Watch Dogs PC Version Suffering From Performance And Frame Rate Issues

Users with GTX 780 Ti’s report frame rate issues on Ultra settings among other issues.

Posted By | On 25th, May. 2014 Under News

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs may not release “officially” until May 27th but thanks to several retailer leaks, many gamers have already been able to get their hands on the game. PC players especially have been able to test out the overall performance of the open world title and the overall optimization is looking less than rosy.

According to several users, there have been frame rate and stuttering issues galore. These issues become apparent in more action oriented scenes like vehicle chases where the frame rate drops to a point to make the game unplayable. One player running the game on an Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti with 6 GB RAM reported frame rate drops as low as 13 FPS on Ultra settings. Whether this is a problem with running the game on Ultra settings or a driver update that may be required remains to be seen.

Watch Dogs will be officially available in the next two days for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Have you gotten your hands on it? Let us know in the comments.

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  • ME3X12

    PC The Master Disgrace!!!

    • Michael Norris

      LoL I actually agree with you.

    • ps4lol

      Not good

    • endersgame

      ALL HAIL HIT…PC!!!

    • Praise GabeN

      It was leaked on consoles before PC.

    • Kevin Cuellar

      The peasantry is strong with this one.

  • Psionicinversion

    that BS wolfenstein got issues this has got issues, do they have to spend that much time to get it running on conoles that theres no time left for PC?

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  • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

    Still looks better than consoles. But then Ubi optimisation is always lol till the first patch.

    • Guest


  • PC is dying

    PS4 owns PC. PC 13fps ha ha ha ha ha ha. Shows fixed hardware will always beat out garbage PC configurations.

    • Brian

      And when it gets patch and you see PC tweaking it to run smoothly at or
      above 60 FPS at 1080/1440p while you are stuck with 30 at 900p, we will see who is laughing I guess?

      Have fun nerd. “ha ha ha ha ha ha”

    • Kyle Barton

      Because Ubisoft are famous for making there PC games run well…

      Oh wait..

    • Oh my

      Please stop being so stupid. You make PS4 fans look bad and we don’t need to be associated with any more morons.

    • Davey

      Never let the facts get in the way of a troll ,his sad life and his little story. PS4 is nothing more than an mid range pc in a fancy case, with rubbish second rate AMD “tech”. 500€ for that paper weight is a joke .

      Your sad little post is nothing more than an idiot trying to justify wasting money on an over hyped lump of cabbage.

    • justerthought

      PS4 is not a mid range PC in a fancy case. Just because the spec hardware is similar does not mean it is identical. The PC architecture is a very inefficient beast with a heavy multilayered OS that needs a hardware overkill to achieve the same results as a console. The PC architecture has to allow for different hardware configurations and uses, so this affects its ability to utilise the hardware efficiently. Yes it can beat the PS4 if you use brute force and throw enough money at it.

    • Davey

      The ps4 is similar to a 660 GTX/ 7870, that is a mid range PC, you can build a console beater easily for the same price.

      And your argument is totally flawed and you need to look into how much resources the PS4 OS takes up, also research how much power that little ps4 box burns .
      More and more people are getting gaming PC’s . I’m not justifying anything I’m stating facts, I also sell both consoles and PC’s.
      Finally look into the next intel and nivida chips and their power requirements , in 12-18 mths you will have a gaming pc faster than either console that will fit in your hand for 500€ and you think they are not the same market… really?

    • THEundying27

      In your mind, anyone’s argument that isn’t praising the pc will always be flawed. Take your pc elitist garbage and go hang out with William usher on cinema blend. You guys can jiggle each others baby nuts and have a circle jerk with all your little pc butt buddies.

    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      A proper 7870 has 2.56TF and that is a mid range card
      The PS4 has 1.84F

      PC wins again. The PS4 isn’t even close to mid range PC’s. Derp/ps4lol is a lying, worthless, sony shill.

    • ps4lol

      You are wrong and evil.

    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      Am I evil? Yes I am.

      Am I wrong. No I am not. The devil is always correct in his details.

      You are wrong. Enjoy your 900PS4. PC is the master race :^)

    • ps4lol

      You realize your delusional PC shillonomics won’t work when someone actually tries to buy one and finds all the costs you like to omit or hide? You’re only deluding yourself.

    • You_Are_Flat_Out_Peasant

      Logical Increments.

      No one’s hiding the cost. If anything, PC is much more honest than you Sony shills defending downgrades and 900P. Just one more reason PC is the master race

    • ps4lol

      PC and PS4 are different markets with different pros and cons. PS4 has price/performance and simplicity, PCs have a higher potential performance, but generally more expensive and requires time and knowledge to buy, build, and maintain one.

