Uncharted 3 is “the biggest and most epic and jaw dropping game” we’ve worked on- Naughty Dog

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If you though Uncharted 2 was epic, Uncharted 3 will blow you away- or that’s what Naughty Dog believes. Uncharted 3’s lead designer Richard Lemarchand says Naughty Dog’s next game is “the biggest and most epic and jaw dropping game” he’s ever worked on.

When asked in an interview at Clickonline if he believed Uncharted 3 was the best third person action title on the PS3, Lemarchand said: “Well, it’s certainly the biggest and most epic and jaw dropping game I’ve worked on!”

“It’s very flattering when we hear that we’re up there with the best of the best,” he continued when asked how he felt about Uncharted being one of the top rated franchises. “I think that we’ve really done it in part thanks to the co presidents of Naughty Dog – Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra who have developed a culture which lets us do our thing. We’ve a very collaborative, non hierarchical studio. And I think that really brings out the best in all of us.

“I think that our philosophy has been to make the very best game we can each time. We work very hard towards that and we all tried to polish our craft over the years and I guess it’s a nice lesson that when you do that you wind up with great stuff at the end of the day.”

The game’s beta isn’t doing very well for some reason. Remember- if you want to get good at Uncharted 3’s multiplayer, never ever aim.

Uncharted 3 releases on November 1 for the PS3. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  • That Picture looks EPIC.

    • Putri

      Almost every cross platform game looks and runs bteetr on 360.(yes i know most dev for the 360 then ported or are ports from the pc which translates easier to the 360 vs ps3) The cpu is not a powerful but its gpu is modern and far more powerful than the ps3 s. i have a friend with a jailbroken ps3 and we stripped kz2 from 22 gigs to 18 after removing all the hd 5.1 audio and all language files except english. so its still 18 gigs without uncompresssed audio and added language audio and files. so given that 5+ gigs are dedicated to cutscene vids, its still 13+ gigs and why make cutscene vids, most of the 360 games render the cutscenes in realtime.(ex. halo series) Whats the point if the overall game doesnt match up to the cutscenes. as you said just like the pc devlopers make games keeping in mind that it has to fit on a dvd-dl. so they wont throw in as much cg into the in game charcter animation, and less full res textures, the little things that make the few bteetr looking exclusives that took forever to devlope, to fully push the 360 to its full limits it needs a devloper to take a chance on a game thats so big has to be installed on the 360 like so many games on the ps3.VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)


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