Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 Is A Botched Port, EVO May Switch To Xbox 360 Version If It’s Not Patched

Egg on Sony and Capcom’s face.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV was supposed to be the definitive version of the game- it was coming with all DLC included, it was going to be arcade perfect and tournament ready, it would support all fighting sticks and controllers, and it was going to remove the lag that had pervaded past versions of the title, especially the PS3 version.

The game we got, instead, seems to be absolutely broken, and a nightmarishly glitchy product that is so problematic that its status as the version of choice at future fighting game tournaments is coming under jeopardy. The issues with the game include lag, stuttering and other noticeable glitches affecting the experience. Menus suffer from dramatic slowdown, and graphical glitches are leading to inadvertent buffs for some characters, such as Guile’s Sonic Boom being practically invisible, and thus unavoidable.

There are graphical and sound glitches too (you can see the former in the video embedded above), and, hilariously enough, the title screen of the game still asks you to press Start to proceed, despite the fact that the PS4’s controller has no start button.

This sundry list of issues has led to the shoddy port coming under fire at multiple online fighting game enthusiast communities, including Shoryuken, NeoGAF, and Reddit. The outrage has prompted EVO to officially respond with a statement, and they have said that if the PSS4 version of the game is not patched satisfactorily soon, the tournament will revert to using the Xbox 360 version for its matches; other tournaments have already announced the abandonment of the PS4 version.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Gio Corsi of the Third Party Productions team (which was responsible for this port), has officially released a statement too, indicating that they are looking into the glitches.

Yikes. What a mess. For now, stick with the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions, I guess.

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    Is this the xbox one fault too? That seems to be the latest trend today

    • The truth-ier

      yes it is

    • Fweds

      Streetfighter better on Xbox 360 than PS4 should be the headline.

  • Kfal Balli


  • You Are Flat Out Wrong


  • Fweds

    Capcom can keep their Streetfighter games the company is going downhill fast.

    • Mark

      Yeah but Capcom didn’t make this port, and they’ve denounced that idea loudly! Lol. It was Other Ocean or sumthin, a 3rd party studio SCEA used…..

      Although Capcom’s already suffering for making that USF4 deal with Sony for exclusivity. It was lame imo, totally splitting up the userbase for tourneys. Capcom shoulda just footed the bill and made both next gen ports…

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