Xbox One Still Affected By DVD Drive Noise, April Firmware Creating Blu-Ray Issues

Xbox One users have also been reporting odd disc drive noises after the March update.

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The Xbox One April update is coming along and several individuals are involved in the preview program for the same. However, some issues have arisen with build 1404 of the April preview – specifically issues with the Blu-ray disc drive that prevents games from being recognized by the drive.

A user posted about this on Reddit, along with the below image that indicated the various kinds of issues that pop up. One of them even includes a game in progress being stopped and the system asking you whether you have the game disc inserted.

Xbox One Blu-ray issues

All of the above issues are being investigated but for the last one – in which the disc is automatically pulled back into the drive – will be addressed in the next 1404 update.

But that’s not all. Issues have also arisen after the recent March update of odd disc reading noises that go on for 15 seconds after a game disc has been inserted. Apparently Microsoft support has stated that as long as there’s no grinding and the disc is being played there’s nothing to worry about.

In concerns to this issue, a Xbox One dev stated that, “The developers did identify the issue based on the video that was posted that showed the sound being described. This seeking sound is a result of a known issue in the handling of game discs. This behavior is innocuous and does not indicate a physical problem with either the Blu-ray drive or the disc, nor does it affect gameplay or installation.

“There’s work being done to reduce or eliminate the noise with a future update, but in the meantime there isn’t anything physically wrong with your hardware when you hear this sound.”

Which is all well and good but that doesn’t mean the sound isn’t weird as hell.

As for the Blu-ray issues in the April preview update, it’s important to note that it is still in the preview phase. It’s likely that Microsoft will resolve these issues in time for the April update’s roll-out. What are your thoughts on the above? Let us know in the comments below, as well as if you’ve been experiencing the same disc-reading noises after the March update.

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  • ariessiren

    Sounds like its the old drm issues creating conflict in the code.

    • Dex

      How did you get DRM out of hardware not being read? Pretty sure this guy has a dirty or damaged disc.
      Trolling attempt?

    • BB

      I experienced all the above issues and opted out of beta testing for the next update. the discs are not dirty and it is a software issue. I would think it is a DRM conflict as well.

    • Dex

      If a disc is not being read that would identify a hardware issue.
      If the game was working and then during gampeplay (not after suspending and coming back) the system asked you to put back in the disc it’s still a hardware malfunction

      DRM would be an issue if one user was playing, left but allowed another user to continue on the owners home console and the system revoked access asking if you own the game.

      The DRM for discs game is on the disc which is why the original direction was to allow disc owners to enter a code that would give them ownership regardless if the disc was in or not or regardless if they wanted to take the disc to another console and play under their profile. It saves download times and eliminates any possible DRM issues because you purchased two forms of DRM.

      I’m still upset that this was changed and sorry about your experiences but I believe this is a hardware related issue from what’s described.

    • TEDOS

      I’ve had the same issue, it’s clearly not hardware, if the only people affected are the ones that have participated in the ‘Update Previews’, I really hope this issue is resolved soon, as it’s already messed up one of my game saves, it booted me out while I was playing Tomb Raider and now the local game save and the one on the server are both corrupted. I think BB was on the right track by opting out of future previews, I might just do the same.

      Personally I’m glad that it’s not hardware, I didn’t want to have to return my day one box.

    • Dex

      If it’s software all of us in the preview BETA would be affected or most. There are many others in the forums with your same issues but there are
      More who don’t or haven’t had this issue.

      If it’s software related the issue would affect almost all in the preview correct?

    • TEDOS

      Same here I opt out the next one to issue are to inconvenient

  • Dex

    This is unfortunate for disc buyers/owners but maybe mine is broke too but all I have are digital titles other than the Gamefly offer where I rented BF4 for 60 days.

  • Rockyrob

    I’m have the exact same issues. To change games I have to do a hard restart. Only way to read the disk. Also get the noise mentioned.

    • MJrolla07

      Im having the same issues. Its so annoying having to hard reset after every game change. Its even closed down killer instinct a few times whilst mid battle.

  • Guest

    I’m more interested in hearing when we get that 8% gpu bump after off loading or optimizing the kinect…

  • mxracer

    Just bought a one today for $399 without kinect and when I insert the disk I hear a terrible grinding noise and the xbox doesn’t recognize the game what do I do?


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