Xbox One DDR3 RAM vs PlayStation 4 GDDR5 RAM: “Both Are Sufficient for Realistic Lighting”

Founder and COO of Geomerics Chris Doran weighs in.

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We had a chance to speak founder and COO of Geomerics Chris Doran, whose company created Enlighten which is used for creating lighting for games like Battlefield 4 on the subject of – what else? – next generation consoles. Specifically, we compared the Xbox One’s 8 GB DDR3 RAM and the PlayStation 4’s 8 GB DDR5 RAM, with 5 GB and 7 GB allocated to games respectively, and asked Doran which is a better solution for crafting realistic lighting.

He stated that, “Both of these are more than sufficient. To understand why, you have to remember than on the current generation we had around 512MB of memory to play with. This meant that developers would routinely ask us to fit our global illumination calculations into 10-20MB.

“On the next-generation consoles, developers are happy to give us 10 times more space to play with – in some cases even more! And with 8 CPU cores and powerful GPUs, there is plenty of compute resource for us to make use of. It is this massive increase from current generation to next generation that really excites us – that factor of 10 increase is going to be far more significant than the additional memory on the PS4.

I’m sure as the cycle evolves, developers will look at ways to squeeze more out of the PS4, but we have a long way to go with exploiting the opportunities presented by the massive jump in resource over PS3 and 360.”

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  • Brad Vickers

    First off I went to E3 and when I played Driveclub the top left corner said Pre-Alpha whereas I asked how far Forza was and they told me almost done. So for a Pre-Alpha play it’s going to look like garbage a little dumbass. PS has always had the better parts and hardware over Microsoft every gen PS2/XBox don’t count because XBox came out 2 years after PS2 came out so they would have better hardware. Microsoft took a lot of PS’s ideas from PS2 like online gaming, the eye toy model, etc. So you XBox guys should be bowing to PS for helping Microsoft hit the ground running. Ryse looked alright but still very Overlord style hack n Slash. Halo sucked after Bungie quit making it. Wanna hear something funny? I asked the guys from Capcom who are making the game Deep Down for PS4 I (not sure if it’s exclusive they never said since they are multi-platform makers) and asked was it possible to play it like it is for XBox One (out of curiosity) and he said No because the system couldn’t handle that level of graphical prowess and smooth gameplay. They would have to “water” it down to do it! True Story. Sony has always had better exclusives and a lot more of them than XBox. They had to make Kingdom Hearts 3 for XBox as well so that the console could have an actual decent game on it. All the tech guys I know say that the Xbox One will have an 8-core 64-bit x86 Jaguar AMD CPU @ 1.6GHz, coupled with a GPU that’s very close to the Radeon HD 7790. The Xbox One will have 68GB/sec of bandwidth between the CPU/GPU and RAM, the GPU will have 102GB/s of bandwidth to a local 32MB SRAM cache, and another 30GB/s of bandwidth to gamepads, Kinect, and other peripherals. The PS4, in comparison, has an 8-core Jaguar AMD CPU, with a GPU that’s around the same level as the Radeon 7870 (which is significantly more powerful than the 7790). The PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, providing 176GB/s of bandwidth to both the CPU and GPU and since the CPU and the GPU are on the same die the latency is almost non existant. The Xbox One mostly ameliorates this difference with 32MB of high-speed SRAM on the GPU, but it will be a more complex architecture to take advantage of.

  • CKGorham

    This explains… can you idiots shut up now?

    • JohnClark_R6

      Those numbers are wrong. With the final silicon available that they are using and Direct X-11.2, The One is now theoretically capable of 192 GB/s And that is because they stuck with the lower latency DDR3.

    • CKGorham

      Wrong. Keep believing theories. if you actually watch, it corrects the numbers to what MS and Sony announced as specs.

  • CKGorham

    and this is for all the other idiots talking about grrd5 latency bullshit… is not that big of deal, the gddr5 + AMD’s APU + GPU is better then XOnes DDR3+ AMD’s APU + GPU.

  • jason

    Hey guys get real here.Ps4 specs are better overall.U dont have to be a genius
    2 work that out.come on.Xbox one is dead


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