Vulkan Can Possibly Make PS4/Xbox One More Powerful by Providing API for Cloud Computing

Khronos Group’s Neil Trevett talks about the graphics API Vulkan.

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All eyes have been on DirectX 12 in the past year or so but another graphics API that’s caused a stir has been Vulkan. Devised by the Khronos Group and debuting at GDC 2015, Vulkan is built from AMD’s Mantle and has been acclaimed for its lower CPU usage and ability to distribute work among a large number of CPU cores.

However, what potential does Vulkan present when used in conjunction with the cloud for hardware like gaming consoles? GamingBolt spoke to Neil Trevett, Vice President Mobile Ecosystem for Nvidia and President of Khronos Group, about the same.

On cloud gaming being the rage on consoles and PCs and whether Khronos was looking to diversify into that area, Trevett said, “PC instances in the cloud need the same cutting edge APIs to drive the GPU as if the application is running games locally. The performance and efficiency of Vulkan is just as important in the cloud as on your PC or console.”

There’s currently a theory, as revealed by Microsoft in the past for the Xbox One, that consoles could be made more powerful by offloading to the cloud. One such instance is the procedural generation of terrain which is a highly complex rendering process for any developer. Would Vulkan be able to help in such a scenario?

Trevett says, “Yes – that is an interesting area for research and innovation. Vulkan can provide the same API for graphics and compute on the local device and the cloud – simplifying sophisticated load balancing of apps between local and remote resources.”

Thoughts on the potential power of Vulkan when used with the cloud for consoles? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Terminator
    • Mark

      I’m reading this, awesome article man thx. Always fun to peek behind the curtain of entertainment.

  • Fweds

    I have it on good authority from EVERY Sony fanboy that

    “Cloud Computing will never work in Any Way”.

    And as we all know there is nothing that the Sony fanboy’s ever say that is not 100 percent true, right ?.

    • Psionicinversion

      watch for the 180 of the fanboys

    • *Also On PC

      Eagerly anticipating John Derp shilling for the cloud now so I can laugh at another 180 he makes.

      Even though Vulkan will do nothing for Sony and most master racers will be anticipating both new API’s. He will still try divide us. You can’t split the master race :^)

    • Psionicinversion

      sony will never adopt vulkan because there ego is to high

    • mm0mm

      Sony can change its course by stating that the cloud computing wasn’t ready when Xbox one an PS4 launched.
      In any case, I just don’t see the Sony’s ability to expand its not-so- market-dominating PSN infrastructure into the cloud ready state. I suppose Microsoft can always offer its cloud infrastructure to Sony or Sony can do some kind of marketing partnership with AWS. I just don’t think Sony has asset or vision to pull off what Microsoft has built at this point.

    • *Also On PC

      Also GNMX is a “Port in” only fork of OGL. You can’t port out of it like Sony claimed and it locks the developers into releasing a PS4 version first if they only use that API instead of DX11/OGL. While if developers use DX 11.3/12 or Vulkan. They can develop then port over to the GNMX wrapper and call it a day. So you have no doubt Sony won’t be happy about it when PC will be the main platform for development once Vulkan and DX12 hit and fiasco’s like Arkham Knight won’t happen any more.

      Sony also have a history of doing things like pushing their own assembler language over known standards like Power PC and x86 simply to prevent other platforms from getting games and making ports extremely costly.

      For those claiming to be fanboys of the PS4. They know jack sh*t about it and Sony’s company practices. Or the fact Sony is basically surviving on the fact Samsung haven’t given Apple a prettier contract for their image sensors yet.

    • Terminator

      He must be running scared.

    • Shiva Narla

      And PS4 has 20Mil dedicated servers one for each console installed right beside their homes, where as XBOX one has just 300K only. Greatness awaits.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Curious where you’re getting this info

    • Shiva Narla

      And XBOX 300K servers are old now. 150K servers need service which is not supported by MS. They have no money. no more servers.

      Next year PS4 will have 50Mil more dedicated servers. PS4 will be 40Mil by next year and there is endless list of games coming out every day and XBOX has nothing. Sony will scale dedicated servers by installing two for one PS4. One on the left and one on the right. Year 2017 one at the back too…Greatness awaits.

      Just kidding…… Cant i troll for some more time? Please……Not getting sleep.

    • Pops

      Yeah doesn’t have nowhere near that many servers.and the servers they do have the are using it for ps pretty sure Microsoft has way more servers

    • Mike

      It was more “The cloud isn’t going to make the xbone more powerful than the PS4” and it hasn’t.

    • Fweds

      I’m sorry I didn’t bother reading your comment due to it being upvoted by “XbotMK1”, which could only mean one thing.

    • XbotMK1

      I’ve never seen Sony fanboys say cloud was impossible or didn’t offer benefits. They said it wasn’t going to make Xbox One games run like PS4 games.

