Xbox One Exec On Sales Figures: Initial Messaging Wasn’t Clear, Lack of Standalone SKU Was A Factor

Microsoft India’s Anshu Mor talks about the messaging behind the initial Xbox One package and the status of the Kinectless SKU.

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Though the Xbox One had a fairly good start at the beginning of the year, it didn’t take long for Sony’s PS4 to overtake it. Now the latter has reportedly sold 10 million units worldwide while Microsoft is yet to confirm anything other than the 5 million milestone revealed several months ago. However, now that a Kinectless version of the Xbox One is available, what will the impact on sales be?

We asked Microsoft India’s Director of Interactive Entertainment Business Anshu Mor on his thoughts about the current sales of the Xbox One. He stated that, “On a broad level, in the earlier phase, I think the lack of availability of a standalone SKU was surely a factor that played into it. Not many people were able to understand why they should pay more for a Kinect experience, although there are enough and more reasons why they should pay.

“I think in terms of messaging, it wasn’t really clear. But you know, after June, when we launched the standalone, we’ve received a tremendous response from the consumers, and given the lineup that we have coming up, including Halo, we’re very confident of doing great things across the world, especially in India.”

The Xbox One will be out in India on September 23rd which should help the company compete with the PS4 in terms of territories at least. Will the lack of Kinect and some high profile exclusives this Fall turn the tide in Microsoft’s favour? We’ll find out in the coming months.

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  • Lostbytes

    Just my 2 cents…….
    Kinect is worthless unless you want voice commands. I ONLY use Kinect for video, and then rarely. they could have achieved this with a mic built into the console or controller, or god forbid , with the headset that you put on every time you pick up the controller.. If they ever release games that actually work for it i will be surprised! I still love my XBONE though.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    I heard Microsoft had 10 million sold as of April. They had 5 million in precontracted sales to China as well as the 3 million in US and 2 million else where. PS4 is available in 10 times as many markets and it still can’t keep up with XBox One. Nobody is double checking Sony and thier numbers. Nobody is noting that Sony is on the verge of bankruptcy. So deal with the fact that XBox One has won the Console war. And next holiday season you will see a huge push. I’m hoping for miracast support soon. Since its built into PC it should undoubtably get rolled into XBox One. And with the advent of XBox One being its own cablebox and hopefully soon it being capable of DVR, the Microsoft World is a beautiful place.

    • paul rolland

      Lol, Fanboys like you ruin gaming for us. Why limited yourself to one console? not good reason, go take your logic and hide in the back of the room so us gamer’s can talk

    • demfax

      Time for your crazy pills. Nothing you said was remotely true or sane.

    • harriskatz

      @Charles… My head hurts after reading your post. I hope you are joking and just trying to be satirical. I hope.

    • demfax

      Visit misterxmedia’s blog and prepare to be amazed at the craziness on display. It’s not a parody site.

  • lassenwolf

    The messaging was clear MS Xbox 1 didn’t care about games in early 2013. They wouldn’t have the kinect free xbox1 until they weren’t selling units. The xbox1 wanted to be your tv set and still does with endless apps. They still refuse to have 1 gold account for the 360 for the household. That sucks when the whole home wants to play plants warfare. And they didn’t learn from sonys ps3 release about pricing. When the 360 can do 1080p and the wiiu can do 1080p but the xbox1 can upcale or drop framerates to get a game at 1080p thats a clear message. I bought no new system except I had a wiiu until E-3 2014. And I thought all three systems did well at E-3 but the ps4 just had the games I wanted to play where as Ms really just showed games that are muti system. Games like Grim Fandago, Load out,LBP3,The Order alone sold me on PS4.I dont even use my 360 any more because I’m not going to pay for 4 gold accounts.yes I know xbox1 only needs i gold account but so does PS4 and none for ps3 or WIIU. And now without Kinect what are people going to use as a video cam for broadcasting. What a mess really


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