, Recent Backlash Not the Reason for Gameplay Focus

Industry insider talks about the development behind Ready At Dawn’s PS4 exclusive and how a sequel may not take a long time to happen.

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The Order 1886

Ready At Dawn Studios’ The Order: 1886 has received a less than stellar critical reception on release, though it seems to be doing well sales-wise. However, amidst all the criticism is the ending which teases a sequel. According to trusted industry insider “shinobi602”, a sequel is possibly on the cards and will focus more on the gameplay systems established.

Speaking on NeoGAF, he talked about Ready At Dawn’s studio status and how development proceeded on The Order: 1886. “They’re about 120-130 employees there. Not exactly small, but not huge either. From the conversations I’ve had, they spent a huge amount of time perfecting the engine for this initial instalment. Time constraints came into play, goals slashed, but that’s not really uncommon in development.

“However, what has me most excited is that the main focus in a possible sequel are the gameplay systems. That’s what was stated to me. The engine is in place and they’re free to put all their efforts into gameplay design. And they want to do this, it isn’t a result of any backlash over The Order’s design, they as a team want that. By no means do they think the game’s perfect as it is.”

Of course, he later clarified that this does not mean that Sony has greenlit the sequel yet, although Ready At Dawn does want to do one according to shinobi602’s comments above. But whenever it happens the wait won’t be too long. “I wasn’t saying that a sequel’s already greenlit, but I can tell you it certainly won’t take 3 years.”

You should take this all with a grain of salt as usual but it’s intriguing to think about what the original vision for The Order: 1886 may have been. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Starman

    This is becoming “pathetic”….

    • jayflow

      What is becoming “pathetic”?

    • TheAdjustmentBureau

      His comments.

    • jayflow


  • d0x360

    God I hope so. The series has so much potential. Despite buying and finding the first game to be insanely boring I’d still buy sequel because the concept is great and I know they could easily fix all my complaints.

    • TheAdjustmentBureau

      yes they fix everything and make the sequel longer, this game will be amazing!!

    • d0x360

      Even if its the same 7ish hour length I’d be the new provided they balance the shooting yo cut scene ratio better. Right now it’s like for every 10 min of shooting there is 10 min of cut scenes.

      Knock that down to 5 min of cutscenes OR keep the long and frequent cut scenes but make more gameplay sections which would then make the game longer as you suggest.

      Also the qte stuff is fine but for the love of god either make them complex and fun or ditch them and also if its an insta fail scenario let us skip the cut scene if we have already seen it

    • TheAdjustmentBureau

      I like your idea! You’d be great working at a game company.

    • d0x360

      I make more money doing what I do now but it would probably be more fun. I interned at a game company about 8 years ago though.

    • TheAdjustmentBureau

      If i knew you outside of the internet id def take your advice and ask for your help when i needed it!!!

    • jacksjus

      I do agree the game did lack a serious challenge, but for some reason I think that was done purposely to keep players interested, because you must endure the cutscenes.

    • cusman

      I think there was only one fight in the whole game where you could fail a quick time and it would just continue differently. They need more of that.

    • d0x360

      Yea failing QuickTime events and having it cause a branch to a different outcome would be nice. What would be even better and something new (for action games) is if a failed QTE could change the path you take in a level, enemies you face and maybe story elements. Have them mean something more than a simple way to interact with a cutscene.

    • cusman

      For what you describe, you should play Quantic Dream games (stand out being Heavy Rain). The upcoming Until Dawn on PS4 will also be going with similar philosophy of no game over screen (i.e. story continues even if you fail, even if your character dies).

      There are others as well. The Life is Strange Episodic game with Episode 1 out has similar, except they let you rewind time on your most recent choice so you can change the outcome.

    • d0x360

      I have no interest in until dawn. I’m not a fan of adventure style games in general and until dawn does a lot of hand holding with all those icons everywhere showing you what to touch. No mystery there.

  • jacksjus

    The ending was definitely unique for a video game, but perfectly in line with the beginning of an epic film trilogy.

    With that being said its best to have the sequel ready in less than two years time. I think Sony owes its gamers the opportunity to play the sequel because the ending definitely left you wanting more.

  • Ryo Shenmue

    When a videogame has to focus “more on gameplay” you really understand that videogames are a dying breed.

    • cusman

      There is more variety and quantity of games available on weekly basis than ever before. Perhaps what is dying is your appreciation of a wider spectrum of video games.

