Ubisoft Dev Claims The Division Is Maxing Out PS4, X1 And PC, “Utilizing Every Tiny Little Cycles”

“It’s a matter of pride,” says Ubisoft Massive’s creative director Magnus Jansen.

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Tom Clancy's The Division (8)

There has been much speculation how Tom Clancy’s The Division will perform on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, specially given Ubisoft’s somewhat disappointing “tech” record on modern consoles and gaming PCs. But it seems that the game may actually turn out to be quite a looker on the PC given the plethora of graphics settings the world’s biggest platform supports. But what about the console versions? Will The Division push the hardware to the limit?

“With the SnowDrop Engine, we are able to get the max out of any platform,” Ubisoft Massive’s creative director Magnus Jansen said in an interview with EPNdotTV. “The PC is a super diverse platform, there are so many configurations and so many things you can have. You can have two or three monitors for instance so getting the most out of the platform means we have to support three monitors on the PC. We have to support bigger rendering settings, unlocked frame rate, we have to support multiple GPUs because that is the thing that platform.”

Jansen stressed that it’s “matter of pride” for them to allow every player to make most out of their consoles and PC, and not to under utilize any of them.

“And for us, it’s a matter of pride, to be able to support everyone who invests money and they buy the game and allow them to make most out of their hardware. We are utilizing every tiny little cycles of all the platforms to its maximum That’s the sense of pride about not wasting people’s hardware,” he added.

It will be interesting to see whether The Division actually maxes out the Xbox One given the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt already look quite amazing despite its open world nature. The game comes out in March for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • d0x360

    Ubi soft dev also shown to be moron. Maxing out PC? Which PC? The $499 PC or the $7000 PC? The PC with an apu or the 8 core 5ghz CPU with 32gigs of ddr4 and 4 nvidia titan x’s?

    We maxed it!

    • atrimus

      PC fans be like …

    • Sonia Cornett

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    • Paul

      You can’t max out the consoles, you can get close but that’s about it, as for the PC, without using the new api’s then it’s not possible and even then it’s very unlikely, look at things like the C64 and the Amiga, they can do things on them today that at the time they would of thought impossible, and there is the problem, the hardware of PC’s and consoles are not around long enough to get the best out of them, not with the tools developers use today, in the future, that would be a different story.

    • Cyshox

      “the hardware of PC’s and consoles are not around long enough to get the best out of them”

      It’s not that easy to compare.
      PC Users have different specs and dev’s need to make it run on all systems above a minimum requirement. That’s pretty hard work.
      On Consoles all users share the same specs which makes it MUCH easier to max out their hardware.

      But all in all Tom Clancy’s The Downgrade maxes nothing out, wether X1 nor PS4 and for obvious reasons it can’t max out PCs.

    • Paul

      When they say max, it’s not maxed out, in 20 years time, the PS4 will be able to do games that just can’t be done today and even then it wouldn’t be maxed out, simply put we don’t have the programming tools at this time to max hardware out, games would have to be done in machine code or converted to it and no programmer is going to do that, that would get more performance, probably a lot more.

      The PC is a lot closer to consoles now than it’s ever been and with Vulcan and DirectX 12, we’re getting very close to where the same hardware on the PC as say the PS4 can do about the same work, something just 5 years ago was unthinkable.

  • Riggybro

    “We maxed out the consoles!” = “We maxed out a 1.75 Ghz CPU!”

    • Bezki

      Amazing. Call NASA.

    • Michael Ray

      The CPU is irrelevant and both consoles have more than enough CPU resources. It’s the GPU that is the main contributing factor. Xbox One has a 7790 GPU and the PS4 has a 7870 GPU. A 7870 has nearly double he CUs than a 7790. The Division is a game that will really show the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One. Pretty sure the PS4 version will be at least on par with a mid tier gaming PC.

    • Riggybro

      According to this:


      hmmm maybe not quite mid-tier (a 7790 is lucky to be even minimum game specs these days)

      A CPU is very relevant if it’s only 1.6-1.75 ghz. Maybe not so much if it’s 3ghz+

      IMHO i reckon Uncharted 4 will be the one that will show up PS4s extra grunt (I know it’s not a like for like comparison but it’s something that’s unrestrained by console parity and is built from the ground up etc…)

  • Jim Layhe

    “Maxed out consoles” until the Division 2 comes out (if at all) and then it will be more “maxed out”

    • Cyshox

      Expect annual maxing-out-releases from Ubisoft.

