Tomb Raider PC Graphic Options: TressFX is Insanely Heavy

Check out just how AMD’s new graphical technology benchmarks.

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Let it not be said that GPU manufacturers don’t earn their bread and butter. An erstwhile user on NeoGAF has posted a set of pictures for Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider, using AMD’s TressFX technology as a benchmark.

The overall graphical options can be seen below in the first screenshot. This is on a system with 8 GB DDR3 RAM clocked at 1600 MHz with a 2600K at 4.6 GHz and a 2 GB GTX 670 – by no means a slouch in terms of graphical capability.

Now, check out what kind of performance is obtained with TressFX enabled.

A minimum 23.3 frame per second and maximum 39.6 frames per second. This makes for an average frame rate of 31.1 FPS.

Now, see what kind of performance is obtained with TressFX disabled.

A minimum FPS of 38.9 and maximum 60.3 FPS. This makes for an average of 50.5 frames per second – nearly double that of enabling TressFX. Insane. Just insane.

But the amount of detail obtained is indubitably worth it. Check out the Tomb Raider gameplay video below with TressFX enabled and see if you agree.

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  • it’s due to the use of heavy direct compute for tressfx to take effect

  • dg13

    tressfx is a amd feature specifically designed to run at the 7000 series …..i am not surprised that even a 670 has fps lag when its enabled i watched a video of it lagging with 690 , while the 7950 or 7970 gets between 50-60 without any lag when tress fx is enabled…

  • Respen

    I’ve got a 6970 and everything is running like a champ on ultimate. I guess I actually lucked out getting an AMD card for once.

  • Irfan Faiz Nazerollnizam

    Should have used an AMD card.

  • 6870 here, getting a large FPS drop enabling tressfx.


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