5 Years of Xbox 360, Here Are Top 25 Xbox 360 Games Of All Time

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Five years ago, Microsoft released the Xbox 360- a system which might have a lot of faults of its own, but is widely recognized as a great system with some really cool features. But a system’s games make it what it is. The Xbox 360 is what it is because of its library- it’s brilliant, amazing library. While Xbox 360 does not heavily rely on exclusives, it has seen some great releases throughout its lifespan of five years. Here, in this article, we will list out twenty-five of the best game that have graced the Xbox 360’s catalog in the past 5 years.

Before we being, please note that, the games have not been listed according to any specific rank or order. There are just the Top 25 Xbox 360 games, though they have not been ranked or numbered. The games that will be listed below have been listed in no particular order at all.

Project Gotham Racing 3 (November 2005)

Project Gotham Racing, as a series, has come a far way, and has delivered some great games, PGR3 being the best of all. Featuring a very life-like gameplay engine and some very fun gameplay that kept us hooked for several hours at end, and a graphical engine that showcased the Xbox 360’s prowess in its very first year, Project Gotham Racing immediately became a fan favourite, and will remain that way for a long time to come.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (November 2005)

Holding the record for being the most downloaded game on Xbox Live, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, is obviously loved by one and all. While nothing more than just an upgraded version of the Geometry Wars mini-game we saw on the Xbox in Project Gotham Racing 2, Retro Evolved has still amounted to countless hours of gameplay, and has kept gamers hooked almost all throughout the globe for many, many hours. In fact, I actually know some people who bought an Xbox 360 just to play Retro Evolved- I don’t know if that even makes sense.

LIMBO (June 2010)

Limbo is one hell of a game, we all know that. Probably this year’s best Xbox Live release, Limbo, with its eerie atmospheric world that sucks you right in from the very beginning, a graphical style that will be remember and mimicked for many years to come and a truly involving theme, has been proclaimed by many as the Xbox 360’s one of best games ever, and probably even the best release this year. Even if it does not beat other titles on the Xbox 360 this year, it still is one of the best titles on the platform.

Braid (August 2008)

Braid is, in quite simple words, a beautiful game, one that literally leaves our jaws hanging in sheer wonderment and awe. Braid is that kind of game that stays with you long after you’ve finished it, and influences the way you look at games- not as games, rather as pieces of art that are tailored to showcase what all video games, as an interactive medium, are capable of. Braid deserves all the hype and success it ever got, and then some- actually, much- more.

Shadow Complex (August 2009)

Here it is- the best Xbox Live game one can ever come across. Developed by Epic Games, the spectacular developers of the Gears of War series, Shadow Complex can hardly be classified as an “arcade” game. Mixing elements from many successful shooters and side-scrollers, Shadow Complex has often been cited as the Contra of XBL, and for good reason. Shadow Complex is, in all but name, a Contra game- relentless, fun, action-packed gameplay that will always keep you on your toes. If anyone has an Xbox Live account, and most people do, they’d definitely not want to miss Shadow Complex.

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  • I agree with quite a lot of these.
    Oblivion is definately hands-down the best game I’ve ever played.
    Bully comes close.
    Alan Wake was also awesome.
    So was Mass Effect 1 though as of yet I’ve really not gotten into Mass Effect 2.
    Fable 2 really deserved to be on here though it isn’t really the most memorable title (ive not played fable 3 yet though, maybe that’s better)

    But yeah.. Gears and Halo go without saying.
    Hell, I reckon 360 has got the most critically acclaimed games this generation.
    Gears and Halo will go down in history. Everyone is going to recognise them.
    Killzone and Uncharted? unfortunately I doubt it. the only thing they have going for them is graphics rather than engaging gameplay. In a few years, there will be the next-generation of systems which will have even better graphics. By then who cares what were the best looking games last-gen? You’ll care what were the most fun games last-gen.

    • The funny thing is, that’s coming from the view point of a 360 fanboy.

      I have both consoles (but only Gears of War 1 + 2, Halo Combat, 2 + 3, and fable 1. For the PS3 I have over 13+ games, and I can say switching from Xbox to PS3 was awesome. Now that I mainly play the PS3 and haven’t payed for Online for the 360 for 4+ months, I can say that people who own PS3s will remember those titles you mentioned. Why? Because they OWN a PS3, and they’ve PLAYED those games, unlike you, you hasn’t.

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  • Only because you claim Fortza has dethroned Grand Turishmo… One is a driving sim… One is a fun racer… Tortza vs need for speed yes… Gran tourishmo…NO! you should learn how to drive instead of bashing Grand Tourishmo you Fanboy!

  • ps3customgamer

    what is that halo reach screenshot??

  • Nice list. I agree with most of it except Halo Reach, and having 2 GOW games in there.

  • Jon

    Interesting read but you gotta edit before you post because it completely takes away from it, “The Ornage Box with Hal Life 2: Episode 3″ come on that’s wrong on so many levels. Sorry to bust your balls!

  • Has a ps3 gamer (not fanboy but I prefer it), there’s only one game on this list of mostly sequels and multiplatforms (and shooters) that seems interesting (discounting multiplatforms as I’ve played them). And it’s Limbo. (And maybe Alan wake). So it’s not a enticing list for xbox360…

  • You include GOW 1 and 2 but only L4D 1?
    Halo: Reach is a picture from another Halo game?

  • Jon

    Are you serious? Reach is a fucking piece of shit. The single player is god awful, not to mention the rest of the bullshit gimicks they built into the game to satisfy morons like you

  • You should have given Trials HD the spot you gave Limbo. Limbo looks good and is fun but is obscenely short. Trials is fun right from the start, and if you take the time to ascend skill-wise from noobdom to adequate to elite each track is a new ball game every time. It also has a community that should be a beacon for gaming with an amazing set of track designers from it’s fanbase releasing dlc everyday. If you have room for 2 halo’s, 2 gears and 2 mass effects there’s certainly room for Trials HD.

  • You need to check your spelling and facts on the ‘Ornage Box’ (sic). Pretty sure it didn’t come with episode 3 🙂

  • Shubhankar Parijat

    Hello readers,
    Thanks for reading the list, and thanks a lot for your really helpful feedback!
    We found some of the mistakes you mentioned, and got to fixing them. So now, we have fixed the spelling errors and typos, and the Halo: Reach image, which, in case you people did not notice was a concept art, has been changed.
    Thanks a lot again!

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  • Nice opinions. I didn’t really read your paragraphs but you could double this list as “MICROSOFT’s Most heavily advertised games” list. Because really the titles in here are the commercial laden games that you find posters of and that game stop offers stuff for preordering for. Having 25 also seems like over kill. I would have done best in each catagory of game for the console.

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  • Borderlands should have been on this list.

  • killing bitches is not fuking funny you might think wtf but wat are your top 5 games since all time please fuking reply


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