  • Bezki


    Stupid overused and totally useless statement. It never gets old.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    Maxes out PC and consoles ? Really ! Then how come you failed to give us any preformance numbers ? This is more Ubi Hype straight the the hype machine ! This games foing to be another watchdogs I can tell already !


      I sure hope not…. I’ll be searching for some codes online for my PC version so I can try it for free before purchasing…

  • Holeybartender

    One update and your system crashes…jp

  • Ian Henry

    Better be true, Ubisoft. Better be true.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    There you are, criticizing, criticizing. ..

    But when the game is out, websites like ign, gameSpot , polygon, etc etc, who run massive ads campaigns on their website, and CAN’T disappoint ubisoft,
    They will all give it a 9.8/10, even if the game comes with tons of antigamer craap, like micro transactions, online passes, season passes, etc etc,

    And despite all that, and despite all your comments, rants, etc,

    You’re still gonna buy the game and all its content, and you will help Pubis-soft reaching 1 or 1.5 billion $ , in a couple of weeks!

    • Cyshox

      I guess it will be far away from 9.8/10…
      Btw there aren’t pay2win microtransactions, it’s cosmetic stuff only – for now, maybe further patches/dlcs change that. I’ll gonna buy a used copy on day1 after launch – shouldn’t be hard to find one. Ubisoft won’t see my money.

  • Psionicinversion

    its not hard to max out consoles… every single big multiplat maxes out consoles because they never reach max settings

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    When we see what a dev can do, with 440mb of ram, and a lot of talent : uncharted 3 and the last of us, on ps3 ,
    today, in 2016, gamers with dual titans, 8-core cpus and 32gb of ddr4, all running on fast ssd drives,
    Should be playing games with avatar-like visuals, perfect photo realistic textures, real time lighting and shadows, etc etc.

    instead, current PC games are just lazy console ports, that look only slightly better than the console version because of a little less texture compression, higher antialising processing and higher resolution.

    So, anytime a company like ubisoft claims their X or Y game is maxing out the computers with some particular hardware,

    It doesn’t mean the game will look fantastic, with photo realistic visuals and effects. No.
    What it means, is the game engine is poorly coded, with any kind of optimization, that will eat up ram and cpu cycles until there are no resources left.

    Take naughty dog, as an example :

    They start texturing a whole room, lights, etc etc. They use 440mb of ram and 90% of the cpu.
    Then, they optimize de code, assets, over and over, and some time later, that same scene may end up only needing 150mb of ram and 25% of cpu. With the gain, they may use crisper textures, less compression, better antialising, with many more 3d objects, better skin textures, etc.

    Meanwhile, for the same scene, a PC dev will simply throw in all the required textures, shades, and all the necessary assets, inside the game engine, will move some sliders here and there, and there they have, that scene will use 1gb of ram, and a single cpu thread at 4ghz, with 80% usage.
    With no further optimization, that scene will run from ‘high quality- above 60fps’ to ‘average quality-30fps’, depending of the computer.

    That’s why we can grab a recent PC game, play it at extreme settings, compare it with the ps4 version, which is, at least, 10 times less powerful than a current PC rig,

    and beside the resolution bump,
    the PC visuals look ALMOST the same. When they should be looking, at least, 5 times better.

    so, next time a company announces their engine is ‘maxing out’ a ‘supercomputer’, what it really means is ‘their engine is poorly coded and run like crap’.

    • Psionicinversion

      desperation of console fanboys is delicious

    • Hailey

      I think he is dead spot on. It’s the PC fanboys who are desperate to experience superior gaming but they only get slightly better looking/running games.
      That’s why the real master race is the Hybrid gamer. We play absolutely everything we want, regardless of platform, because we own them all.

    • Leeboyopm

      Precisely, play all games but have fun in comments sections like i do.

