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When Nintendo launched the Wii in November of 2006, there were a lot of mixed speculations on whether it was going to be a success. Concerns about porting classic Nintendo titles to a new style of gaming, as well as concerns on if the Wii was going to even function well enough for fun gaming, left fans pondering if it was worth upgrading. Well I think its no surprise now that the Wii was a success and has initiated a ripple effect over the last few years with the surfacing of the Sony Playstation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect. Here are some of the titles that made and continue to make the Wii as popular as it has become.

10. Mario Party 8

Mario Party is just one of those titles that can do no wrong. If you are a fan of Nintendo and have a friendly get together from time to time, Mario Party just kind of works its way into your plans without predetermination. They have been around forever and it goes without saying that they will continue to come out as long as Nintendo is around. Keep on the look out for Mario Party 9 news!

09. Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter is probably one of the best games of its type, which are a sophisticated fighting systems and partial RPG antics. Playing it on the PSP was one thing, but along with a visual upgrade, it is by far the most playable version of a Monster Hunter title to date now that it has been made exclusive to the Wii. It’s the hardcore combat and amazingly epic monsters that make it so great. Let’s not leave out the weapon and armor upgrades as they are what keep a lot of the game fresh and appealing.

08. Donkey Kong Country Returns

I absolutely love classic remakes, especially when they stay true to the roots. Although it has obvious updates and a new feel, there are a lot of aspects that keep it true to its original plat-former style. What makes this a memorable title for the Wii though is definitely its history. Whenever a classic is remade, you can only assume that there is going to be a lot of time put into it, and DKC Returns it’s just a great example of that. It’s a super solid title that every new and old Nintendo fan should own.

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  • I thought Mario Party 8 was the weakest of the bunch. Also, why is there a Mario Galaxy shot for New Super Mario Brothers. And gotta love, Twilight Princess

  • DirectingChaos

    I loved Mario Kart especially using the wheels, brought me right back to the days of playing the original on the SNES. One thing I never expected was playing Mario kart with my 50+ and 60+ parents which is probably one of my favourite gaming moments and will be for years to come.

    • cornbiscuit

      Yo, that is awesome! Haha, back in the day, my dad used to play Starfox with me, but he sucked so bad, never knew how to hold the controller right. Anyways, playing games with family members is pretty awesome…but it always ends in frustration…..

    • DirectingChaos

      I don’t know, myself and my father played Space Invaders Extreme when he was here last in the co-op mode and not only was it a great deal of fun, he actually saved my ass on several occasions… without him we never would have got as far as we did.

      Think it just comes down to finding something that appeals to them but also gives you enjoyment at the same time.

  • berrytastic

    Unforuantely though nintendo’s successes are based on aging franchises that are continually refreshed – no new ideas or games means the gimmick of the Wii remains such and will coninue to gather dust under my TV

    Not even the missus uses it anymore, favouring the motion abilities of Kinect!

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  • Guys, you mixed up metroid prime 3 with metroid: other M. You’re always making errors like this. do better research. Metroid prime 3 has no love story and got solid reviews.

  • Mario Party 8 is, by far, the worst Mario Party game. Have you even played the game? It sold well because mario’s face is stamped on the cover but if you’ve played (or heck, even read reviews) you would know that the game is as impressive as most of the other shovelware on the wii.

    Also, No Mario Galaxy either? The HIGHEST RATED video game of all time….

    Not much thought was put into this list.

  • Once again, a terrible post.

    Nothing that comes off this site is original.

  • You know what would make the 3DS the best system ever? A new Super Smash Brothers game. Imagine expanding Brawl with more third-party characters, a more in-depth level editor and campaign and 8 player battles.

    A man can dream can’t he? ;_;

    • PrivatePyle

      A man can also demand!
      If Nintendo takes that idea, then I’ll be forced to buy the thing.

  • shastyxmcnasty

    I do not completely agree with this list, How can Mario Galaxy 2 only get an honorable mention. And wheres World of Goo, that game rocks

  • biga21202

    I have to say favorite is no more heroes by far to bad on wii.

  • PrivatePyle

    Surprised at two things.
    1. That Super Smash made it higher than Zelda(not to say that you’re wrong, because SS at number 1 is undeniably the right place for it to be)
    2. No Warioware?
    I probably sound like a dork for bringing it up, but that game was fun as hell. Never saw anything like it before either.

  • doub7

    Good list, althought 2 me Goldeneye should have definitely made it. I neglect my Wii unfotuntely. By the time I play all the 360 & PS3 games i never seem 2 make enuff time 4 it.

  • doub7

    Good list, although 2 me Goldeneye should have definitely made it. I neglect my Wii unfotuntely. By the time I play all the 360 & PS3 games i never seem 2 make enuff time 4 it.

  • tareq salah

    mario galaxy should be on that list. i agree that mario party 8 wasn’t as good as the first 7.

    i have yet to play a single legend of zelda game, any recommendations?

    • shastyxmcnasty

      twilight princess is awesome

  • jbg0623

    Smash brothers was pretty memorable, they even included snake in this one.


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