Xbox One Easier To Program But PS4 Seems More Powerful – White Night Dev

OSome Studio’s Mathieu Fremont also confirms that a Wii U version is not happening.

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Ever since the advent of the current generation of console cycle, it has been widely accepted that the PlayStation 4 is superior in terms of hardware specifications compared to the Xbox One. Not only that but several game developers also think that the PS4 is easier to develop for given its unified architecture compared to the eSRAM based architecture of the Xbox One.

However Mathieu Fremont from OSome Studio, the developers behind the recently released White Night believes that the PS4 is indeed more powerful but the Xbox One is easier to program for. “There is not a lot of difference between PS4 and Xbox One versions of White Night. But the development of the game has been slightly different. I would say Xbox One is easier to program, but PS4 seems more powerful,” Mathieu said to GamingBolt.

This is an interesting statement by Mathieu given that the Xbox One is fairly well known for its development complications but in the recent months, Microsoft have consistently updated the console’s SDK making it somewhat easier for developers.

On a sidenote, Wii U owners who are expecting the game to hit their consoles are in for a disappointment. Mathieu confirmed that a Wii U version is not planned. “Even if it’s technically possible, no Wii U version is planned for now,” he said.

White Night is now available across PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Stay tuned for our full interview with Mathieu next week.

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  • Starman

    Funny how you’ll word things ….it’s slightly more powerful GPU with a much slower CPU …but let you tell it the GDDR5 is gods gift to dev’s … when it’s nothing more than a DDR3 enhanced to lower power consumption …

    • MS

      Oh shut up with your bs, its +40% more powerful GPU with a slightly (9%) lowered clocked CPU. You dumb POS. And eSRAM isn’t special, its been around forever and is puny.

      Here’s some proof from Ubisoft

      The PS4 is literally clobbering the X1 at almost a 2 to 1 performance advantage. Whereas the CPU difference is minuscule by comparison. And the truth is that neither system even has a CPU barely more powerful than last gens. Plus the PS4 either is faster in this area or was faster than the X1 CPU.

      And here are more facts about each systems capabilities.

      PS4: 1.60GHz CPU
      Xbone: 1.75GHz CPU +9.375%

      PS4: 800MHz
      Xbone: 853MHz +6.625%

      PS4: 18CU +50% more
      Xbone: 12CU

      PS4: 1.84TFLOPS +40% more than X1’s 1.31TF
      Xbone: 1.31TFLOPS

      PS4: 176.0GB/s 8GB GDDR5 5500MHz +258% more than X1’s DDR3 (68GB)
      Xbone: 68.3GB/s 8GB DDR3 2133MHz
      109GB/s to 204GB/s peak 32MB eSRAM (but can only achieve 204GB peak if both read and writing [not common in real life], real world bandwidth is closer to ~150GB) equals -61.5% less (109GB) to +15% more (204GB) than PS4

      PS4: 72 Texture units +50%
      Xbone: 48 Texture units

      PS4: 32 ROPS +100% more
      Xbone: 16 ROPS

      PS4: 8 ACE/64 queues +400%
      Xbone: 2 ACE/16 queues

      PS4: 25.60GPixels/s +88%
      Xbone: 13.65GPixels/s

      PS4: 57.60GTexels/s +40%
      Xbone: 40.90GTexels/s

    • Starman

      Lol …ask me if I give a fk , all you’re doing is fanboying …go to Eurogamer ..and see the game comparison on DMC Definitive addition so you can shut your idiotic fanboy dik hole … PS4 perfomance on multiplats sucks .. “FACTS” !!!!

    • MS

      Lol, Im fanboy!? for stating facts!? Yeah, ok guy. Your funny. Your the one saying stupid fanboy nonsense, but im fanboying for stating facts. Try again. Only this time, try notto sound so stupid. and p.s. i think you do care. You cared enough to answer back, YOU CARE! And one game you pathetic little muppet. Yeah your defnitely a fanboy and a sad one at that. What are you going to do when they patched that up like they did on Dying Light? Oh and btw, accroding to NXGamer the X1 ver. drops in frames more. Here watch it and weep, bey*tch!

      A ha, sucker!

    • Guest

      All you’ve done is act like a fanboy, and he put up facts, and he;s the fanboy? You MS fanboys are the biggest, most deluded fanboys on the planet. Btw, how old are you? Cuz you sound young, like a kid.

