Xbox One External Storage May Not Work With Every HDD – Albert Penello

Also, if a virtual surround sound update arrives for the console, it will support existing headsets.

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Planning lead for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Kinect Albert Penello has talked about the idea of the Xbox One’s storage being “open”. This was in response to the limited freedom that gamers have with their data on the console – we know that external storage solutions are on the way but no fixed release thus far.

Responding on Reddit, Penello stated that, “We have said all along our intent is to allow users to ‘bring their own’ external storage. That is still the plan that we will ship.

“I’m cautious around using words like ‘any HDD’ or ‘unlimited storage’ until the final plan is baked. That type of statement can come back to haunt me if there are exceptions.”

Which drives will be supported though? “As you guys know – not all 3rd party products are equal. There may be some cases where performance of a certain drive may make for a bad experience, or there may be some other limitation we uncover during testing of the feature. Even on 360 with our USB storage I believe we didn’t work with some older units where the transfer speeds were really low, for example.

“Besides that, you should be fine with off-the-shelf brand name drives. Until we have more details to share, I can’t get more specific. Hope that helps!”

As for whether existing equipment, like the stereo headset from Microsoft, would support virtual surround sound if the update comes, Penello said, “If we do a virtual surround update the existing equipment WILL support it.”

A new console update could be coming sooner than we think but we’ll need to wait and watch. What are your thoughts? Let us know below.

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  • Wargreymon559 .

    Confirmed You have to buy a M$ branded external HDD

  • Kenneth Neil Turner

    Heck yeah there are expectations. This xbox has windows 8 kernel in it. Now give me support for any damn hdd I choose.

  • Vious

    looking forward. sounds like pure gold to me.
    I have a 3TB external HDD USB 3 enabled just itching to be used.
    what I really hope for is that at least 90% of had drives are supported and that we can have semi-unlimited to unlimited storage….as in hook up the xbox one to a NAS

  • incendy

    Will be curious to see if External SSD Drives on USB3 will load games faster than the built in HDD. I don’t really need any additional storage space, but if it improves load times I might go for that option.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Don’t hold your breath that it will support anything involving game installs, playing games off of the HDD or be anything less than once it’s formatted for the Xbox One NOTHING else will be able to read or even see that drive….That would just be completely retarded and they know it would welcome piracy….So enjoy

    • incendy

      Not sure why it would matter. Anyone can pull the hard drive out of the console, it isn’t like it is non standard to begin with 😀

      You can even image and replace the hdd in the X1 now with an SSD using any computer.

  • Steph

    Looking forward to the next update

  • kevin

    Give me External storage , you can keep that Warranty voiding HDD switch crap.


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