      Xbox fanboys still think cloud will save the weaker hardware in the Xbox One.

      Xbox fanboys are the most delusional and stupid fanbase this world has ever seen.

    • Terminator

      There he is! XbotMK1 being XbotMK1 as usual. You always never see any Sony fanboy do anything but only when its convenient for you because you are a hypocrite lying SOB who s*cks up to anything Sony/PS and act as if your kind are angels, when infact is a cancer that has to be destroyed.

    • ShoNuff

      what a crock. you’ve probably claimed the same yourself considering your history of posting.

    • XbotMK1

      No, I’ve told people in the past that cloud computing is nothing new. I’ve told people that all it is, is dedicated servers.

      And I received unrivalled hate and verbal abuse from the Xbox fanboys as usual. I’m used to it.

    • Fweds

      I love the way you say “SONY FANBOYS” and “THEY” as if you are not one !! Hilarious.
      DERP stop making a fool of yourself, you can change your name as many times as you like but you won’t fool anyone but other fanboys.

    • *Also On PC

      Sony fanboys now shilling the cloud even though Sony doesn’t own any cloud server farms and hires them from Rackspace and British Telecom

      Sony fanboys are the most delusional and stupid fanbase this world has ever seen who fall for any PR.

      By the way, Valve owns many cloud server farms across the globe. It’s great. Service never goes down and dedicated servers. FOR FREE :^)

    • XbotMK1

      PlayStation Now disagrees.

      Seriously, just how much more dumb are you going to prove to be?

    • *Also On PC

      Playstation Now is rented servers from Rackspace and British Telecom, moron :^)

    • XbotMK1

      Wrong again, moron. lol

    • *Also On PC

      Poor John derp having to make excuses for Sony’s garbage online infastructure by flinging feeces.

      Valve owns all the servers and provides its service for free. Why can’t Sony?

    • AllSeeingEye

      Playstation Now isn’t being run on Sony’s servers. Sony doesn’t run their own farms nor can afford data centers. They lease their throughput and sublet it for revenue. Please educate yourself before posting next time.

    • XbotMK1

      You need to educate yourself. I can’t believe how delusional and desperate you people are. PlayStation Now runs on Sony server farms. Sony has been buying servers and building servers for years. They’re currently building servers in Europe which is why PlayStation Now hasn’t launched their yet.

      Try again crackhead lol

    • *Also On PC

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “They are building servers”

      Delusional and desperate trying to believe in servers that don’t exist. Bravo John Derp. If Sony owned servers then why is PSN still on Rackspace?

    • Pops

      Planet side 2for playstation doesn’t use cloud computing

    • Graeme Willy

      Oh it would definitely work, but would we want to be “always connected?” Even for single player games? There’s a moral no one ever considers — “What does this mean as a whole?” Did you know Microsoft wants to get away from Locally Installed OS’s and just charge you a subscription for the service of using and streaming their OS? That’s what Windows 10 serves as the stepping stone of. You own nothing, you can’t do what you want because you’re technically using your OS on Microsoft property. No thank you. The moment gaming goes to “only online,” and solely runs on cloud computing, I’m going to Linux gaming, or wherever it is necessary to go at that time. There will always be a niche for “local gamers,” that’s where I’ll be.

    • Shiva Narla

      Hi Graeme…. i have respect for you. But its not Microsoft. Its the developers who want piracy end and there are these organisations who are providing ways to tackle them. There will be local installation but you would require cloud soon.

      Right now the promising answer to developers is cloud. Which ever company owns the majority of cloud infrastructure will lead enterprise, gaming, entertainment (movies, music and pics).

      This cloud tech is not limited to gaming. Going forward its linked to everything that you use on a piece of device.

      Do you know that almost all apps will be using cloud tech. Everything is connected to your digital signature. so save all your transactions to it from now.

      Its not the OS. Its the developer who are supporting it.

    • Graeme Willy

      I understand where cloud advancements is leading and the “integrated” ideal that everything is leading too, but at what cost? First of all, as hacking groups, and even “would-be” hacking groups have demonstrated, these services can easily be knocked offline, making online play and software reliant on these services, impossible…as if ISP’s didn’t already have enough downtime on their own…and then there are the immoral factors:
      Part of owning your own product, was he shopping experience and at feeling of owning something special. Now, it’s just going to be, “yay! that new game is out, let’s stream it!” And what of the enthusiasts? Those who like to build gaming PC’s? And use high-end hardware? Are they just supposed to ditch there quality hardware for some stupid service streaming box, that no more powerful or power consuming as a scientific calculator? No thanks.. when that future comes, I’ll be wherever necessary. Linux, for example. I respect the technology ad innovation that goes into the cloud computing side, but I disagree with letting some companies dictate when, where and how you enjoy entertainment. For instance, the mod scene in games will no be possible if playing cloud based games. Because it’s being enjoyed on Microsoft property, for example. Mods are a essential part of gaming. It is how many developers got started as gaming developers. It’s essentially an independent game development scene…the foundation to becoming a gaming developer. Counterstrike, for instance, would have never been a huge success, without the mod scene.