    • kma99

      You just copy and paste that mess from every fanboy site. You don’t even know what any of that means

    • Guest

      How could he not, its easy to understand. I think what it is, is that you don’t understand what it means. The fact is that the PS4 is performing twice as good at Ubisofts GPGPU test, which is literally almost 100% better. And that’s a real world number, so for you stupid botty fanboys saying stupid ish (lies and bs), like the PS4 isn’t 40-50% more powerful, put that in yer pipes! Also the CPU difference is small according to this. And either the PS4 CPU was faster or still is faster at texture generation. Also the PS4 does have:

      258% more bandwidth to 8GB of RAM (176GB/s GDDR5 vs 68GB DDR3)
      400% more ACE/queues (8/64 vs 2/16)
      100% more ROPS (32 vs 16)
      88% more GPixels/s (25.6 vs 13.6)
      50% more CUs (18CU vs 12)
      50% more Shaders (1152 vs 768)
      50% more Texture units (72TU vs 48)
      40% more GTexels/s (57.6 vs 40.9)
      40% more Teraflops (1.843TF vs 1.31)
      So deal with it kid, cuz its the truth, unlike that crap you wanna believe.

    • kma99

      Still copy and paste material. Be original when you want to try and make us believe any of that. You have absolutely no clue and its very obvious that you simply listen to the uninformed to get your information. Your fanboy is showing close your legs.

    • Guest

      You don’t believe any of it? Oh yeah that’s right, cuz you wanna believe and live in your little fanboy world. Wow, you’re dumb. Listen kid, it doesn’t matter whether you “believe” or not. The fact is, its true. That’s the way it works. Something isn’t true simply based on whether you believe it or not. It just is. Sorry to break it to you. And my fanboy is showing? Ha! You’re the one in denial, you wanna talk about being a fanboy you’re the one denying facts. Now why don’t you get back to me when you actually have something intelligent to say. Instead of all these stupid fanboy nonsense. Its laughable.

    • kma99

      I dont believe it because you’re just spouting off numbers that you dont even comprehend, everyone can see that you just pulled that off your favorite sony site to make yourself seem knowledgeable about the situation. You crack me up with this serious tone you’re trying to set but its all still a bunch of crap and anything you attempt to post can be easily refuted.

    • Guest

      Wow! You refuse to accept the facts. Good luck living life that way, cuz one day, the truth will force it to come crashing down on you. And I didnt pull anything of any “Sony” site. Which is just another thing you’re wrong about. Or am “spouting off” things I don’t understand, Im giving you the facts, unlike your highly opinionated, none based on facts opinions. So it doesn’t matter how much you deny it. ITS STILL TRUE. Now buzz with your fanboy denial nonsense. Go read some more made up ish on Mister X site. Or go listen to some more MS fanboys spouting off bs.

    • Psionicinversion

      Forza 6 on xbox is going to destroy DC in the graphics department, guaranteed and when it comes to the PC (hoping same time) the 390 ill be getting will propel its raytraced lighting to new levels so xbox will be the best 😀 xbox is turning into a brand now so covers win10 PC’s to rather than just referring to the consoles.

      1080p 60fps max settings xbox brand 😛 sony going to die

    • kma99

      You don’t have facts because no real facts where ever given. Thanks for your failed attempt.

    • Nathan O

      and if you actually read the article you would have noticed that Ubisoft didn’t implement ESRAM at all which is actually incredible at at pushing GPGPU performance. And why don’t you actually tell it how it is. 176/GB of bandwidth with GDDR5, real world performance is 150/GB, but the GPU shares that with the CPU and it scales disproportionately, when the CPU is pulling 10GB/s the GPU only gets 110/GBs.

      On the other hand the XB1 ESRAM, DDR3 combo can get 200GB/s in real world tests.

      ” Xbox One’s circa 200GB/s of “real-life” bandwidth trumps PS4’s 176GB/s peak throughput.”

      And your CU argument is faulty as well. PS4 has 18 CU, 4 of those are dedicated to GPGPU. So its really 14 vs 12.