    • Bender Rodriguez


  • Knowles2

    Well it doesn’t make sense to just abandon all of their art assets and their brand spanking new engine just because the studio first original game didn’t get great reviews. An creating a brand new ip is most costly.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    They need to make a sequel otherwise the xbots will have nothing to rage and troll about.

    • Mark

      I think HipHopGamer’s doin that more than anyone else. Haha

  • RunStopGo

    Hmm, sounds cool.

  • wilMaster04

    add a batman arkam city style fighting system
    add upgradeable weapons/crafting system
    add customization to characters
    add co op/multi player
    add side quests

    now you have a game of the year contender

    • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

      The only thing I could agree with is the upgradeable weapons/crafting system. The rest would ruin the experience imho.

    • Patrick S.

      I think they have to add coop the game is basically made for it, you almost always have someone with you and they often split up,.
      I’m not sure about the combat but they should offer a challenge not just one hit kills,.
      If they add side quest they would have to open the world up a bit but they could have you looking for upgrade parts.
      They should add customizable weapons ie electric thermite rifle where the cloud is must e

  • cusman

    I think Ready at Dawn nailed many things with their bold direction and successfully created a new IP that is compelling and easily self identifies and stands apart.

    In sequel aside from continuing with Galahad’s story, exploring the conflict of Izzy toward Galahad, and what will likely be a continuation of the story of how The Order went kaput, I would like to see them improve the gameplay by making the combat encounters non-linear.

    Standing in a safe spot, fighting waves of enemies in a static setting is not as enjoyable as the frantic run and gun you get in Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and Last of Us. They should be looking at the gameplay in those games and not the corridor shooters like Gears of War that have very linear design to the encounters where you end up fighting the waves until you move to next area.

    Keep in mind Gears of War is more linear design, but it had co-op so it made up for the lack of non-linear encounter designs by having that.

    • Mark

      Thanks to u, I now realize that Gears is a “corridor shooter”.

    • cusman

      Most FPS are corridor shooters (Killzone, Resistance, Call of Duty,, etc). Some are sandbox shooters (Far Cry, Battlefield, etc)

      I was trying to think of 3rd Person Shooters that are essentially corridor shooters and Gears is what came to mind. I don’t mean it as an insult. Gears had much grander scale, set pieces, the co-op, tons of things that made it awesome.

      The Order 1886 is very narrow scale corridor shooter compared to Gears, but they are both corridor shooters.

      If you see the gameplay for Uncharted 4 from I think PAX or Gamescon 2014, I think The Order sequel should go more that route than doubling down on set pieces and linear encounter designs (i.e. corridor shooter). The earlier Uncharted games were mostly corridor / set piece shooting gameplay than the kind of open encounter design I personally find more engaging.

    • Mark

      For me, Call of Duty, Killzone, and Gears are linear shooters (non open world or sandbox shooters). Small routes that lead to the same destination. But enough breathing room for many characters n NPCs to battle throughout the entire game. True corridors (like The Order) are much tighter, as u mainly control Gallahad. They’re all linear shooters, but also different in scope, by each game’s required design.

  • Section8

    An industry insider? Wow, great “journalism”? RAD already said in an interview that they are making the order into a franchise. Um, that means sequels and we all know this game was going to get a sequel or 2 even if it didn’t sell huge.

  • kreator

    They have the balls to bring out a sequel? They should be making indie games from now on. It’ll fit right at home on the indie station!

  • Sun2468

    Great game love the cutscene flow into action its all very smooth but im just bummed that it was so short and i wasnt able to fight any vampires and the halfbreed battle was too repetitive, please make a sequel and improve on this amd i wud love to kill lord hasting, maybe with a stake through his heart. The weapons are great but i was excited, thinking that there would have been more variety. I really love the idea of the science fiction weapons but there were only about 4 and it really is disappointing coz tesla is awesome and i thot he would make more. But i hope there will be many many weapons for me to try out. Other than all that. Awesome game, amazing story (shud be a movie, i love whitechapel, penny dreadful genres!!! And it feels a bit steampunk! Awesomee) and i think this game shud win the best graphic awards its crazy. I got my ps4 because i saw the trailer of this game, last year hahaha been a long wait, sad that theres no splitscreen gameplay that i can play with my friends but watching the game is also really fun

  • AnonymousApathetic

    Amazing Game wouldn’t change a thing

  • Matthew

    I sure hope they make a sequel this game was amazing I thought it would be boring but when I got it. It was a really good game the graphics were especially great does anyone know when and if s sequel will be coming out


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