      PS4 is comparable to a mid range PC at 1.84TF. PS4 has some interesting architecture benefits over traditional split CPU/GPU split memory pool PCs, and other customizations. For $400 you get a lot of price/performance, more than a $400 PC would get you. PS4 is better than most PCs. PS4 will have lots of good exclusives, both console only and PS4 only.

      Xbox/PC fanboys seem to be on a war on people too poor or unwilling/unable to spend time and money buying, building, and maintaining a PC. Mustard race claiming they can afford multi-thousand dollar PCs but too poor to buy a $200-400 console.

      Both PS4 and Xbox will have good exclusive games, high end PCs are best for multiplatform games if you have the time, money, and effort to build and maintain one. Only deranged fanboys keep chewing their own legs off screaming about “PS4 peasants”.

    • THEundying27

      Don’t even bother with this troll.

    • ps4lol

      PC makes a lot of money on F2P online only games like League of Legends, but almost nothing on AAA games like Watch Dogs.

    • THEundying27

      F2p is a different story. I was referring to multiplats.

    • ps4lol

      Shut up

    • SketchyB

      having been a console gamer for many years now, I was thoroughly under impressed by both SONY and Microsoft’s supposed “next-gen” products so guess what I bought a PC and my friends who own consoles (Yes i mean Xbox one and PS4) are now regretting their purchase after watching me play “next-gen” games at a higher resolution and with more graphical fidelity not only that I’m playing “last-gen” games maxed out and they look equal to if not better than “next-gen” games running on console. the worry for me about “next-gen” is that they are already having to make cut backs in terms of Resolution/Level of Detail to ensure performance on these consoles. Unlucky PS4lol enjoy your diminished and sub-par games for the next five years. Oh and I don’t pirate my games I actually want to support the industry.

    • UrNixed

      lol 13fps on ultra….ur comment would make sense if ps4 was anywhere near ultra. consoles have always and will continue to be at a nice medium setting with most graphical options off and then most still can barely get above 30 fps. fixed hardware as in consoles have never beaten a comparable pc at least not more than a few days hahaha enjoy it

  • Oh my

    I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty bad across the board.
    I imagine in terms of playability it will go:
    PC (if you have the power and after a patch) or PS4 followed by XBone and then last gen.

  • 1804nr

    It wasn’t a retailer leak. They downloaded a torrent. Of course they wouldn’t get a good quality game.

    • Meferias

      I actually got my copy, that I preordered a month ago, this saturday. Some (or maybe most) might be playing the pirated one, but trust me, not all.
      Funny enough, I am having major performance issues (R9 290, Phenom II 1090T @4ghz, 16Gb RAM) while a few of my friends are playing just fine with the pirated one and similar specs (GTX 760/770, I5 4330/4670, 8Gb RAM).

    • Davey

      You have an AMD system that is the first problem.

    • swordfish188

      What is wrong with AMD systems?

    • Davey

      Huge terminal issues that cause the GPU’S to throttle back, anything that suffers heat issues like the R series does will simply burn up and die in no time. R9 series can go to over 120 0c, Everything AMD produces uses far too much power and in turn produces far more heat.

    • jackthesmack

      As an AMD R9 290 user, this is bogus. You can set your own fan speeds and curves to balance between noise and heat. My card runs watch dogs at 65c, and it’s the first edition model with one single small fan.

  • sur0x

    Hey guys cheap Watchdogs keys here:

    • The Piranha

      SURE!!!! Why not click this link…..its not like it looks suspicious or anything. O.o

    • Guyz

      it’s perfectly fine actually.

    • Davey

      It is actually a very well known site and games go for 1/2 price the norm.

    • marclar

      It’s just that when you click on that link and you buy any game from then he will get some points (cash ) so he can spend it on purchasing games… lol

    • Joutei

      Yep, I actually got mine for 45 dollars on there. A month ago you could preorder it for 30 no joke. G2A is a nice site for some cheap games.

  • Kyle Joseph

    So someone with 6GB of RAM is playing on Ultra and complaining about stuttering and bad FPS when the specs clearly state 8GB of RAM is needed for Ultra? Someone stop the presses, there’s an idiot about!

    • Guest666

      Ive been playing on ultra with a 2600k @ 4.6ghz, 2x 7970s and 16gb RAM at 1440p and get stuttering when in a car driving around. Usually plays around 30+ but in car drops to roughly 15-25 making it a bit too choppy. Does seem like it needs better optimisation, I handle everything else no problem.

    • wesleydeman

      Kyle, They are talkinb about 6GB of vram, 3gb of vram is reconmennded. 8 gb of system ram is reconmened.

  • jsoftcheck
  • THEundying27

    Maybe if pc gamers would actually wait for the official release of watch dogs along with the patch instead of stealing the game before launch, this article wouldn’t exist.