      If it was as cut and dry as you say, then every game on PS4 would easily outperform the XB1. But that gap is getting smaller and smaller and some games XB1 is coming ahead as the winner i.e. DMC definitive edition

    • oskamikey

      Here’s something you neglected to mention:

      The PS4 can maintain a data throughput of 150gb/s indefinitely. The Xbox One’s ESRAM cannot. There is only 32mb of it, which means devs have to flush the cache every 30 or so seconds otherwise you get screen tearing and dropped frames. That’s the reason why the X1 has to lower its resolution all the time, to compensate for the lack of the indefinite wide-load bandwidth found on PS4.

    • bardock5151

      That 150 can be held indefinitely, provided the CPU usage is kept down and is kept busy feeding the GPU.

    • oskamikey

      Then obviously devs either haven’t figured out how to do that or find it physically impossible with the hardware they have. Otherwise we’d be seeing true graphical parity between PS4 and Xbox One. Don’t get me wrong, I have an X1 and I love it, but the results are telling. On my PS4 Dragon Age is 1080p. I got the free trial on Xbox this weekend just to see if I could tell a difference and it was definitely there, not just with resolution but with scene details etc. Of course, none of this makes a difference to gameplay and I’m sure I’d have enjoyed the game equally had I only purchased it on X1. But people like polish, and when it comes to raw performance, the PS4 is definitely more polished.

    • bardock5151

      Dragon age is the perfect example of “what’s your flavour”. Frame rate, or resolution? X1 has “a virtually locked 30 fps”, meanwhile the PS4 tends to fluctuate and suffers more screen tearing thanks to dropping more consistently below 30 fps.
      The PS4 has the resolution advantage, which is a difference but less annoying to me than a torn screen with dropped frames. The only other advantage the PS4 has is a slight boost to tessellation, and considering the console implementation is poor at best, it makes little difference.
      Frame rate or resolution? If you want both, go for the PC.

    • oskamikey

      Got to be honest with you; I haven’t noticed any framerate drops or screen tearing on the PS4 version. And I say that as a complete neutral. If they do occur, then they do so infrequently and so rarely that I never notice them. I think this is something sites like Digital Foundry report as a superficial issue and then Xbox fans latch on to it and make it out to be much worse than it is. The same way PS4 fans do with resolution. But having now played both, the PS4 version is superior aesthetically and if it does drop frames, like I said; I haven’t noticed. Other than that they both play exactly the same, although I slightly prefer the Xbox pad.

    • Orion Wolf

      According to AMD for 32CUs you need 700GB/s of bandwidth to get rid of bottlenecks or in their own words:

      “Specifically, for a GPU composed of 32 CUs, we found that 700 GB/s eliminated the memory bandwidth bottleneck for all our workloads.”

      So according to that the ps4 has only enough bandwidth for 8CUs – and that’s actually considering the theoretical peak of 176GB/s.

      Then there’s the issue of latency with GDDR…

      Good thing Sony are the best when it comes to hardware, but MS have no clue what they’re doing /s

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Oh god, A Sony fanboy quoting specs when the fact is neither console is any good.

      Having more shaders is useless when the GPU is stressed enough as is. 14+4 CU’s are redundant. 32 ROP’s can’t be hit properly because of low bandwidth so effectively they are at 24 same with the Texture units.

      Please get over the fact most of that architecture is effectiveley redundant and realize both consoles are bad. Please leave tech talk and what those elements do to PC gamers instead of astroturfing for Sony with cries of “B-B-BUT 50%”. Which is between two low powered cards.

      I feel lesser having read that absolute damage control drivel. You won the world’s tallest midget competition. Congrats. Move on.

    • angh

      You can use 4CU’s to do gpgpu calculations, you don’t need to feed them textures all the time.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      They are mostly redundant for GPGPU since the GPU is in full use and already tapped out.

      GPGPU is not a secret sauce for the PS4 nor is it really applicable when the GPU is already 100% used by the game.

    • Fay_Z

      oh wow stats on a paper…. real differences… non…

      ryse won best looking next gen game
      driveclub is 30fps
      the order 1886 is 800p

    • Guest

      Its not stats on paper you dolt, its the results of a benchmarlk performed by Ubisoft. But because of fanboy politics, UBisoft will probably never take advantage of the very real performance advantage of the PS4 and instead just like everybody else, just develop to parity. And Ryse won best graphics by one institution. That doesn’t make it fact, it just makes it their opinion. You act as if because they think so, it means its true. Its not, its a subjective opinion, not a factual one. I think KZ, Infamous and DC are all visually better and technically superior. Ryse is a highly linear, highly scripted game that was downgraded to 900p and had its main characters polygon count almost cut in half from the original 150k claim to just 85K. And still struggles to keep a 30fps frame rate and even drops into the teens. Not to mention the cutscenes aren’t even realtime, they are videos.

