The Witcher 3 Mod Tools Meant for Experienced Modders, PS4 and Xbox One Support Being Looked At

CD Projekt RED discusses plans for mod tools and what they allow modders to do.

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the witcher 3 wild hunt

Along with the upcoming New Game+ DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED is also working to release RedKit 2, it’s modding tools for the game so that players can pretty much create their own content. What is the extent of this content and the power that RedKit 2 holds? GameSpot spoke to CD Projekt RED in an extensive interview about the same, including whether these mods could come to the PS4 and Xbox One (similar to Fallout 4 planning to bring mods to Xbox One in the coming months).

“We are thinking about it but it’s a way more complex process to do this on consoles so we can’t give you any details now. It’s really important for us not to partition The Witcher community and allow access to mods to console gamers, too. We’re considering various approaches to solve this and started initial talks with first-parties about this.

“We can’t make any hard promises yet, but you can be sure that we’re looking into it.”

It’s also been clarified that the modding tools aren’t really an editor. “They’re meant for people who are somewhat experienced with modding software and are designed to make creating mods easier. They give access to game files and allow for easy extracting, compilation, and decompilation of resources.

“With access to script files, players will be able to change nearly every aspect of gameplay mechanics, including creating new, custom skills for character development, adding new features to the game, modifying aspects of enemy AI, making changes to UI, and so on.”

If you’re interested in the modkit, head over here to download it and try it out.

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  • gary

    Bought a playstation couple weeks ago and returned it for refund crappy games period.

    • justerthought

      wow that’s sad. What happened to The Last Of Us remastered? The best game ever made. Every platform has a mix of crap game and great games. It’s up to you to find them. You obviously failed …lol

    • Aku

      Games have crappy periods?

  • justerthought

    If they bring a mod editor to The Witcher 3 for the PS4 to make our own content that will be a game changer. The Far Cry 4 map editor brings huge value to the game, establishing a very loyal fan base and maintaining it. I spent more time in the editor than in the actual game and enjoyed every second.

    When a gamer completes a game, it is shelved and forgotten about, so devs have an uphill climb generating hype when the sequel arrives. Keeping the game alive via a map/mod editor or multiplayer function maintains the fan interest so that the sequel is an easy sell. All I can say is do it because the benefits will be huge, because I’ll buy every Witcher game they throw at me like I do with Far Cry.

  • gary

    In my opinion Zelda was and is the best game ever .

    • Aku

      Cool. Don’t know why you’re saying this on a Witcher news article.


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