Watch Dogs Dev Responds To Comparisons With inFamous Second Son, Talks About Dynamic Fog & More

Creative director Jonathan Morin also provides new details on Watch Dogs.

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infamous second son

Watch Dogs will be out in May but Ubisoft Montreal is mindful of the other big open world game that will be releasing earlier, namely Sucker Punch Productions’ inFamous: Second Son.

On being informed about a thread on NeoGAf titled ‘Dear Watch_Dogs: please take note’ which was packed with the latest batch of Second Son screens which outline the game’s open world aspects, Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin responded on Twitter that, “Yeah it looks good, but what I want to know is how open and how alive it is as well. Will definitely play it.”

As to the visual quality, he added, “Yes I saw. Looks nice. I’m looking forward to play it. I’m curious to see how alive the world is, so if you see let me know…”

Morin also revealed a few new details about Watch Dogs, such as “dynamic fog which is tied to the various environment curves.”

What happens when another player comes into your game and starts hacking you? The player will lose and the hacker will gain “Notoriety which are tied to leaderboard & skills.”

Morin also revealed that there’s still some fine tuning and debugging to be done in the meantime. “Mostly just finishing the game over and over to see if we fine tune stuff. And making sure we continue to debug everything.”

The PC specs of the game are also still too early to confirm. “As I said specs are still being finalized… Should be communicated officially soon.”

Watch Dogs releases on May 27th worldwide while inFamous: Second releases on March 21st for the PS4.

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  • Marcus

    Will probably purchase both, but I am way more excited about Infamous. Watch Dogs has seen one too many delays and the Devs themselves said the last delay was b/c the game ‘was not fun’. I have confidence in Ubi to release a great open world game, but I have complete faith in Sony/SP to release an amazing open world game with a story.

    • Dakan45

      cough cought infamous 2….it sucked and flopped in sales….so did shadowfail because it was rushed as this one is.

    • Marcus

      Article was not about past games in the series. Shadowfall currently is the most bought PS4 game. 2nd son will look far better than Watch Dogs. Fact is they had to release it on last-gen hardware too, which might hinder how much they could actually do in current-gen/PC other than better visual; example Black Flag. Looked and played better on current-gen, but nothing you could not experience on last gen. I do not know which game plays better, but I do not base my opinion on past games in a franchise or a game that is not even in the same genre.

    • Dakan45

      Well there really isnt anything coming out anytime soon, people buy those launch games for graphics and have somethign to play.

      I dont know which will look better but the E3 2012 looks better than infamous, yeah i know it might look like crap now but ubisoft claims that it looks even better.

      Ubisoft has lied before, so we will see where it goes. In any case gameplay is mort important, i could never get into infamous, watchdogs LOOKS more interesting but something tells me it will be another ubisoft game that wil use the same gameplay mechanics as their previosu games, too many games flop right now so it feels like everything comes out is gonna flop.

      Ubisoft says “watchdogs true next gen game no compromises”

      But i dont believe em.

      Funny thing about ubisoft, a ac3 developer didnt knew ac3 had lockpicking so many diffirent studios work on their games that they dont know what they have put into them.

      Thats why blackflag was diffirent and watchdogs might be too, ubisoft has like 10 studios working on their games they are not a single developer.

    • Owl

      Shadow Fall is the #1 selling exclusive and is a ghost town online. There are barely over 1000 players on at prime times and when they are its in the most ultra-casual and mindless playlist filled with lag and low fps (24 deathmatch). Sony fanboys need to stop invading comment boards and trading in their games at GameStop. You figure a game like Shadow Fall would have a strong community and its a joke. Sucks for me because I am one of the top players in the game and I feel like I am wasting my time.

  • BroJ

    Dakan45 & Steph please quit telling everyone about your weird tendencies! nobody cares n im tired of hearing about you two weirdos! gross!!!

  • Roman

    Played Second Son and playing now Watch Dogs. I was amazed over SS graphics, really next gen. But didnt played for much longer because i was so desapointed over that the city was so dead and empty! Liker really empty! The Chicago in Watch Dogs is so realistic! Amazing level of detail and how alive the city is. The graphics is very good too. So people that says that Watch Dogs is so much wors then SS, like really? Get to play it first before you assume…


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