      Whereas DC is the best looking racer, period! FH2 doesn’t compete there and TO is the best looking game ever, period. Defnitely better than Ryse. And TO’s res of 1902×800 is higher than Ryse’s 1600×900, here i’ll do the math for you since I think you probably don’t even know how to do it.

      1,536,000 vs 1,440,000 and TO uses 4XMSAA which is more bandwidth heavy than what Ryse uses which is SMAA T1X (Infamous uses SMAA T2X.

    • Fay_Z

      … and which one won the award…. yeah shut up.

  • Fay_Z

    games look the same on both consoles except the resolution issue, so i can’t see ps4’s gpu advantage being a big difference, the new esram api & dx12 will most likely help xbone hit the same resolution as ps4.

    • Guest

      So just because you cant notice a 44% resolution increase, means the rest of us cant? And all you dumb fanboys need to realize that these internet comparison screenshots are not good representatives of the difference you will see in real life. In Real life the difference is much more noticeable. Just like how you cant tell the resolution or framerate difference using Youtube videos. Heck you can barely even notice the tearing on them. So all these comparison videos and screenshots are bs. If you can tell a difference with them then you can tell a even bigger difference with them in real life.

      And realize we haven’t heard anything about Sony’s SDK or API improvements. And if using the pace at which they are improving fw as a measure, they are probably being mad slow to update. Whereas MS is frantically hustling to improve their ish. But once they improve the differences will be right back where we started. Face it, the X1 is weaker, heck both are weak, the X1 is already pushing itself a lot harder than the Ps4 is. and resolution isn’t the only thing they can improve, you got AA, AF, AO, texture quality, lighting and so on.

    • Fay_Z

      …no i can’t see the difference much, there is very little between 720p vs 900p & 900p vs 1080p, side by side you can see one looks blurrier and one looks more defined, sharper. resolution doesn’t make a ton of difference unless its like 480p vs 900p or something like that lol

      your desperately trying to justify your purchase but you failed to realise that they graphical differences are small, in fact ps3 was the weaker console for multiplats, of course for a sony fangirl you can brush that off.

      x1 has the best online, games (preference), features and controller. deal with it.

    • Guest

      Im not trying to justify “my purchase” cuz I don’t have a PS4, idiot. I am trying to correct the erroneous ish you’re saying, so ignoramus’s like you aren’t spreading bs. The fact is, these comparison shots and videos are not good indications of the real differences.
      And what is up with you people all being in denial? Is this what fanboyism does to you? Cuz seriously, its pathetic. Its obvious you don’t have a good understanding of how this stuff works, so I am trying to correct the erroneous crap your spewing. But you cant get over your hate Sony fanboyism to understand. Yet if it was the other way around I bet you’d understand. I bet you was all over even smaller difference between 360 and PS3. But now suddenly cant see even bigger differences. Give me one example last gen when there was ever a 125% (720 vs 1080 COD, MGSGZ, PES, etc.) difference in res? or even a 44% (1080 vs 900) difference. Bet you cant do it.

    • Fay_Z

      i have a sony bravia w6 50 & 42 inch tv’s (best tv’s for gaming so im no fanboy) and i know there is very little difference between 900p vs 1080p, or 900p vs 720p

      sure side by side you notice that 720p is noticeably blurrier but the difference is SMALL. i went back & forth between xbone vs ps4, and in terms of graphics its just a SMALL difference.

      you want a difference, go pc, if your a console nerd still trying to justify your purchase over pixel counting, or counting how many more leaves & grass one has over the other, then you are a LOSER. in the end both consoles are still very similar.

      imo xbone has the best features & online. as well as a great service & community.

    • Guest

      Duyde, again, I don’t own a PS4 so im not console nerd. Unless owning a 360 makes me one. And for all I know, you could have bad eye sight or just not a eye for this stuff. Also, the X1 upscales the image output to 1080 there by eliminating a lot of the blurriness. And you sound upset because you cant accept the fact, but I like higher performance, so I prefer to have higher res and more foliage and better framerates, AA, AF, AO and so on. Im not gonna by the system with inferior specs simply to just stick with the company im sweating (im im not, you fanboys are). So deal with it.

