Tim Sweeney Admits “No Proof of Evil Plan” By Microsoft, Shows Inconsistent Knowledge of UWP

Epic co-founder looking forward to details on UWP’s “planned openness”.

Posted By | On 06th, Mar. 2016 Under News

Tim Sweeney

Earlier this week, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney had some rather harsh things to say about Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform. The harshest of all was when he said that the UWP, “can, should, must, and will die.” It appears that Sweeney believes that the UWP is something that is actually a kind of move against the entire PC gaming industry in particular. He also wants the company to open the platform up for all developers and it’s this comment that seemed to spur Microsoft’s Phil Spencer to action.

The Xbox One chief posted his response on Twitter saying, “Windows has always been an open ecosystem welcoming the contributions of hardware and software partners, and will always continue to be. UWP is a fully open ecosystem, available to every developer, and can be supported by any store. Broad range of tools. We will discuss our next steps with the Universal Windows Platform at //build later this month.”

When Spencer was asked specifically how he felt about the comments Sweeney made, he seemed to be looking to be reconciliatory. He started the response by saying that Tim Sweeney is a friend and “he pushes for what he believes. I agree UWP has to be open and that’s what we are doing.”

However, since then, Sweeney ‘s overall fears and concerns have seemingly been based off of incomplete information. Firstly, Sweeney admitted on a podcast with Polygon that there’s no proof that Microsoft has an evil plan of sorts with UWP. “Microsoft is a black box. I know a lot of people there who are really awesome, smart people who want to do the right thing, but then there are other people there who appear not to be because some of the bad decisions they’re making on Windows 10. There is not proof of an evil plan to do this, but just the fear.”

It was on Twitter where the responses started coming in. When told that Windows 10 has been able to side-load apps since November 2015, Sweeney said, “Yes, am using Windows 10. Will need a couple days to document the win32 vs UWP develop/deploy/install differences in openness.”

Which is kind of weird when you consider his fears about Win32 applications being left out to dry while also stating that he needed time to really analyze the differences between the openness Win32 and UWP.

Furthermore, Sweeney said that he and Microsoft had been speaking privately about UWP for 18 months prior to this…and yet he liked Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s response on the openness of UWP. “I like the sound of this, and look forward to thorough technical details on UWP’s planned openness at //build.”

Something doesn’t quite fit in the midst of all this. What are your thoughts on Sweeney’s views? Let us know in the comments.

Note: GamingBolt’s Oliver VanderVoot also contributed to this article.

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  • kee1haul

    Ugly, ugly, fear mongering, pitchfork carrying, book burning Luddite.

  • Truth™

    PC Gaming always wins, baby.

  • sgt_hammertime

    Sweeny and Gabe must’ve fell from the same tree. Incomplete knowledge yet went public as if he know everything. This has already put a certain perception on the mater. Sweeny = FUD

    • Mark

      Yeah I think it’s ok to have some fear about a developement environment, but the problem is he shoulda read about some of this stuff before blowing things outta proportion without nailing down the specifics to cement his argument..

  • efnet

    Fear mongering at its best .

  • Riggybro

    He got triple teamed by Phil, Aaron and Larry. They went around last night to… “clarify” a few things…

  • Real Warder

    Tim Sweeney? Not got any care for news about him until EPIC stops selling games in the Apple and Android stores…

  • Mr Xrat

    lol congratulations missing the point of what he was saying, GB.

    Looking forward to another embarrassing climbdown from MS’ current state of affairs.

    • Diannecmartin2

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    • Truth™

      Ruggarell your meltdowns over Uncharted 64 this weekend have been even more embarrassing. Really pathetic, tbh fam


    • The truth-ier

      his point was nonsense and based on nothing…there is no real point if its just based on fears.
      And when i look at there quarterly and years gross income…..i think there state of affairs are great. That comment in itself shows how little you know about business…sure there no apple when it comes to making money, but they beat, or get close to what google does every quarter, one of the biggest companies in the world.
      Maybe you should focus on Sony current state of affairs.

    • plop6759

      Translation – I have no games of any worth on my system of choice.

  • HisDivineOrder

    I think it’s pretty clear that Microsoft is unclear. It’s hard to imagine many people having a more inside look at the Microsoft relations with developers and engine makers. Hard to imagine many companies having a more insider view of a notoriously layered and opaque corporate structure.

    And even Tim Sweeney couldn’t decode their meaning or purpose. He wasn’t getting anything from communications to him that assuaged his fears.

    The problem he’s describing has less to do with the individual fear he has about what’s going on and more to do with the greater problem Microsoft has always had: that they do not communicate a clear and concise message in terms anyone–even developers–can understand. More than that, they refuse to produce examples of things they say answer your problems/questions.

    They say games can be sold in UWP format via other stores, but are there any examples of that? No.

    So right now, all we have is their word.

  • People are missing the bloody obvious here.

    “I like the sound of this, I look forward to learn more” doesn’t stand for “Nevermind, lol! I was just guessing! My bad!”.

    He’s essentially challenging them to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they are opening the platform and putting down the foundations to prevent it could be closed in the future.


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