Xbox One is Top Selling Console in US for December

Microsoft celebrates the console’s win with another price cut.

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Remember when Microsoft cut the price of the Xbox One to $349 and it was a magical time where it became the best selling console in the United States for November? Though Microsoft rescinded the offer as the Holidays ended, it announced that the Xbox One will revert to a $349 price point from January 16th onwards.

One would assume this promotion is for a limited time, but with recent NPD data indicating the Xbox One as the best selling console in the US for December as well with weekly average sales outpacing the Xbox 360 by 50 percent in its lifespan, Microsoft is going to get as much as possible out of the price cut.

Some other interesting bites of information included nearly 8 billion hours logged by players worldwide on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2014, marking a 50 percent increase over 2013; more Xbox One games being sold in November and December in the US compared to other current gen platforms; and that fans spent more time on Xbox from November 24th to January 3rd than any other time during the product’s history.

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  • Starman

    Funny how you all keep saying just DEC and US it was NOV also and in the UK , tell the whole truth , or forever hold your peace … FANBOY SITES

    • iplayvidya

      Who cares? PS4 is still winning worldwide.

    • someguy-_-

      Who cares if the PS4 is winning this article was kind enough to let us know how sells are really doing in the US.

    • Starman

      Okay , remember the world numbers didn’t come out yet fanboy …

    • someguy-_-

      If you even bothered to read the article, you would clearly see November stated in the first sentence and a total 3 times in this short article. The article is strictly US based simply because the numbers they used to compare to were done in the US. They information they presented that you did not read may not of been done else where to a reliable extent.

    • Starman

      Then what about October , that’s what I meant to say …

    • someguy-_-

      PS4 won October globally in all reference materal I can find.


      This is just a few but reports by NPD states the same.

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Funnily enough, the GTX 900 series outsold the PS4 last month as well yet I don’t see an article about that.

  • Mark

    I think it’s safe to say the X1 will get proper 3rd party support this gen. I mean, wasn’t that what some of those PS4 trolls were saying, “Xbox is doomed. Once PS4 blows it away sales wise, 3rd party support will dry up for it”. Although the PS4 has a substantial lead, the Xbox is doing fine on the software side, atleast in the US, the biggest market.

    No, some of those trolls really just want Microsoft to discontinue the Xbox Division. Has nothing to do with analyzing current gen. Wow


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