    • Schultz

      You need to get your eyes checked. Might as well just play your XboxOne in 480p then, if you can’t the difference between resolutions. It’s not fanboyism to want the best clarity in your multiplat console game. And XBL being the best online gaming only applied to Xbox360 gen. Anyway, people buy a PS4 because they know the best exclusive games are going to be on it. PS4 has 2x the install base worldwide already, and the gap is increasing; that means more games exclusively coming to PS4.

    • Fay_Z

      i can see the resolution differences but only when side by side, i just played bf hardline at 720p on xbone after playing on it on my friends ps4 at 900p on the beta, i could tell ps4 had a slightly sharper image but like i was saying, the difference was small.

      if it was 1080p vs 720p then yes i can understand but when it’s 720p vs 900p or 1080p vs 900p then that’s when the differences are just small.

      xbone is still big in UK & USA i careless about ps4 selling more, the ps4 hardware maybe slightly better, but that’s it, apart from that the ps4 is boring to use, lifeless ps store, ui, and online. when it comes to features & software & online xbone is the place to go.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Well you know what opinions are like.

    • Michael Norris

      720 is still quite worse than 900p.MGS:GZ is a example of a huge difference in resolution that you can’t overlook ”720 vs 1080p”.

    • rigocontreras

      I have both of them and the difference is minor. The difference is noticeable if you’re two feet away from the screen. If you’re sitting 6-8 feet away, it becomes more difficult to notice the differences.

    • Guest

      It’s true. XB1 is simply superior.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      *inferior*, there fixed it for you.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      That’s funny cause if its anyone it sounds more like you that’s desperately trying to justify your purchase. “x1 has the best online, games (preference), features and controller.” The day your personal opinions equal facts is the day monkeys fly and we all ride purple unicorns.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Which is why you didn’t notice Evolve and Dying light are running at low on PS4?

      You don’t know what type of AA is being used
      You don’t know what tesselation is
      You don’t know what type of AO is being used
      You didn’t know what AF is till Digital foundry told you

      Please stop talking technical issues when you don’t know about them or MisterCernyMedia’s magical SDK improvements either.

    • Shawn

      grow some balls guest i have both systems and have played several games side by side and sorry the difference is negligible, sorry i know thats all you ps die hard fanboys have is the graphics claim but you are the only people who see a hugh difference, i can’t wait for win10 to release and the xbox live eco system come full circle then when games start being made with dx12 in mind in about a year all the xbox version will be superior plain and simple ..

    • WEL

      multiplat games are made with “parity” in mind to avoid fanboy controversies.

    • smashbrolink

      Unless you count Wii U.
      In which case the ports of AAA games from people like Activision, if they even hit the system, are purposely gimped, delayed, etc, in order to save a buck trying to sell to a fanbase that they never tried to include in their efforts when building an install base for their games.

      Year 1 of Wii U and games like Call of Duty: Ghosts perfectly exemplify the issue.

      They’d have been better off making tons of new IP’s that had a chance of making themselves a whole new install base, rather than hoping the existing install bases would buy gimped ports on a whole new system.XD

    • Michael Norris

      Doubt it seriously,these consoles are hardware bound.If you think DX12 will give Xone a extra 20-30% power you are mistaking.Both Sony and MS update there API’s/SDK’s all the time.Sony still put in better hardware in there machine.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Still behind PC’s and still underpowered to what’s needed.

      Funny how Sony fanboys are always upset when their console’s power is put in question. So insecure.

    • Five5x

      Not as insecure as most PC gamers. When you have no life or real friends, your computer will always be there to make your life complete. #PCmasturbaterace!

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      LOL, well you can always dream.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Funny from someone who’s a mistertiduxmedia worshipper. 50% GPU Boost in the next SDK Update right?

  • Guest

    Why doesn’t anybody ever ask these devs to elaborate better on what they mean. Why do you interviewer never ask? its could just be that this dev is more familiar with DX as opposed to GNM/GNMX/PSSL, afetrall DX is a more common API.

  • William Perdomo

    Xbox is 1.3 teraflop vs ps4 1.8 duh a year has pass and people are still debating this wow what a waste of life.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Debating about console power is a waste of life considering if you want Resolution and framerate. You build a gaming PC.

