Trine 2 Dev Caught Surprised When Initial PS4 Build Itself Was Running at 1080p/60FPS

Frozenbyte marketing manager Kai Tuovinen eschews the virtues of the PS4’s power.

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trine 2 complete story
The PS4 and Xbox One are now available for all and sundry to experience – unless you don’t count that the PS4 has yet to launch in Europe. Just about every developer out there has a stake in the next-generation, including Frozenbyte who is releasing Trine 2: Complete Story for the PS4.

GamingBolt had a chance to speak to Frozenbyte marketing manager Kai Tuovinen about the game, including how easy or hard it was to implement a 1080p resolution and 60 FPS frame rate using the PS4. “The PS4 is a very powerful machine and we noticed this right away when we first got our hands on the device. We were very surprised when pretty much the first version of our game running on PS4 was working with 60fps at 1080p. As a result, we also decided to test how the 3D would work and were very happy to see it on a console for the first time, as glorious as ever!”

We also asked if overall development on the PS4 was easier due to its PC-like architecture and what advantages that release would hold over the PC version.

“Developing for the PS4 was very straightforward for us, and the PC-like architecture certainly helps. We had no major hurdles in development and we have been very pleased with the PS4, both in terms of architecture as well as power.

“In terms of advantages over the PC version, I think some people prefer playing their games on a controller as opposed to a keyboard and mouse – and the PS4’s new controller has been a very good fit for Trine 2: Complete Story. The addition of the touch pad has given players the ability to use it in various ways – for example when playing with the Wizard, players can use it to manipulate objects and draw boxes or planks. It works very intuitively and I think adds to the experience.”

Trine 2: Complete Story is available in North America for the PS4, with a European release due on November 29th.

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  • Trim Dose

    Proud owner of a PS4 🙂

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 winss

    • dave

      Looks stunning on PS4!

  • KySky

    I came across the Demo version over the weekend on PSN and downloaded it. Needless to say I bought the game 🙂 It only cost me 9.99 because I used the 10.00 PSN store credit that came with my PS4. It was a win win!

  • zpoccc

    if i hadn’t already bought the ps3 version, i’d have picked this up. i’d love to play the game in 3D but i can’t justify spending another $20 on it.

  • Bristow9091

    Can someone please clarify this for me: It comes with the first game too, right? If so I’ll buy it when I get my PS4 🙂

  • EEKman

    You have to try the 3d with Trine. I always took ‘stunning graphics’ as a stupid marketing term. Not in this case. I sat 2 feet from my 50″ tv, turned on the 3d and…..WOW. I thought i was looking at some alternate cartoon reality. I shook my head in disbelief. I reached out and touched my screen to verify what i was looking at. The colors brought back vivid dreams of flying through childhood fantasies. I had to force back tears and emotions I hadn’t felt in 30 years as they came rushing back, I pulled out my cellphone and made sure my therapist’s number was at the ready, as I would be needing to call very shortly. I hadn’t even started the actual game! I said to my wife, “HONEY COME QUICK YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS WITH ME!”

    She sat down with her bowl of popcorn, grabbed the controller and said “Turn off the 3d it gives med a headache” then, after a few minutes, “Do I have to be the gay wizard? The blocks are too confusing, I hate games that stop you from moving forward. Is this over yet? I want to watch cupcake wars”

    I called my therapist and asked the best way to file for divorce. Buy this.

    • Matt

      Make sure to have your Ophthalmologist on speed dial when your stuck permanently cross-eyed from sitting so close to your TV and using 3D.

  • peterpansyndrome94

    Freakin Ace!

  • dillon shane

    just have to say ps4 1080p@60fps true next gen machine in terms of consoles that is pc will always win in eye candy but like i say £349 for a console which i terms of power a mid range PC great well done for not going cheap with components like Microsoft well done Sony


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