  • justerthought

    It’s worrying when a dev renowned for pushing hardware too hard, proudly claims they are maxing out PS4, XB1 and PC. All their games on PS3 had horrendous screen tear and AC Unity on PS4 had a dreadful frame rate and unplayable control latency, due to them pushing the hardware way too hard in order to try and impress us with the graphics.

    And how can you max out a PC anyway. There is no generation on PC. It’s an open system with different users are on different spec machines. There is always someone with a monster who can max out all the settings and still have plenty to spare.

    It’s basically a PR sound bite, but with worrying overtones from the past.

  • Leeboyopm

    Plus didn’t they say ps4 and xbox one versions on par with each other in terms of resolution, fps, and PP so is what they mean is they are maxing out the xbox one and leaving the ps4 with room to spare.

    • Psionicinversion

      nope. theyll be on par with each other with detail settings and fps but not resolution

    • Michael Ray

      Ubisoft has not claimed that they will have the same texture/shades and visual elements. They only stated different resolutions. Likely, the PS4 also has more visual elements because it’s hardware (GPU/GDDR5) can handle it. If your comment was so true then that what they would have stated as well. Sony, AMD and NVIDIA are not going to let parity happen just because the Xbox One can’t handle the heat.

    • Michael Ray

      Not the case: Sony and Ubisoft do not need to be at friction and need a harmonizing relationship. Parity cant go on but so long until both Sony, AMD and NVIDIA make a case against Ubisoft and other development companies for downgrading games just because the Xbox One can’t handle their expectations. Development companies either downgrade the resolution massively on the Xbox One to keep the same visual elements as PC/PS4 such as textures/shades or keep the same resolution and sacrifice those elements.

  • SHANE523

    Says the company that released an online only game, RB6, and has massive network and server issues!

  • KashIsKlay

    A port isn’t maxing out anything.

  • Cyshox

    If the glorious Ubisoft dev claims Tom Clancy’s The Downgrade maxes out the PS4 he might should check out some other games like Uncharted 4, GTAV or The Order 1886… or even some PS3 titles like The Last of Us which look better than The Division too.

    • Michael Ray

      Xbox One has a 7790 GPU and the PS4 has a 7870 GPU. A 7870 has nearly double he CUs than a 7790. The Division is a game that will really show the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One. Pretty sure the PS4 version will be at least on par with a mid tier gaming PC. The Order and Infanous Son alone prove that the PS4 can handle it.

      Also, there is probably a reason no recent PS4 gameplay footage has been released and I’m pretty sure it’s because Microsoft paid Ubisoft not to considering Xbox One is getting the first beta release. PS4 is probably rendering enough better results than Xbox One that Microsoft is doing everything they can to cause parity but Ubisoft nor Sony is backing down.

    • Cyshox

      I guess they look pretty similar on PS4/X1, maybe only resolution make a difference. We’ll see in a week when the beta arrived.

      The PS4 isn’t that much better than a X1. Indeed PS4 has a better GPU (1.8tFlops) than the X1 (1.3tFlops) but X1 has a better CPU (1 more core for gaming, 1.75Ghz instead of 1.6Ghz) and cloud computing support (check out Crackdown 3 with it’s amazing global physics).
      X1 has exclusives with amazing graphics as well (forza6 at 1080p60, rise of the tomb raider, the upcoming quantum break, etc).
      All in all it’s mostly just the resultion which makes a difference. Around 30% of multi-platform games have a higher resolution on PS4, the rest is identical. Sometimes X1 patches the resolution to 1080p (e.g. destiny, diablo3). Anyway, it’s pretty hard to actually see the difference between 900p & 1080p.

      At the end both are pretty similar, PS4 just slightly better. I enjoy both. But I really hate the new X1 dashboard…

  • Ty’s Blog

    I really wish developers would stop making these bullshit claims. There is no ‘max’, as it all comes down to the code, and how much you want to optimize it for a set of hardware. This is just marketing, and lazy marketing at that.

  • Iason

    Ubisoft is a troll, pc is stronger than ubisoft. Actually many say “the division” uuuuu looks like another watchdogs.

  • Ryuken13

    Translation: The Division is possibly poorly optimized code. “Wasting hardware”?? Get it to run smoothly on mid range PCs with the option to max it out on high end gaming PCs.


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