    • Graeme Willy

      I think what the article is attempting to explain, is what I had been explaining for a long time now…just like on the PC side of things, the software is what determines how much of that hardware is leveraged. This is why developers always refer to specification advantages, as “theoretical performance.” The dev may not choose to leverage its assets, first and foremost, but also, the tools might not allow it so easily. It’s about the tools and the final product and how they make use of that system. On paper, the PS4 is clearly the more superior in terms of Raw power…with exception to the CPU, which all consoles (including the 360 and PS3) were benchmarked and the order of superiority there, goes; Xbox One, PS3, PS4, 360…this is interesting because when you have a more capable GPU want plenty of CPU to avoid CPU/ GPU in-balancing…meaning, if your GPU is too fast for your CPU, it issues too many draw calls requests to the CPU and it can’t keep up. It’s a train wreck, I call it. Your CPu gets flooded in calls and suddenly you end up with the worse stutter. I wonder how much of an in-balance there is here and if it has forced Sony to put a leash on the GPU’s full capabilities. This could be why we’re not seeing 40% differences in graphics between these two consoles, but more like 10% or lower. Note resolution is not graphics, it’s picture quality. Graphics are things like Tessellation, water reflections, lighting and shadowing….this sort of in-balance happens on PC all the time, namely to new PC gamers. They buy a card and they get slow performance and think it’s their card, so they go with another manufacturer and run into the same problem…upgrade the CPU!

      Anyway, I’m surprised that we always act surprised about this. Since the advent of the Xbox brand, he Xbox has been the easiest console to get the most out of, this was even true during the 360, which didn’t even use a Windows compatible x86 processor. The reason these consoles have historically been easier to develop for is because most developers already knows how to develop for PC! And these Microsoft consoles use PC SDK’s e.g. XNA etc.

      I am also always amused on how locked in everyone is on graphics. CPU has a lot to do with what would appear to be graphics; enemy count on screen, AI, particle effects etc. The Xbox One already had the most powerful processor, sitting on 5 billion transistors(compared to the PS4’s 3-3.5billion and then they went and overclocked it slightly. Back in 2003, I built a PC and for the first time, I used a top end sound card and was blown away at how much more audio made a difference vs. graphics. My eyes were opened. Imaging my surprise when I pop on my headsets and I can here every, single, little thing in DOOM 3, Unreal etc. This is another place the Xbox has even the PC! The audio block on the X1 has 8 processing cores, my PC’s SoundBlaster Z Recon has only 4!
      Make no mistake, I’m not an Xbox One fanboy, I’m just a fanboy of technology and can appreciate all aspects of hardware. Unfortunately, the PS4 is little more than a PC and I already know PC’s. Even the PS4’s hidden GPGPU CU’s(that are thus far, still unused), is little more than a PC concept. Meanwhile, the move engines/ command processors in the X1, which is Microsoft’s solution to HUMA, but also additional offload resources are also, thus far, unused…and we have not seen this sort of tech in PC as of yet. Should be interesting to see how all this comes together, come DX12. By far, from a tech enthusiast point of view, the Xbox One has the more intricate and interesting architecture. Sure, it may not be cranking out RAW teraflops, but it’s a well balanced design and will actually give PS4 a run for the money, once it matures.

  • Brian

    wow, times have changed

    • Guest

      Yup. XB1’s matching PS4.

  • Guest

    Just the other day, another dev was saying how its easier to develop on the PS4, so its all just subjective opinion. If you have more experience with DX, then you’ll probably find it easier to develop on the X1. But just like last gen, I think what we are seeing here is devs just developing to parity. So they code to the lowest common denominator (the X1), which never really exploits the of strengths of the superior hardware while exposing all of its weaknesses. I also don’t think Sony has done much improvements to its SDK or API, whereas MS has been vigorously improving theirs.

  • Guest

    E3 2015 cannot come fast enough…

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Yet more console shills claiming their console is the best when both are weak and limited in comparison to mid-tier gaming PC’s. How utterly embarrassing.

    All that’s left is that eternally frustrated Sony shill to upvote all the pro-Sony astroturfing.

    You are all doing it for free. You are all pathetic.

