Titanfall 2 Won’t Be Announced For PS4, EA’s Special Announcement At TGA Is Not Mass Effect 4

Keep your expectations under check.

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Earlier this week, EA announced that they will be showing off something special at The Game Awards. This has resulted into a number of rumors with some suggesting that EA will show more of Mass Effect 4 or whatever it’s called. However trusted industry insider, shinobi602 has stated that the announcement won’t be about the next Mass Effect.

So if you have hopes of seeing more about the next Mass Effect, we suggest backing down a bit. On a related note, Respawn Entertainment will have a developer panel at the upcoming PlayStation Experience. This has led to speculation that Respawn will be announcing Titanfall 2. shinobi602 has once again denied reports that Titanfall 2 will be announced or for that matter any game.

However he teased that Respawn may be working on a PS4 game. As usual this information must be taken with a grain of salt but shinobi602 has been correct with his information on numerous occasions, so he may be right again.

Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience.

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  • HalfBlackCanuck

    Strangely I find it more reasonable that Respawn would create something unique for PS4 and keep Titanfall on Xbox/PC. Just a thought, but IF they belive “the power of the cloud” worked to their favor for Titanfall and IF they aren’t confident they could replicate it on PS4 for a sequel, why not create something different on PS4 and utilize that console’s unique attributes (RAM, Shaders, game-sharing/virtual couch, touch-pad

  • corvusmd

    shinobi is retarded…he’s almost always wrong….even a broken clock is right twice a day. If Titanfall 2 is multiplat…great, more people can enjoy it (and finally stop trash-talking it for no reason). However, Respawn did say that at the time TF released that PSN couldn’t support the game…so if TF2 comes to PS4 they will have to upgrade their network…or at least pull so servers they are wasting on PS Now.

    I just find it hilarious though how many people that trash-talk TF daily are all the sudden excited about this rumor.

    • John Doe

      Typical Xbox fanboy who doesn’t know anything about Sony’s or Microsoft’s network. Respawn never said that PSN couldn’t support the game. That is the dumbest LIE that I’ve seen an Xbox fanboy come up with today. You guys are desperate and dumb. Sony can expand and contract their server counts as needed, just like Microsoft. PlayStation Now has nothing to do with Sony’s other servers for PSN.

      PlanetSide 2 comes out on PS4 soon. That game has 1000 player dedicated servers. Titanfall only supports 6 player servers. Proof that you’re wrong.

    • xbox1rules23

      obv psn can handle titanfall. however psn is still at a much lower level compared to xbl

    • John Doe

      Xbox Live goes down more often than PSN. PSN is superior to Xbox Live. No SharePlay, RemotePlay, or backwards compatibility on Xbox Live. FACT

    • Dennis Crosby

      Actually some of your information is false. Titanfall support 12 player servers and the reason Respawn made that statement because how Microsoft has their infrastructure set up its not just your ordinary dedicated servers. They have a officially YouTube channel that can explain it better then I can.( when I find it I send you the channel name) also Planetside 2 will not be the same as PC it will be scaled down to make it perfect for the PS4


    People still buy that garbage that PS4 and PSN couldn’t “handle titanfall”? Lol the PS4 version was already coded before MS bought exclusivity.

    • corvusmd

      ….well if Respawn actually said it, and there is still an article eluding to it on their website….it actually seems much more “tinfoil hat” NOT to believe it.

    • corvusmd

      You do remember that Sony snubbed their nose at TF as well, and that Sony said they were only willing to do a Vita version right? And that TF was only able to be finished due to funding from MS right? Having coding for the game to run on a console IS NOT the same as supporting the game for millions of gamers in real world.

    • GHz

      how about forgetting what armchair devs have t o say about the matter and listen to Respawn instead. TF was a test bed for new tech n features. .

      “Back when we started talking to Microsoft about it, everyone thought it was kind of crazy and a lot of other publishers were terrified of even doing it,” Shiring says. “I’ve heard that since our beta ended, they’ve been pounding down the doors at Microsoft because they’re realizing that it really is a real thing right now.” – Jon Shiring

      “Azure’s remote horsepower is part of what sets Titanfall apart from contemporary first-person shooters.”


      “Respawn: TitanFall ‘couldn’t be made’ without Xbox Cloud”


      Jon Shiring of Respawn Ent. tried his best to inform the public, but as usual, his words are twisted by the gaming media for the sake of clicks, resulting in their readers not getting the truth, and ultimately help to spread their own ver. of the FUD.

      “I personally talked to both Microsoft and Sony and explained that we need to find a way to have potentially hundreds-of-thousands of dedicated servers at a price point that you can’t get right now. Microsoft realized that player-hosted servers are actually holding back online gaming and that this is something that they could help solve, and ran full-speed with this idea.

