Xbox One Lead Planner on Call of Duty Ghosts’ Resolution: “I Don’t Comment On 3rd Party Games Stuff”

The resolution wars continue to rage on.

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call of duty ghosts
It’s been a busy weekend, whichever you look at it, with journalist Adam Sessler tweeting about bad news coming soon for the industry and Kevin Dent issuing clarifications about nearly everything under the sun including resolutions and video uploading (which you can check out here). Microsoft’s lead planner for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Kinect Albert Penello chimed in on the issue recently, taking the opportunity to comment the goings-on in the industry while addressing whether Call of Duty: Ghosts would be 720p on the Xbox One as some journos have claimed or not.

“I was talking about the Sessler/Dent/Gies thing which is what I thought was causing all the ruckus, as people appeared to be connecting that back to the resolution rumors. As people have noted, and I was catching up on as I got online late tonight, they are two separate issues. There was also some other BS thing about advertising or console problems (?). Is anyone taking that stuff seriously or did that all die? Consoles are fine, and the advertising thing is completely made up. So anyway, one of them has nothing to do with us. Whew.

“As for the resolution stuff I hadn’t realized there was a new set of rumors popping up today. On that topic, and as I’ve said in my previous posts, I don’t comment on 3rd party games stuff. Not my area. So nothing new from me, I’m not going to get into the fray on the resolution stuff. G’night! For once I was just glad the other thing wasn’t about us.”

Will Call of Duty: Ghosts be 1080p on the PS4? Will it be 720p on the Xbox One? Will either fact stop it from selling millions of copies when it launches on November 5th for current-gen consoles, on November 15th/29th for PS4 in North America/Europe and on November 22nd for Xbox One? Most likely not, but the issue isn’t going to die down until Infinity Ward clarifies things real soon.

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  • BR4d23k

    It’s true tho they can’t comment because its not there stuff… Infinity ward has to confirm it… I know I’m gonna get hate for this but 720p doesn’t matter (if this is true) to me it’s just a game for fun if I cared about specs I’d get a pc….

  • Rakim69

    COD is 720p on xbox one and the price of this console is 500 dollars : I call that a robbery.

    • Megaman

      Who told you it was 720p???

    • Surging

      its only everywhere, microsoft has an embargo on all the journalists to keep there mouths shut, if they had a 1080p 60fps COD im pretty sure they would showcase it but truth be real they are hiding the fact its only 720p

    • Megaman

      Lmfao….I didn’t no you worked for Microsoft…..hey do you know if I am on Santa Claus good list or bad list???your a true idiot and I feel sorry for you….I don’t even no why I’m replying I think it’s because I’m bored …..go do something positive with your life rather then site Infront of the computer believing everything you here on the internet….when I see comments like this I don’t understand how you people don’t see how stupid you sound …..everybody in the game industry that reads these post laugh at guys like you making these stupid comments ……guys like you are a joke at work

    • dr wiley

      Reading your comment megaman is quite funny. How do you feel now that it is confirmed to be 720p? Also, if talking down to someone, use correct spelling. You look like a dumbass.

    • Megaman

      Ok Dr Wiley….when I respond on my phone some times it auto corrects me and I don’t see it….sorry ….did you no that the game they showed is not final built???guess not…it’s a waste of time to respond but wait until the 12th and the 22nd…..after that come back an msg me about all this resolution crap ….you guys believe everything the internet says how sad….dosnt it suck that you can’t even play mp3’s on your ps3.5???you Sony fans make me not want to buy a ps4 …you guys are pathetic and Sony should hate to have such ignorant dumb fucks like you guys … guys only made the Xbox one better by complaining about everything an you guys will soon see it and the Xbox fans are gonna shit on all of you guys an I can not wait….make fun of my spelling and how I write all u want ….I hope your proud to be a looser….post me the ps4 launch line up and all the features the ps4 is not launching with an lets talk about that 🙂

    • Ben A

      see only retards like you believe those bullshit rumors.

  • Aaron

    If anyone still believes the 720p rumor, then they need to read the Kevin Dent clarification article. He all but says it’s not true. He said that most outlets capture in 720p so that more people will be able to download the videos, but they are playing in 1080p. It makes sense that the PS4 footage would be captured in 1080p because they had the IGN exclusive Squad’s mode thing. So, this story is dead.

    People are trying hard to show a difference between xbox one and ps4, but they’ll probably never get that accomplished. In the end, the difference will be very small if any difference at all. For some reason the Playstation community has a superiority complex, because all we heard last generation was “our hardware is better”. I thought they would’ve learned their lesson by now. Guess not. They’ll probably all go buy an “xbone” when they realize that their ps4 doesn’t bring rain from the heavens. That’s what happened last gen.