    • jayflow

      Why do you hang out in console articles? They must mean something to a glorious PC master race zealot like yourself. Let these console peasants, as you zealots say, have their baseless argument.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Really? Too bad that the PS4 is still more powerful than half of the PC polled in Steam.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      You mean the 2013 Steam survey? Too bad the 2014 survey shows that more than half are now more powerful than the PS4. Of course I highly doubt such a fact filled headline would show up on Cinemablend or Dualshockers so ignorance reigns.

  • marc Berry

    Do to most here have no real facts of why, PS4 GPU is more powerful, lets go over some of the POINTS of each.

    It takes 160GB/s to fully saturate XB1’s ROPs, so PS4’s GDDR5 can’t saturate
    32ROPs, it’s Bandwidth is not 320GB/s but only 136GB/s max. So all the ROPs/CUs in the world will not help if your bandwidth is only 176GB/s theoretical.

    On the CPU side PS4 has the same CPU as XB1 but that to is not why PS4 is not as powerful as XB1. PS4’s bandwidth read/write too the CPU is only 20GB/s, to XB1’s 30GB/s. then there is a 853MHz XB1 to 800MHz PS4, on top of that is the bigger issue, PS4’s GDDR5 CPU and GPU using the same memory pool.

    Here is the best way to tell how it works. PS4 is 176GB/s theoretical – 20GB/s max CPU bandwidth – 20 Onion-/Onion+ puts you at around 136GB/s left for the GPU and that’s without GDDR5’s restrictions that you see on left of Sony’s slide that makes it 100GB/s. Now that we know it’s 100GB/s lets do some math.

    XB1 160GB/s too saturate 16 ROPs & 12 CUs with full CPU bandwidth.
    160GB/s / 16ROPs = 10GB/s per 16 ROP
    PS4 Best case theoretical 176GB/s = 17.6 Rops without full CPU bandwidth.
    PS4 real – world 140GB/s = 14 Rops without full CPU.
    PS4 real – world 100GB/s = 10 Rops with CPU.

    And this is where XB1’s ESRAM is at it’s best, all ways sending data to the GPU at the same rate of 150GB/s = 15 Rops with full CPU, and lets not forget the DDR3 of 20GB/s leftover from the CPU bandwidthat full use and that puts you at 16 ROPs. IF you take a look at XB1’s GPU it can access all memory pools simultaneously. PS4 is unbalanced . Before someone says ESRAM is to small your L2 in the GPU is only 512KB.

    • Orion Wolf

      The Radeon 7970 has a BW of “only” 288GB/s for 32 ROPs.

      Even than you would need 512 GB/s of BW (at 1Ghz) – that is at 64 bit HDR blending – to actually fully saturate 32 ROPS. So what was the idea here?

      I don’t know if the 14+4 “balanced” (or the GPGPU) design rumor is true or not, but I have to wonder why did Sony go with such a design in the first place?

      Why crate a BW bottleneck?

      I seriously doubt they didn’t know this would be the end result.

  • smashbrolink

    All this arguing over the potential of the two machines…

    Instead of arguing over this, why are we not joining together to push developers to actually TAKE PROPER ADVANTAGE of all that power?

    I mean, seriously, how many games recently haven’t even lived up to their own promises, because devs focus too much on resolution and commercial over-hyping, and not enough on game-play and extra content that encourages higher replay value?

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Just another dev telling us what we all already know, regardless of how much it upsets the xbone fanbabies.

  • dapaintrain

    The solution is simple buy one console initially then buy another for the exclusives

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    The PS4 has been out for 16 months and has what to show? Nothing but PS3 ports and Indies! There are disasters like Knack and the Odor…. Seems like MS had this Gen on lockdown from Day One 🙂

    Phony gamers will Justify their iPad4s and scream SALES / RESOLUTION!!! But, what is Uncharted4’s res right now? 0p until June 2016??? Where the Games at, Sony?

    • Jecht_Sin

      yeah, right. As if after having just got the Glorious The Order: 1886, the game with the best graphics and gameplay ever on console (see? It’s that easy) now the PS4 isn’t going to get Bloodborne, the action RPG that just looking at the trailers put people in panic by how scary it is.

      What your fatsobone has got instead? A 2D sidescroller? Huu-uuuh!!

      I said it once and I say it again: Never trust a shirtless troll with a booby aunty.

    • DLConspiracy//

      “And gameplay”? Its not bad but they could have done more with the gameplay I think.


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