This Kinect video will blow you away

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People have been doing some strange things with Kinect and this one will probably will blow your mind. In this video you will see John Boiles controlling characters in Valve’s Source game engine using the Kinect. This requires the use OpenNI to process skeletal data which is sent to Lua scripts running in Garry’s Mod. Check it out below.

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  • shastyxmcnasty

    I think the Kinect has the ability to do some truely amazing things, I just hope they don’t run it into the ground like Nintendo did with the Wii, do we really need 80 games involving the same whip like motion of the wii mote. What kinect needs are some good rail shooters or gladiator games, something to get away from the norm

    • sofabound00

      i actually saw a video of some guy who had hacked the kinect to work on the ps3. funny, but the game he had hacked was killzone. i don’t think he actually does any shooting, but it shouldn’t be long before he improves the tracking and makes that happen. and it also doesnt seem like microsoft is planning on taking any action against him, too. hacker win.

  • that did not blow me away in any sense of the word. all these kinect hacks either have a controller (usually wii) thereby utterly destroying microsofts tagline of “you are the controller”–BS or so slow and laggy that I could in no way see them being an effective tool for use in quick moving games that require precision aiming or movement. in this vid alone the kinect has problems keeping up with him swinging that red tub thing. he goes side to side and the kinect thinks hes spinning around, and at the end the robot doesnt really ever stand back up up due to the lag of it trying to keep up with what it just saw seconds ago. not to mention the complete disconnect of the upper and lower half of the body. yeah….that twirling scientist looks really cool. incase you cant tell im being sarcastic. kinect fail.

    • PrivatePyle

      I would’ve agreed with you a few months back, but after seeing the Minecraft hookup, I was kind of in awe….just a little bit.
      This is all prototype software.
      I’m thinking more retrospect like for computer or even tv use.
      For video games, it doesn’t feel at home with though.

  • doub7

    Kincet is obviously an amazing tech device. Now let’s make sum amazing games that take advantage of said device. Adventures & Sports were good fun but dance central is the only game that really uses the full potential.

  • fhantompain

    Starwars force powers please? I can’t wait to see it coming!!

  • bman128

    Kind of wish developers would take advantage of everything that the Kinect has to offer. Since might be early to make that call though.


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