    • andy

      An I think you are insane in the membrane if you didn’t know that pretty much every PS3 exclusive looks better then any game of the same category on Xbox 360. The gap this time is going to be truly phenomenal. It has already started with 720p Ghosts on Xbone as opposed to 1080p on PS4. What do you think it will be like in over 3 years time?
      “That’s what happened last gen”. I have still yet to find a single reason to ever purchase a 360 AND invest in a rip off Gold Sub that will give me nothing back. Not 8 years ago, not 5 ago and certainly not now.

    • Epicsheep

      Let me give you a few reasons why you’re wrong. See, it is difficult to compare two games on two different consoles if they are exclusive. Now the PS3 was a brilliant console and, as I have a 360 I do wish I had access to some of the exclusives. Now though, Halo 4 is one of the prettiest games I have ever seen, but uncharted also looked spectacular but I didn’t have a lot of time with it. Now, comparing games that are on both consoles, 360 looks as good if not better (my friend who had a ps3 before he swapped to a 360 said he thought the 360 looked better, and another hardcore ps3 fanboy (like yourself) said he couldn’t see any difference, and niether could I. Now then, the PS3 was more powerful than the 360, didn’t do it a lot of good, and in 3 years, if this rumour is true (which I doubt) then they will have fixed it and be able to put out better games, GoW 3 looks better than GoW1 on the same console. As for the gold “rip-off” I haven’t felt ripped off at all, I have seen playstation network, it looks awful. Xbox live, looks good. A lot more aesthetically pleasing. As for which next gen console I am gonna buy? No idea, haven’t picked yet, I am swaying more toward the X1 for its exclusives and the fact that I have put a lot of time into my account. But the PS4 does have some good exclusives and is a brilliant console, I will decide after having some experience with both. So, how about we stop this fanboy-ism and just pick what we prefer, without having to tell those who picked differently how they, apparently, made the wrong decision.

    • Dani Seyven

      Now let me explain why PS3 had worse “graphics”
      Just 1 reason ^^:
      -It’s architecture was too complicated to port the games and they did a shit porting them 😀
      But now PS4 and XO have the same or similar architecure, BUT, PS4 is more powerfull than XO.

    • Ben A

      it raw paper ps4 more powerful. now it reality xbox one is more powerful than you think and games look better that ps4 cant match.

    • Steve pritchard

      Infinity ward confirmed it today. So its not rumor its fact. Dont believe me just check ign. Bf4 is running at 900p on ps4 and 720p on x1. But that shouldnt deter you from getting your console of choice. Im sure the exclusives will run at 1080p on xboxone no problem. These fanboy wars are stupid. Both consoles are going to be beast . That i can assure you!

  • Bozo Sapien

    The back cover of Call of Duty: Ghosts lists the supported resolutions. It says 720p, 1080i and 1080p. When did publishers start listing downscaled resolutions on the back cover?

    • ghost_i98

      one what console? is this the xbox one version?

    • Alan Sardon

      i just looked at the back of all my 360 games and they say HD 720 1080i 1080p. i think its just to let people know the format supported for their tv not just the top one. some people with 720 tv might be worried

  • Marc D

    Xbox One will out sell the ps4 in the long run

    • Mike Jones

      their track record proves they usually don’t ; PS3 was #2 selling console while Nintendo’s Wii is the #1 seller – #’s dont lie , only people do

    • Ben A

      actually xbox 360 was and now the 2nd best selling console. ps3 was the 2nd best selling console earlier this year. not anymore.

  • Rapten

    This will only be really popular on xbone because xbox is the only competitive console. Has anyone ever seen a competitive cod match with ps3’s or any game for that matter? I didn’t think so.

    • Dani Seyven

      Then you should come to Spain ^^
      Or investigate more 😀

    • Ben A

      no need to investigate.

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  • Aaron Gabbard

    I am sorry but that is a pretty disrespectful answer another reason why XBOX doesn’t care about its fans, because that is a SIMPLE question, it isn’t like it has to be top secret!

  • Steve pritchard

    It was confirmed by infinity ward today that cod ghosts will run at 720p upscaled on x1 and 1080p on ps4! Same with bf4 and titanfall from my understanding. And yeh its on ign im not making this stuff up. I have both on pre order so fanboy garbage doesnt matter to me. Plus i picked up my copy of killzone shadow fall today . And yeah its already out . You can get it at gamestop right now no joke.


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