      The Xbox group came back to us with a way for us to run all of these Titanfall dedicated servers and that lets us push games with more server CPU and higher bandwidth, which lets us have a bigger world, more physics, lots of AI, and potentially a lot more than that!”

      “Microsoft thought about our problem in a bigger way. Developers aren’t going to just want dedicated servers – they’ll have all kinds of features that need a server to do some kind of work to make games better.”


      The implementation of this tech is pretty new. Someone has to test it to gather data. Respawn was one such company. W/e they learned will be perfected. Tech changes all the time, introducing new and better ways to get things done. As consumers we may not recognize, let alone appreciate what these “new” ways are.

      But w/e you can believe what you want to believe.

    • JesterMarcus

      Take what that guy from Respawn says about their game, and then think about what’s actually in the game. How in any way was the cloud necessary?

    • GHz

      Good question! And my point based on my closing statement is that, I’m not going to pretend that I know better than those who have access to that tech. W/e it is they used it for, they thought it was important, and they said that only MS delivered to make it all possible.

      It’s not that that TF cannot be done on PS4, but can it fully implemented on PS4 like how they envisioned it 100%? W/e it was they used the cloud for, can the ps4 handle THAT w/o it? According to Respawn, no. What exactly did Azure provided for them that cannot be done otherwise, read their story. But lets not pretend we know the exact nature of the tech. They might try to explain it to us, but the reality is It may not be visible to us. According to them, their success in implementing it made others in the industry feel confident that it works and changed their way of thinking. Now they have something new in their arsenal when developing games.

    • John Doe

      But you are trying to pretend that you know, you IDIOT.

      You’re trying to twist PR and marketting speak. Sony even stated that they want Titanfall to come to PS4. Why would Sony say this if not enough servers? Use your puny brain. Maybe it will grow.

    • GHz

      Wait a min. We have Respawn explaining themselves. We have linkable, citable quotes by them. They have info on their blog for the world to see, but they must be lying because its not on Sony’s console? And so I’m the idiot for NOT trying to IMAGINE what MUST BE the REAL reason!? Do any of us work @ Respawn or Sony? We can only go by what the creators of the game say. They know what they want. But you’re too emotional and lumpish to get pass the rumors and FUD! Let it go and move on and stop acting like a little b*tch on her period.


      Kind of like your avatar…… Don’t get do but hurt pal. Did you make the game….? No. Did someone piss in your corn flakes about your opinion……? Yes.

      So stop pouting and bring some thing to the table other than your opinions.

      There is nothing in Titanfall that makes me think there is something special going on in the background……nothing.

      If you ask me the frame rate is atrocious and so is the horrible AI, BUT that cloud power really shone through and made a huge difference.

      Again the cloud makes so much of a difference in game. I want to see a million plus people at the same time gaming with their azure servers giving that cloud effect in game all at the same time. Man people really do hold onto whatever they can in order to cope with things in life.

    • GHz

      “So stop pouting and bring some thing to the table other than your opinions.”

      Didn’t make the story up. Everything I mentioned, Respawn said. No reason for me to PRETEND and MAKE BELIEVE what the situation was really about. They explained it all. Done. There is no room for my opinion.

      “There is nothing in Titanfall that makes me think there is something special going on in the background……nothing.”

      Well there you have it. Because you’re the bone fide expert on all things cloud. Next time you see Jon Shiring, let him have it, and school him properly, because you know better. While you at it, let the engineers @ MS in on your findings. They’ll appreciate you telling them, that that their Azure test was a waste of time.

      Thanks the gaming gods for you. We are saved!


      You’re welcome…..

    • CJ

      Damn! Way to go.


      So the cloud allowed them to have subpar AI on the grunts in game and let us not forget about the horrible frame rate of that on the XBOne…..??

      I really do not know/see where these special features are being used and or are necessary for M$ to need their “cloud servers” in order to run TF. It is a joke if you ask me, but that is just my opinion.

    • GHz

      “So the cloud allowed them to have subpar AI on the grunts”

      Design choices will always be up for debate. Last time I checked they were cannon fodder (easy points), werent meant to be that bright, which make perfect sense when the whole game is about battling real pple. Its a very fast paced energetic game. AI isnt just about what the bots are doing, but how bullets and everything else in the game that can kill you behaves. Tons are happening in that game. Have you ever played a game of TF against some really skilled players?

      Frame rate is solid considering how chaotic things get in those matches, and have improved since launch. So have the look and feel of the game. Welcome to the new world where a game can be improved way after its launch. But you don’t want to hear that, because you have an opinion. Well I have an opinion. TF is great game considering the conditions it was built under. Respawn did their thing.