    PC stands for Pirating Cockroaches.

    • jackthesmack

      Or maybe this patch is to prepare people who have legitimately purchased the game, so they don’t load watch dogs at 12:01AM and complain about frame rate issues on their $800+ rigs.

    • THEundying27

      It wouldn’t matter if the rig was $1200, they’ll find something to complain about.

  • Jeff1244

    R9 270x 2gb running at max with no issues
    GPU temp 55c at most

    • marclar

      depends what “no issues” is for you… What’s your average FPS and do you have any FPS dips? Note that fps dips on that GPU is still not okay.

  • watchdogonepost

    Disable motion blur and lower textures (in graphical settings) to high if you haven’t already. Doing this will improve gameplay immensely and get rid of that awful persistant stutter while driving, even while everything else is set ultra/high. Although the optimazation seems shoddy overall

  • jfplopes

    Fact is if people don’t want to miss on some pretty great games they are forced to buy multiple systems. I have a PS4 a PC and Xbox one. I can confirm that without any doubt a PC that costs around the same price as a console, performs better than a console. I have tried several of the most recent games and the results are always the same. A PC that costs around the same price as a console performs better. You also save money if you play on a PC. Games are usually cheaper. No hidden fees and so on.
    Also from my experience PC gaming is far more accessible nowadays and if you can hook your console and do the initial setup. If you can run and install games on a console then you have all the required skills for PC gaming. Nowadays playing on a PC is almost as easy as on consoles.
    The fact that people like me buy consoles is simply because I want to play games like Uncharted. But then again someone that only plays on consoles misses a lot of exclusives.
    By the way. I do enjoy using my PS4 and Xbox one but I think these consoles are just like the expensive brand clothes people buy. They are the Nike’s of the gaming industry. You’re paying for the brand. Not the internals. The PC on the other way is the cheap white labeled clothing. Same quality but doesn’t have a big company

  • salati00

    My pc can handle crysis 3 at high- ultra settings and, with this game, I can only run it at low graphics with an average framerate of 25. This doesnt seem right to me.

    • Ryan

      it’s not right.. There are A LOT of people with perfect rigs for this game that are having the same problems, myself included. frame rate problems.. Ubisoft had better get some updates rolling… they will likely take some heat for this one.. kinda like all the bugs on BF4 but without the console launch excuses this time.

      www dot segmentnext dot com/2014/05/27/watch-dogs-crashes-fps-drops-stuttering-frame-skipping-errors-freezes-and-fixes/

  • Slayer5934

    To bring an end to the arguing, PC is cheaper than buying a new console every 2-3 years, I bought my shell with CPU included for $200 and graphics card for $130; I’ve been playing games on high/ultra for a year now. NVidia GTX 650 TI

    • Peach

      New console every 2-3 years? Come on don’t be that dumb

  • Ryan

    Ubisoft appears to have screwed the pooch on this release. My PC more than meets minimum requirements and then some but still suffering frame rate problems. Even on ultra settings, the graphics benefit is debatable at best. Good job Ubi… you had better get working on patches for this monstrosity of a game. When it actually performs like it should, it’s not a half bad game, but dang! Lotta people I’m hearing from that should be able to play on max settings just fine are having problems lol.. I even updated my Nvidia drivers (supposedly worked on with ubisoft specifically for this game) what a joke! I’m thinking more than a few people will lose their jobs over this one. So for now, I guess play it on console if you can.. don’t know why they F’ d up on the PC version so badly. I am happy to say I’ve been playing Wolfenstein new order on max settings just fine.. that is how you do it Ubisoft! Thanks for another piss poor pc port ala Assassins creed. jerks

    www dot segmentnext dot com/2014/05/27/watch-dogs-crashes-fps-drops-stuttering-frame-skipping-errors-freezes-and-fixes/

  • SergiuCraitoiu

    For PC users with AMD check this post how to configure the game to run better

    Acutually the game runs good at 40-50 FPS

  • datbasar
  • paul middleton

    all the extra time they had on this game it should be very polished game but its not. playing on my pc i7 4770k with gtx660ti gpu msi mpower motherboard. and 12gb of corsiar ddr3 1600mhz memory. game is really jerky not really playable like that. tired of paying out big money for half arsed built games. we have rights as consumers. after battlefield 3 AND 4. BEING UTTERLY A JOKE ON REALISE. i would have expected this kind of thing to be a no no. there is no reason for this game to suck like it does, they had lots of extra time on it. and graphics bugs all over the place. and the driving. its half ok and half sucks. be nice if it was just a bit more sensative seems to have a dead patch in middle when you steer. i hope these issues will be fixed cause the effort thats gone into creating this city is damn amazing. the driving dead zone and the jerkiness in gameplay is killing the game at the moment


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