      I don’t mind my movie being streamed, as I may only watch them once, but a game? No thanks. No everything needs to be online, a good offline game I always fun and a good break away from people.

    • AllSeeingEye

      Sony fans aren’t techies. You should leave them alone. They swear allegiance to an entertainment hardware company. Going to them for tech opinions is like asking a veterinarian what their professional opinion is on the Greek crisis.

      Sony is a dying company who’s wholly dependent on components, insurance, and a petulant fanbase that constantly needs coddling. Their software and digital services presence worldwide is nil.

  • Psionicinversion

    the problem has never been can it be done because the answer is yes, the main problem is always the latency between the console/PC/device to the server and back. Thats the biggest hurdle

    • Shiva Narla

      Which developer has started its trials on it already? I know that initial trials went wrong. then came Titanfall with controlled stuff. It was not upto mark but it worked. Next in line is Halo 5. AI is strong now and looks much better than in Titanfall. Later Crackdown 3. There are rumors that Crackdown 3 is going to utilise a great extent of cloud tech.

      Dont get me wrong – Every developer in this world would like to go cloud. Why… it kills piracy.

    • Psionicinversion

      Titanfall is different it used cloud server power to power its AI but im talking about an offline/single player experience.

      Its easier online because online servers take the load and just send positional data to the client. But a single player game has to send data from the say console to the server be processed and sent back down. Thats the main problem. it would be very very hard to do it in realtime where it needs to appear instantly but non time critical stuff it could be used tbh like doing something in the bacground. If anyone can do its MS so well have to wait to see how crackdown turns out

    • Starman

      don’t forget get , quantumbreak is being built from the ground up, using the cloud , i think it’s why they pushed back , because a better cloud build came into play .. just speculating with the push back , but , would make sense ..

    • Mark

      That thing is single player tho. Design of the game isn’t mp based, therefore Remedy would have a hard time sellin it as an online game. Microsoft doesn’t wanna confuse buyers here. If it’s mp, people understand they need to be online @ all times..

    • Psionicinversion

      no thats crackdown not quantum break

  • Starman

    why does everyone still have this crazy notion, that the ps4 can cloud compute …lol , they have said themselves… “we can only stream movies, utilizing the cloud” period !…no cloud computing…

    • mm0mm

      Cloud computing is a largely software thing. Sony can make this happen if it can purchase the cloud power at a reasonable price. Sony hasn’t updated or upgraded PSN even after it started charging its customers. I just don’t see Sony putting any major money into expanding PS4 into the cloud computing infrastructure. Remember, this is the company that only gives you 1 GB for cloud space. Sony will just brush off this and say that’s not what customers want.

    • Fweds

      Sony only gives 1 GB for cloud space.!!

      Lol I didn’t know that the fanboys sort of forgot to mention that one

  • Cyberats

    Stop the console production altogether, make SONY a name in gaming PCs bigger than Alienware (which is now Dellcrap).
    Hint, Microsoft does not have HW distributors yet, but they will if they acquire HP.

    • Sumothong

      If they were going to do that they probably would have done it when they still had their computer division. Still hate they sold VAIO I really liked the laptops.

    • Cyberats

      Yeah, well, they don’t want people like me on the board of directors, you know people with ideas and vision. They just want yes men/women.

  • Guest

    The PS4 is not getting Vulkan…smh…

  • Graeme Willy

    I get annoyed at all of these “what-if,” articles. I don’t know what kind of flexibility Sony has, but seeming as though they are not a software company, they are probably the only viable entity that will use a 3rd party API, but even that is unlikely.

    This will probably wind up being a Steam supported API, at best. Microsoft, however, will never run Vulkan. Just like all of the other “what if” articles that proposed what a performance gain it would have been if PS4 and Xbox One used Mantle. It’s not going to happen. As we speak, Microsoft has been conjuring their own plans for cloud computing and I would be surprised if an API that supports cloud computing wasn’t already part of that plan. At best, Vulkan is a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Direct X, and I would be even more surprised if DX12 didn’t already harbor cloud computing support. We will not see Vulkan on a Microsoft console, or likely even a Sony console. The exception to this would be if one of the two corporations bought them out. Since, Sony is behind in the software and network front, and has to buy their technology advancements, on those fronts, maybe they will buy Vulkan.

    • Kidd

      This post is mental!!
      Ms +Vulcan Never
      Sony+ Vulcan = No fund$


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