      Yeah chaotic in matches with six on six combat….. That is hilarious. I see more going on in battlefield 4 than what is remotely close in TF. Much more, so where is the power of the cloud coming into play?

      Just a question.

    • GHz

      -______- check your own link above. You solved a piece of that puzzle with it. You really are a bright one aren’t you?

    • GHz

      you mentioned AI, so I schooled you on that. You assumed its only about the bots in there, and with my explanation you now know better. And we’re not even talking about the the fact that you can hop out your titan, and have it fight a good fight on its own while its following you around. Look that up.

      And good find!! Your hard work in finding that link is your 1st step out of ignorance. You just admitted that the cloud, no matter how insignificant you think it is in regards, was used to accomplish something. And like they said in that article you shared, “Titanfall uses the cloud for a variety of game functions.” Thats the 1st thing they said! So on the behalf of all gamers who love citable info from the source, Thank you! So whats that about what I said having no clout!?

      And on that subject of me not having clout. This is not about me. Everything i’ve shared is a citable quote accompanied by a link. Those are NOT my words. So what you’re really saying when you say I have no clout is admitting your belief that Respawn, MS and all those industry folk that got excited from the results of TF, are lying. That’s what your trying to prove right?

      whether you like it or not, TF exist. We can play it now, and there is no other game on the planet like it! And it can only be played on the Xbox & PC. Got nothing to do with whether you like the game or not! Its the 1st of its kind. W/e that means to Respawn, and other industry folk. It dont matter what you or I think. What that game is, matters to them. They are the engineers. Not you! Not me! And yes, Respawn said, MS stepped up and provided the necessary tools to make that game a reality! Deal with it.

    • CJ

      Not to mention the sheer number of bots, and the fact they are also fighting amongt themselves and how funny it is to see them react to the things that are going on around them. That is a lot for the CPU to keep track of alone.

    • Jaedre

      PS4 CAN handle it but PSN cannot and TF is online only.

    • John Doe

      And the dumbest comment award goes to….



      HAHAHAHAHAHA ………. HahahahahahHahahaha

  • DrGhettoblaster

    Whether it’s anything Titanfall related or not, I’m just happy to hear some talented developers are working on a PS4 title 🙂

    • William Montgomery

      And AAA development at that. I have fun with the indie titles on PS4, but I want more meat & potatoes.

  • Jecht_Sin

    I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything substantial. It’ll probably just be exclusive XB1 content for Hardline.

  • DLConspiracy//

    I am wondering if this is that vita game they were talking about originally.

    • Mark

      U could be right on point.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Titanfall 2 most likely be multiplate but its to early to announced but I guessing a new game and possibly rebirth of a old franchise that respawn will do the lead development on MP and Sony will have exclusive content for the PS4

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    Aww PlayStation rejection , no Titans coming in for ps4 your on your own down there lol

    • Barry Harden

      What rejection? It is Respawn and EA that got trounced by doing an exclusive deal on Xbone. EA got less sales since Xbone fell flat on its face with a weaker console and terrible adoption numbers. Right now there are 15 Million PS4 owners compared to only 8 Milliion for Xbone. EA sure regrets that exclusivity deal.

      It’s pretty much safe to say TitanFall 2 WILL come to PS4 unless EA is in the business of throwing money away.

    • Dangerousjo 1985

      By Jan xb1 would have sold 10 million, and I know u would like ppl to believe xb1 is a failure but it’s the most successful ms console yet, now when it comes to the EA access sub ,Sony was the one who turned EA down not EA, and mainly because Sony has their own crappy video game service they want u all to buy..

    • Barry Harden

      10 million by Jan? You mean Jan ’16? ’18? By then PS4 numbers will overwhelm it.
      EA access doesn’t make sense for Sony especially when you already get games from PS+. XBL’s games for gold is pitiful and Micro$oft wasn’t willing to put any more money into giving members good AAA games. This so called “solution” is to provide gamers AAA titles while cleverly migrating gamers into M$’ grand DRM online only plan. The same plan they tried to ram down gamer’s throats back in 2013.


    Funny the people who bashed the game, are now eager to get the second game on their system. Hypocrites.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Stopped reading at “trusted industry insider, shinobi602”.

  • bruce livingston

    Fine by me, first titanfall was an overhyped dud. Good thing I waited to get it on an Oigin sale, lesson learned.

  • Brett Guyer

    I’d like to see EA make a Borderlands or Destiny type game. I never bought Titanfall but it didn’t get a lot of great reviews most people said a sequel that built on the original idea would be more epic.


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